Twisted Fairytale

Tours Are Red

I groaned, spitting a bit of ice cream across the living room. I waved my spoon in protest at the interviewer, watching as Pink tried to compose herself.

"Don't be a dickhead!"


I jumped, scrambling for the remote, throwing my ice cream down on the coffee table. "It's not what it looks like!"

My mother laughed, setting her purse on the counter. "Alex, I don't care if you're nursing a crush on that girl."

"Okay, Mom. She's not just any girl. That's Pink, and I do not have a crush on her."

I wrinkled my nose, grabbing the carton off of the table, bringing it back into the kitchen. "Plus, she's like, 30 or something. So out of my age range."

"And she's married."

"How do you--? Oh, nevermind. So when's this tour?"

"Alexandra, I already told you we were leaving tonight. Why do I have a feeling you forgot?"

I laughed, throwing my spoon in the sink, inching for the stairs. "I didn't...forget. Me? Forget? Please!"

"I'm taking that as a yes."

"Okay, I kind of forgot it was today! But in my defense, I thought the tour would be cancelled by now."

"And why would it be?"

"Come on, Mom. She's got a new boyfriend every week and she never gets over them! Plenty of reason to cancel a tour. I mean, look at that Jonas kid she dated!"

"That was four years ago, Alex."

"Oh, well same difference."

I waved it off, leaning against the wall. "So...I guess I wasn't cancelled, then?"

"Alexandra Beth, if you aren't dressed and ready to go within the hour, I swear--."

"Okay, I'm taking that it's still very much on."

She glared at me and I jogged upstairs, changing into a pair of jeans and an Ed Sheeran tee. I slipped my sneakers on before dragging my already packed suitcase downstairs, looking around for my mother.


"Oh, there you are, Alex. There's been a slight change of plans."

"So that means it's--?"

"It is not cancelled!" She sighed, looking at me. "Taylor's coming here to pick us up. nice. We really need this job."

I sighed, glancing at my camera that lay on the counter. The television was on again, and this time an annoying song played. I realized it was one of her songs and groaned inwardly.

There was no way I could spend the next few months with someone I hadn't even met, but didn't like at all. Not even for my job or my mother's. I just couldn't do it.
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