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Can't Stop

He wasn't the type to fall for many girls. After the horrible break up with his girlfriend of five years, he wasn't looking for anything...... but he found her.

She didn't have time for him at all. She was a determined personal trainer. But he just wouldn't leave her alone, and she wasn't sure how long her will power would hold up.



Disclaimer: I do not own Brayden Schenn, any other hockey players, the fyler team, the nhl or any of that. Its a story, i only own the plot and my original characters.
  1. Then I Met You
  2. Walls
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  3. Heart Overrides The Brain
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  4. Not Broken
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  5. Always Here
  6. Childhood
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  7. Give In
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  8. Meant To Be
  9. Past Invades The Present
  10. Crazy
  11. 11
  12. A/N
  13. Love? Pt.1
  14. Love! Pt.2
  15. Author's Note