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[Kellic] Saviour ch. 5

I punched Kellin.
I punched him hard.
How DARE he ask my baby Vic to be his boyfriend? I felt two arms close over my own, restricting my access to beat up the now unconscious male slumped beside Vic. Perfect Vic. Oh, how I loved him. But I never got to hug him, he and that Kellin Quinn loser were always together.

I can't believe the words that came out of my mouth. I mean, yes I could. it was all bottled up. But the look on Vic's face. His perfect features turned into those of complete hate and fury. "Get out." I couldn't believe he was saying this, after what I just told him. Surely he'd see what a jerk Kellin was and leave him for me?

I didn't budge, until he yelled. I was kinda scared then. I mean, Vic's tiny but damn, when the little Mexican is annoyed, you get out of his way. I stormed out of the door, slammed it, and ordered a drink to go. I was a little pissed, but it was okay. I jogged down the path, unopened bottle in my hand. I slumped down outside an old boarded up tattoo place. The guy had been arrested for suspicion of dirty needles or something. I flipped the top off the bottle and chugged down a quarter. It burnt my throat.

I heard footsteps near, and looked up to see Tony. Damnit. "Hey."
"What the FUCK Jaime?!" He exploded, the usual quiet boy spitting his words at me.
"I can't lose Vic. I can't."
"Well, you've probably done that after tonight. Get lost you cunt."

Then Tony walked off. damnit, tonight was going to be rough.
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Now, I'd like to make one thing clear. When reading fanfics, if a character is made into the 'bad guy', I end up disliking the guy in real life. ie; Shayley and Jaime. So I'm not sure what they're REALLY like. But I want you to know, Jaime is a funny and cool guy ok. I am jsut against the Fuencicado ship.