Twisted Fairytale

You're the Kind of Reckless that Should Send Me Running

I smiled to myself as the award nominees were being announced, hearing my name said more than once. I still couldn't believe it, no matter how many awards I won; I didn't think I deserved any of them.

As if reading my thoughts, Meredith jumped on my lap, hissing at me, her ears flattening.

I laughed, scratching her head softly. "Just kidding, Mere."

She seemed content with this and laid her head down, purring softly. My brother walked to the other end of the bus, yelling something about needing more masculine decor. Then...what was masculine about decor?

I laughed at the thought, reaching to turn the television off when my name being said stopped me.

"Is this another song waiting to be written? Reports of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift dating have been circulating recently after the two shared a hotel room last weekend," The reporter said, smiling fakely at the camera.

I sighed aggravatedly, turning the television off before throwing the remote at it. "Seriously?!"

" alright?" Austin asked me, poking his head around the corner to look at me.

I smiled tightly a him, letting out a sigh. "Yeah..I..Yeah. Just reporters again. I never get a break."

He smiled sadly and knowingly. "I know, sis. They just don't know the real you. The real you is pretty damn amazing."

He chuckled, watching as Meredith jumped off of my lap, padding down the hallway. "Well, if they knew the real you, the relationship shit would stop."

I blushed furiously, biting my lip. "Austin!"

"Hey, I'm just sayin', Tay. Speaking've seen the new photographers?"

I blushed even harder, standing quickly, finding my anger quickly subsiding. Embarrassment replaced it, though. "Shut up!"

"So you have," Austin smirked, leaning against the doorway.

"Seriously, Austin..."

"Okay, okay. I'll stop, but only because we're here."

He smirk widened and he stepped off the bus, out into the street. I felt my heart hammering in my chest and I tugged at my oversized sweater, suddenly feeling self-conscious.

"Well, here goes nothing," I mutter, stepping out after him.
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