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Love's Fierce Embrace

Marriage was never an option for Charles Brigham, Earl of Ashbourne.
Born a female and raised a man by his desperate mother, he didn’t have a choice.
And he successfully avoided matchmaking mommas and eligible young women for years.
Until Laurel Blanchard set her cap for him.

Author's Note: This is a lesbian romance set in Regency England. It's actually a project for my ENGL 490 class and I was hoping to get a little feedback on it before it gets turned in this week. So please, do not hesitate to tell me what you think. If I decide to continue writing this story after I've turned it in (which I might), I will add a layout and change the summary.
Thank you for your time, Dakota Ray
  1. Introduction
    posted 3/10
  2. Chapter 1
    posted 3/12
  3. Chapter 2
    posted 3/14