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Luck of the Irish

Sinead O'Malley is not one to call herself lucky. Case in point, her first name and her wild, curly hair that doesn't like to stay put. It always seems that the luck of the Irish is working against her. And as fate would have it, she's stuck working the busiest day of the year at her family-run pub in downtown Chicago.

Patrick Kane has never gotten by on luck. His talent has gotten him far and the only time he'll use the term 'lucky' is to describe what he'll be getting after a night at the club. With a day off in Chicago, he's roped into celebrating the Irish holiday.

(So, obviously, I do not own the Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane, or anyone affiliated with them. I do, however, own Sinead, her family, friends, and this plot. No touchy-touch!)
  1. Faigh adh.
    Get lucky.
  2. Oiche mhaith.
    Good night.
  3. An dea-agus an droch.
    The good and the bad.
  4. Buaiteoir.
  5. Dha ainm.
    Two names.
  6. Aris.
  7. Caife.
  8. Smaointe.