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Kellin hears a thud, and then a grunt coming from the dark alley. It was raining and the streetlights were reflecting off the water, making it hard to see where the road ended and path began. He slipped down to the alley, and saw two silhouettes run from the other end. Kellin kept moving, until he heard a quiet whimper, and looked back.
"H-help.." was all he could discern from the pummeling rain. But that was enough for Kellin. He moved quickly, jogging down the grimy alley, using his phone light as a guide. In amongst the rubbish bags, there was a dark shape, quivering.
Kellin didn't think twice, he slipped his phone back into his pocket and lifted the poor boy up, carrying him bridal style back into the street.
By now, the smaller boy was unconscious. He was light and thin, easy to carry, so Kellin walked down the road and turned a corner, then fumbled for a second in his jeans pocket, grabbing the keys. He unlocked the door and walked in, setting the boy down and turning the lights on. Kellin fetched a pillow and some blankets, shut the door from the driving rain, and made a bed on the couch. He tucked the motionless boy into the blankets and made his way to his room for a shower, then bed.