Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 002:

Chapter Two
“Can you believe it, Izzy?!” Luka shouted as I walked into the one section of our home that was used as a shifting room.

“What?” I asked as I sat on the upper section, looking down at the two boys.

“He’s never shifted before! At least not all the way,” Luka laughed as he looked up towards me to see the smirk on my face.

“Typical,” I muttered and looked to see the kid glaring at me, “Kid, don’t look at me like that, it’s just pitiful. You might be big, but you’re full of shit.”

“I know the rules of shifting,” he muttered and I smirked, “I know I’m stronger than you.”


“No! Let him continue, Luka,” I smirked, interested in hearing his argument, “Explain to me how you’re so much stronger than me.”

“I’m older than you, so I know with age comes-“ I didn’t let him finish, within a blink of an eye, I jumped down from the upper section, jumped on top of him, and had him pinned down my his throat.

“Age has nothing to do with it,” I hissed as my knee was wedged on his chest and I felt my nails sharpen into claws. I looked at the kid knowing that my eyes had changed to a bright gold instead of the light brown they usually were, I was letting my spirit leak out a little, “It’s the bond with your spirit that gives us the strength. You don’t have a bond with your spirit, so you certainly should not assume that your spirit will be there to protect you all the time. Like now for example,” I smirked as my grip tightened around his throat and he tried to get my grip off, but couldn’t, “You’re not even strong enough to get out of my grasp, pathetic.”

“Izzy,” I heard Luka call and then felt his hand on my shoulder, “Let him up, he doesn’t know any better.”

“You think you know about your own kind, but you don’t! You know nothing!” I growled as my hand moved from his throat and I stood up straight, “You use the strength from your spirit to get ahead in your little sport, but if you keep that us, you’re going to expose us all!”

“I’m going to teach him control, Izzy,” Luka said and I looked at him and then back at Sidney.

“Teach him respect too,” I growled and Luka nodded his head, “You might be older than me by a few months, but I out match you in a fight.”

“Isabella,” I looked up and saw an old friend leaning over the banister on the upper deck of the room, “A word, please.”

“O’Connell? How was the hunt?” I asked because my friend was on the special task force that took care of the darklings.

“Can we speak in private?” he asked and I nodded my head.


“Just train him, Luka,” I said and then bent down and jumped to the place where I was before. I smirked towards my friend and then looked back down to see that Sidney was looking up towards me, “You’ll be able to do that once you bond with your spirit, punk.”

“Come on,” my friend said as he pulled me out of the room and we started to walk down the hall.

“What’s going on, Ryan?” I asked as I stopped and looked at him, “Why have you come back so soon?” Ryan walked up to me and place his hand on my arms and then sighed, “What’s happened?”

“The darklings are gathering,” he said and I sighed, “We’ve spoken with each state, your father is in a video meeting with some right now, the Captain is with him.”

“Why are they gathering?”

“I don’t know, but whatever they’re planning, it’s not good,” he said and I wrapped my arms around his chest and felt his arms on my back, “It’ll be all right, Bella.”

“You know I hate when you call me that,” I said and heard him chuckle, “Do you want me to start calling you Mufasa again?!”

“No,” we laughed and I shook my head.

Ryan O’Connell was the same age as my brother and decided that his skills would be better in the force. He was the type of person who had no patience in training someone, he was the one who hit first and then asked questions later. Then again, that was usually the personality of a person whose spirit was a lion.

Pennsylvania might be home one of the wolf clans, but it certainly wasn’t just wolves that lived here. Wolf spirits were just the ones in charge of this state; most of our staff was other spirits, which reminded me that we needed to figure out what spirit Sidney was.

“So how’s Crosby doing?” Ryan asked and I looked at him confused.


“The new kid,” he said and I nodded my head.

“Didn’t know his last name,” I scoffed and then backed up, “He’s pathetic.”

“I figured that when even you took him down,” Ryan said and I growled at him because he made me seem like I was weak as well.

“I seem to remember me taking down a certain lion down a few months ago,” I laughed as the two of us walked down the hall again.

“I let you win,” Ryan said and I snorted and shook my head.

“O’Connell!” I heard and we turned around to see the Captain of the Special Force walking towards us, “Get in gear, we’re heading out!”

“Yes, sir!” Ryan said and I nodded my head towards the Captain as he walked passed me.


“Most of the darklings are gathering around Philly, we’re heading down there to lend a hand,” Ryan explained and I nodded my head.

“Be careful,” I muttered and he nodded his head.

“Always am,” he said and then smiled towards me and kissed my cheek, “You stay safe here.”

“Bye Mufasa,” I said sadly because ever since Ryan joined the force, I barely saw him.

“Bye Bella,” he smirked and then started to run down the hall, knowing that he was heading towards his room in the other wing to prepare for Philly.

I sighed and then decided that I had nothing better to do and walked back towards the room that Luka and Sidney were in.

“Come on, you’re not even trying!”

“Of course I’m trying!” Sidney yelled and I leaned against the banister.

“What’s the problem now?” I asked and the boys looked up towards me.

“I’m trying to get Sidney to shift, but he’s not even concentrating!” Luke explained and I nodded my head and looked disappointed at the Canadian boy.

“You want some motivation?” I asked and Sidney glared at me, “You don’t control yourself, you don’t play hockey.”

“What?!” Sidney yelled shocked that I would say that.

“Simple as that,” I explained and then jumped over the banister and landed in front of the boys, “You’re in our district, our territory, we make the rules! Right now, we don’t even know your spirit and we also don’t know if you can handle your shifting while you’re on the ice.”

“I’ve been fine, I’ve never had an incident,” he said and I smirked.

“Don’t mean that you never will,” I said and he nodded his head, “So shift.”

“I’ve been trying!” he yelled and I looked at Luka.

“May I?”

“By all means, lord knows I’ve tried,” Luka said and I smirked and then cracked my neck and knuckles.

“What are you-“ I punched him in the face and he stumbled back and then fell onto the foamed floor, “What the hell?!”

“Get up!” I growled and he slowly got up and saw that his nose was bleeding.

“I think you broke my nose!”

“It’ll heal in an hour,” I muttered and then motioned for him to come at me, “You’re trying to control your spirit by forcing him to come out. Right now he has no motivation to come out, so I’m going with the other way to bring him out.”

“What?” Sidney asked and I ran at him and landed three blows, two in the chest and then another in the face, in less than a second, while using my speed. He fell back and slid on the floor, spit up blood onto the floor.


“Don’t worry; I won’t hurt him,” I smirked as I saw him in pain, “Much.”

“What’s the other way?” Sidney asked as he started to get up and I circled around him, seeing him kneel on his knees.

I walked over towards him, grabbed his hair and pulled his head up to looked at his face, making sure that he saw the smirk on my face, “Anger,” I answered and then brought my knee up to his face and then pushed his face to the ground, “You lose yourself when you lose control of your emotions!” I announced as I walked towards my brother and then turned around to see that Sidney was shaking and growling.

“What is he?” Luka asked and I bent down and looked at Sidney.

“Come on kid, what about your precious hockey?” I asked and then watched as Sidney snapped his head up and Luka and I got a good look at his golden eyes, “Well, looks like we have another wolf around.”

“It would appear so,” Luka said and I smirked and stood up straight.

“And I thought he was a rabbit.”