Till Death Do Us Part

It was quiet, so it was expected for things to stir up eventually but this was unexpected still. For the eighth member of the Host Club to be brought in like this was weird, not unwelcome –well that depended on who you asked- but weird.

Haruhi, like always, just took the punches as they came. She shrugged off the general strangeness, accepting as a part of her world without question.

Hikaru and Kaoru were hesitant at first. This person surprised them though, and entered their world within a matter of moments. It both scared and intrigued them.

Huni saw it as an opportunity to gain another friend.

Tamaki was once again completely lost. He still doesn’t fully understand the situation before him. Like his relationship with Haruhi, his relationship with the new comer was that of adoration. He found the newbie completely memorizing but wasn’t sure why.

Kyouya and Mori were completely shaken by then entrance of this final member however. Kyouya, having met the younger Host long ago, was taken by surprise upon their arrival. He was caught off guard, somehow, and the idea baffled him. Mori found himself drawn to his fellow Host, he found himself wanting to stay beside them- forever.

Yuki finds the Host club amusing. It could be fun, hanging out with them for a while…