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And After All This Time, I'm Still Into You

Alex Gaskarth had been a staple in Jenna Hoult's life since freshman year. Now, 10 years later, Jenna must deal with everything from her past. Including the news about Alex getting married.

I should be over all the butterflies,
But I'm into you.
And baby even on our worst nights,
I'm into you.

- Paramore
  1. 00
    Oh, The Irony.
  2. 01
    We Need To Talk.
  3. 02
    The Proposal.
  4. 03
  5. 04
    I Think I Wanna Marry You.
  6. 05
  7. 06
    Little Miss Country Club.
  8. 07
    Guess I'm Happy For You.
  9. 08
    The Start of it All.
  10. 09
  11. 10
    Let's Plan a Wedding.