Break Me Then Tell Me You Love Me Andy Sixx Love Story

Chapter Thirteen

I am tired of not fitting in. I am tired of looking both ways before crossing. Alright quite frankly things haven't been going easy lately. I am fed up with all the trouble this marriage is causing. My parents are here. I mean literally they have come to watch me be wedded off. Its not that I don't want them here well alright I lied I don't want them here. They make my blood boil. Andy noticed my uneasiness and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me into his body. I finally made mends with Sophia turns out she liked Zack more than Andy. It was a win win situation. Glad it came out that way though.

I never have been the one for big events, I have never loved them. Maybe this wedding was becoming to much of a hassle. I wanted to make this short and simple. I know that sounds really stupid but that is all I wanted. I had gotten my wedding dress. It was a before long white almost pale cream color. It was laced with ribbons, bows and lace all around the edges of the strap and bottom. There was a small crystal design painted along the one side of the dress. It went down to the waist line and then began to bunch in little folds giving it a almost belt kind of look. I loved my dress. I had went with Andy and Zack to find it. My shoes were beautiful, they were a metallic silver color with ankle straps that looked almost like ankle bracelets. They crossed a thin line over my toes. There were beautiful gems placed into the plastic holding the line over my toes.

"Andy please can't we make this any smaller?" I begged, for the millionth time today.

"We can't Rai you already know that, plus this is what your parents wanted," he looked at me, replying to me for the millionth time today.

I completely snapped. What my parents wanted? What the fuck are you crazy! I can't cant believe he just fucking said that to my face. I glared at him before stated the harshest thing I could ever say to anyone,

"You know what Andrew Dennis Biersack, you can fucking go marry my parents how about that? If you honestly want to do what they want."

I turned, walking away from a very pissed off Andy. I didn't care this was my MARRIAGE not my parents. What the fuck did they come here for the in the first place! To mess up the one of most happiest moments in my life. Those assholes. Thanks to them I just said something really mean to the man I am marrying. I think I must have really pissed him off. I stomped off to our room as soon as I made it into the room I felt my body being jerked backwards.

"Don't fuck with me Rain." he whispered, in my ear pressing my body against the door. "Don't fuck with me I want to marry you I want you to be mine and mine alone. I don't give a shit even if I have to force you."

"FUCK THE HELL OFF ANDY!!" I shouted, angrily at him. What I really wanted to say is, "I wanna be yours forever too Andy. I don't care what you but keep me." Instead however those beautiful words came blasting out. "NOW LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE!"

He growled in response and slammed my body into the door harder than before. I moaned from both the pleasure and pain. Call me weird but it feels good and strange when he did that. He slammed his lips into mine as hard as he could. I wanted to melt against his touch and his kiss but he was not going to have his way! I refuse to give in so quickly to him. andy became more angry I guess he didn't realize that I was doing this purposely. He was pissed.

"You belong to me Rain." he breathed husky against my lips. "Mine."

"In your dreams Mr. Asshole." I countered, back. "In your damn fucking dreams."

He grabbed my hands pinning them above my head and kissed my neck softly before sinking his teeth into the soft flesh. I yelped in pain watching him pull back with blood on his lips. He gave me this ice glare before pressing his lips back into my neck sucking on the spot he had bitten. I was shocked I never thought he would go this far.

"Andy stop your hurting me." I whimpered, as he pressed me closer to the door pulling my legs up so I could wrap them around his waist. I didn't object I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled on my clothing tugging on them as in a way of saying I want them off. I closed my eyes as he pulled away any piece of scrap he could pull off. He pushed up my loose dress top, pushing it up to my waist. "Andy stop. . we can't stop!"

Andy pulled my undies off quickly as he could shoving my straps off my shoulder. Oh boy this isn't going to be pretty. All I could feel was him moving against my body and unknown noises coming out of my mouth. I bit down my lip trying to stop the noises but it was working. I felt his skin grow hotter against mine.

"God Rain! I need you so damn bad! MUMHHAaaaaaahhhh!." he moaned, pushing me harder into the door.

Fuck is all I could think! I knew people outside certainly heard that. This was not good. Damn it but it felt so good better than the first or second time. Yeah this was our third time doing this but it felt so damn good. I didn't want him to stop but at the same time I didn't want people outside listening.

~20 Minutes later~

"ANDY YOU FUCKING MORON!" I shouted, smacking Andy with a pillow. "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU JUST DID!!!!"

Andy just laughed grabbing the pillow and my arms pinning me down. He brought his soft pink lips against mine kissing me softly me on my lips.

"I love you Rai." he whispered, softly against my lips. "I love you with all my heart."

"I wanted it all but everything was nothing until I got you." I sang, softly against his lips. "I love you too."

~~Marriage Day~~

I could feel my tummy doing flips. I wanted this to be over with already. We were still having the huge wedding although we made a compromise the reception will be smaller. I said that was fine. Here I am standing in this beautiful wedding dress attached to my skin. My hair done nicely with loose curly hanging out from the bun. There were silver flower clips resting on the crown on my head. I had some flowers laced through my curls.

I smiled at my reflection. For once in my life I did look lovely I had to agree with it.

"Rain come on it time." said, Mr.Colt.

Yes Mr. Colt he was walking me down the aisle because I refused to let my step father walk me down the aisle it was not happening. I walked over to him and taking hold of his arm. Ready or not here I go. I thought to my self. As we walked down the aisle I got a glimpse of the beautiful flower arrangements. There were water lilies with white roses. I felt tears slipping down my eyes. Andy . . was all I could think.

He put this all together by him self. Andy put this together for me.

"You look beautiful dear." whispered, Mr Colt softly has he saw the tears falling down my eyes. "You deserve this its all for you. He loves you a lot Rain please don't ever forget your like a daughter to me if you need anything don't be afraid to ask."

He let go of me slowly standing me up so I was facing Andy. Stunning and handsome is all I could think. His hair was straightened and pulled to one side giving him a clean yet sexy look. He had his suit matching his beautiful eyes. I was in shock at how beautiful he looked. I couldn't even put words together he looked amazing!

"Dear beloved people we are gathered here to merge two souls to be as one day." began the priest but I was so engrossed Andy that I never even heard a word he said until, "Do you Andrew Dennis Beirsack take Rain Lillan Park to be your lofty wedded wife?"

"I do." smiled Andy placing the ring on my finger.

"And do you Rain Lillan Park take Andrew Dennis Beirsack to be your lofty wedded husband?"

"I . . .. . ."I began looking at Andy smirking. "do."

"By the power invested in me from this day forward I pounce you man and wife." finished the priest. "You may kiss the bride."

Andy leaned forward pressing his lips softly into mine pulling me into his arms. I loved this moment more than I had every enjoyed anything in my life. It felt so right to have him here with me right now. I don't think I ever wanted to give this up never. Andy pulled away from me and called for everyone attention and began to talk,

"Thank you all for coming here today on the most important day of my life. I want to say a few things to my new wife somethings I have never been able to say to anyone. . . Rain I love you with all my heart I am over joyed that you became my wife. Your the most beautiful creature I ever laid my eyes upon. Even though we have been though your ups and downs I am glad I stuck them all out with you. You bring the sunshine to my life. You bring the life to my heart. You bring the colors to my world. I love you. I cant ever love anyone else the way I love. You make up the better parts of my Rain. Please don't ever leave me hold onto my hand forever you will wont you?"

Before he could even finish I was shaking my head yes nodding as frantically as I could. There were tears falling down my eyes. Those were the most sweetest things anyone has ever said to me. I love him I need him. I wanted him. He makes me the most happiest person to ever walk this planet. I wanted to return that to him. I walked up to him and whispered softly into the mic.

"Andy I am pregnant with your baby."

He had this gleaming smile to his face that I had seen when we were getting married. He leaned down kissing me on my lips whispering one more time softly.

"I love you."
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