Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 019:

Chapter Nineteen
Something was off; I could almost sense that something was wrong. I sat up in bed and looked to see that I was in Sidney’s room, the sheets wrapped around me. I remembered him telling me that he had practice, but something was telling me that he was in trouble.

I got up from the bed and threw my clothes on. I ran down the stairs and saw that Luka was sitting on the counter looking at the newspaper.

“She’s alive.”

“Come on!” I said as I through the kitchen.


“Just come on!” I yelled and then heard my brother following me. I ran out the front door and looked around, there’s no car. I turned around to see Luka running behind me, “Where’s your car?”

“Don’t have one,” he said and I growled and closed the door heading towards the garage. I opened the door and saw a car sitting in the other half of the garage, and it was covered. I smirked and then looked over towards Luka to see he was shaking his head, “Izzy, no! Sid only drives that in the summer, he’ll kill you if you do something to it! That’s his baby!”

I looked over towards the wall inside the house to see the keys hanging on the wall. My brother called my name as I walked over the car and took the cover off and then whistled. I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t speak car, but it was a shiny black two door car that was going to get us to arena.

I hit the button for the garage door to go up and then walked into the driver’s seat. I could hear my brother protesting, trying to explain to me what kind of car this was, but I didn’t pay attention. I started the car and smirked towards my brother.

“Are you gunna get in?” I asked and he sighed and then walked over towards the passenger’s seat.

“Iz, you have to realize the bond between a man and his car…” Luka started, but I drowned him out as I backed out of the driveway and sped through the streets, “CAREFUL!!!”

“How fast does this baby go?” I asked myself and then pressed on the pedal, totally running a stop sign and hearing someone honk their horn at us.

“You’re gunna get us killed!”

It was just a normal practice, the guys and I were messing around and they were teasing me, trying to get answers out me to find out what happened last night.

“It was the girl from the other night wasn’t it?!” Tyler asked and I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “It was! Wasn’t it?! What was her name?”

“Izzy, I think they called her,” Kris answered and I sighed and smirked.

“When do we meet this ‘Izzy’?” Pascal asked as he skated over and I snorted.

“Probably never,” I laughed and Geno skated over and I saw the look in his eye, “What?”

“Problem,” he said and everyone looked at us.

I looked around the arena and sniffed the air while the guys asked Geno what was wrong. My eyes widened and I wiped my head around towards Geno and he nodded his head.

“What’s going on?” Tyler asked and the ice shook underneath our skates, “What the hell?”

“Get off the ice,” I ordered and looked at Geno.

“What?” Pascal asked and I turned to my teammates to see that they were looking around confused.

“Everyone off!” I yelled and headed towards the door.

The ice shook again and I looked at the ice, ‘…Darklings! Why here?...’

Marc was the last off the ice and everyone headed into the locker room. Geno and I stayed in the hallway and heard the ear piercing roar.

“Sid, we need to get out of skates. We be useless against them,” Geno said and I nodded my head.

“Why here? The guys are gunna find out!” I said and Geno nodded his head.

“Rather know then dead.”

“True,” I said and then walked into the locker room to see the guys staring at Geno and me.

“What the hell’s going on?!” Matt Cooke asked and I quickly started to get my gear off.

The door burst opened and Mario appeared, “Sid.”

“We know,” I said and he nodded his head.

“You know what?” Craig Adams asked, “Sid, what’s going on?”

“You have to trust us,” Geno said and the guys looked at him, “Stay here.”

“We’re a team!” James yelled and I looked at him, “No secrets! What the hell is going on?”

“You wouldn’t believe me even if I told you guys,” I said as I threw my shirt on and started to tie my sneakers.

“Try us,” Chris Kunitz said and I looked at Geno and Mario.

“We’re screwed either way with the council,” Mario said and I sighed and stood up.

“Come here,” I said and the guys surrounded us and I cracked my neck and started to shift, only wanting them to see a little.

“What the hell?!” they yelled and backed up.

“What are you?” Tyler yelled and I sighed.

“Long story, you stay!” Geno yelled and I nodded my head.

“Geno, you’re one too?” Craig asked and Geno nodded his head.

“Mario too,” Geno said and nudged his head towards Mario and the guys looked absolutely horrified.

The door burst opened and Coach ran through and slammed the door shut, “There’s something out in the halls!”

“Darklings,” Mario said and I nodded my head.

“I’m sorry, dark what?” Marc asked and I looked at my team.

“Stay here!” I ordered and then turned around to see that Coach was trying to keep the door closed but he couldn’t and one got in, “Geno!”

Geno ran towards the door and slammed it shut and I grabbed the darkling and pinned it to the ground.

“What the hell is that?!” James asked as some of the guys wanted a better look at it.

“Stay back!” I yelled and then snapped the darklings neck and then stood up.

“Sid! No hold much longer!” Geno yelled and I growled and ran towards the door to help him close it.

“Mario! Call Iz, we need her help!” I yelled and he nodded his head and took out his cell phone.

“She’s not answering!” he yelled and I growled.

‘…Of course she’s not…’

“What should we do?” Marc asked as he looked up at me, “Sid! You’re Captain! What should we do?”

I looked back at my team and then nodded my head, “Trust me.”

“Fine, what else!” Brandon Sutter said.

“Help hold door!” Geno growled and they nodded their heads and I turned around and pulled all my weight into holding the door, “Where they come from?”

“I don’t know!” I yelled struggling to hold the door closed, “Geez! How many are there?!”

I heard growling and then crying, but I didn’t dare want to open that door. Someone was charging into the door and I let out a roar as we fought to keep it closed.

“Sidney Crosby! Open the damn door!” I heard and looked towards Geno.


“Yes! Open the god damn door!” she yelled and I looked at Geno to see him shaking his head.

“Telly. Mind trick.”

“Geno, it’s not a mind trick! Open the door!” she yelled again and I gulped not knowing if this was a trick.

“Sid, open the door!” one of my teammates yelled.

“Crosby, if she’s here to help then let her in!” another yelled and I growled.

“Sid, its Luka! Open the door!”

“Telly!” Geno yelled and I heard them growl.

“Iz drove your baby over!”

My eyes widened and I pushed Geno out of the way and opened the door to see Luka and Isabella standing there and darklings lying all around them, “You drove my baby over here!”

“Told you he would get mad,” Luka said with a smirk on his face and Isabella scoffed and then reached down to pick up a darkling.

“Move,” she said and Geno and I nodded our heads and moved out of the way, “Howdy boys!”

“Iz, they know,” Mario said as Isabella looked at him and nodded her head.

“I figured, at least a couple dozen darklings outside, I didn’t think they would go unnoticed,” she said and then threw the darkling onto the ground and he growled at her.

“Iz, you drove my car here?!” I growled as I walked over towards her.

“Yes now shut up.”


“SHUSH!” she growled and my mouth was glued shut and I growled.