Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 020:

Chapter Twenty
“How is it not moving?” Mario asked as Geno walked over and bent down to look at it.

“Telly,” Geno said and then looked at Isabella.

“What?” Mario asked confused.

“Long story,” Isabella said and then looked at me and released my mouth.

I growled and glared at her, “You drove my-“ she sealed my mouth again.

“Sidney shut up about your damn car! It’s perfectly fine!”

“Was,” Luka muttered and I looked at him, “Darklings man, sorry.”

I sighed and then looked at Isabella to see that she was staring at my team, and they were staring back.

“What is it?” Geno asked and Isabella looked at him.

“The council’s not going to be happy about a hockey team of humans knowing about us,” she said and then looked at me waiting to respond, but I couldn’t until she let me lips free, “Oh, sorry.”

“Iz, you can’t-“

“You’re lucky I’m not on the council’s side at the moment,” she growled and I relaxed and nodded my head.

“What does that mean?” Tanner Glass said and Isabella smirked.

“It means that you would all be killed and it would look like an accident,” Luka answered and they looked horrified.

“This is why Geno and I kept this a secret,” I said and they glared at me, “Look I’m sorry, I tried hard to prevent this from happening!”

“So you put all of us at risk!” Brooks Orpik yelled and I sighed.

“Sid, we have families!” Craig Adams yelled and I nodded my head.

“Fine, I’ll quit the team, if it makes you feel better, but I want to get you out of here in one piece first!” I said and they looked at me shocked that I would give up my career for them, hell I was a little shocked myself.

“That might be easier said than done,” Isabella said and I looked down towards her to see that she was picking up the darkling’s lip with pen, “This is a problem.”

“What?” I asked and then bent down to look at what she was looking at, “What is that?”

“The virus,” she said and I looked at her confused.

“What virus?” Geno asked and she sighed and then stood up.

“Remember when darklings use to hunt us for our blood and their venom would literally kill us from the inside out?” she asked and I nodded my head, “You see that was simple.”

“Simple?” I scoffed and she nodded her head.

“This is a whole bunch of crazy,” she said and then flicked her wrist and the darkling stood up and growled at her, “This is the new venom,” Isabella said as she took the pen to the lip and pushed up to see the lime green ooze dripping from his shark like teeth, “This is what they’re calling the virus.”

“What this virus?” Geno asked and I looked at him.

“I’m not sure yet, they have a lab out near Nevada that’s testing it,” she explained and I looked at her.

“How do you know this?”

“What part of illegally entered state don’t you get?” she smirked and I rolled my eyes, “Oh, and there’s another problem.”


“You two can’t quit the team,” she said and I was confused, “I’ve been doing some research, it would appear that a spirit is controlling these little bastards!”

“What?” Geno asked confused.

“Don’t know much, but I know that whoever is controlling these little blood sucking leeches knows about you guys and your teammates,” she said and I looked towards my teammates horrified.

“What does that mean? How do they know about us?” Tyler asked and I rubbed my face.

“This person needs to be close to be controlling this many darklings,” I said and then looked at Geno.

“He telly?”

“Yes,” I said and he growled.

“Sneaky bastards,” Geno said and I smirked.

“What the hell is a telly? Telly tubby?” Deryk Engelland said and Isabella rolled her eyes.

“Telekinetic,” she answered and then held out her hand and I watched as Deryk was lifted off of the ground and the guys backed away from him, “Understand?”

“Yeah! Put me down!” he yelled and I sighed. Isabella put him down and he leaned against the wall and looked shocked, “Jesus Christ!”

This was starting to get annoying, Sidney’s teammates just wouldn’t shut up and I was close to losing my temper. I leaned against the wall and watched as Geno, Sidney and Luka talked about a plan to get the guys out of here. I sighed and then heard someone screaming outside the door and this seemed to get everyone’s attention.

I stood up straight and then walked over towards the door, hearing Sidney calling my name. I opened the door and peaked my head out to see that no one was there, all the darklings were gone, and the place looked like nothing had happened.

“Where are they?” Mario asked as he walked up behind me.

“These two are still here!” Sidney said and I looked back and nodded my head.

“Something’s wrong,” I muttered and then started to walk forward only to feel Mario grab my arm, “Let go.”

“It’s a trap,” he said and I nodded my head.

“I got this,” I said and he sighed and nodded his head.

“Iz!” Luka called and I knew he was trying to follow me, but I stopped them all, “Dammit Iz! Let me go!”

I walked over towards the ice and saw a man standing in the middle. I growled when I saw him and then stepped out onto the ice, being careful not to slip.

‘…He’s strong…’ I thought as I could sense his power, ‘…I’ll need all my strength for this…’

I let all the guys go and I heard them running out into the hall and coming towards the ice. I heard Sidney yelling for the guys to stop and turned my head to see they were standing in the benches.

“You should be running away, not coming towards here!” I ground and they just stared.

“Iz, be careful! That’s Vlad!” Luka yelled and I nodded my head.

“I’m well aware of who he is, Luka,” I growled and then looked at the man to see that he was smirking. I’ve never really been afraid of anything before, but here, I stood in front of this man, this powerful telekinetic, known for tearing apart a body with a blink of an eye, I was petrified, “Luka, you need to get them out of here.”

“I’m afraid they’re staying for the show,” he said and I turned to see that everyone had a seat on the bench and my eyes widened.

“I can’t move!” the guys were yelling and I turned back towards him and growled.

“What do you want?!”

“To get your attention, Isabella,” he smirked and I grounded my teeth together, “You cousin couldn’t kill you, so I’m here to give it a shot.”

“I’d like to see you try,” I growled trying to show that I wasn’t afraid.

“Iz! Run!” Luka yelled, but I made no movement.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked and I nodded my head.


“Ah, so you do, and I hear you are a telly! May I ask how? I know you were not born one,” he stated and I glared at him.

“Don’t know, powers just came to me,” I responded and he laughed.

“Incredible,” he smiled and I gulped, “I wonder if my powers work on you.”

Normal tellies couldn’t use their powers against each other, no one really knows why, it was just discovered and everyone seems to go with it. With me not being born a telly, I don’t know if that applies to me, so I’m gambling my life right now.

“Isabella! I’m begging you! Run!” Luka yelled and I never turned my head, continuing my glare at the telly.

He walked over towards me and I froze in my spot, my mind had gone completely blank, I didn’t know what to do. I was too afraid to move.