Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 023:

Chapter Twenty Three
"Sid," I moaned as his hands slipped in-between my legs, "Slow down," I breathed and arched my back, "You're gunna get-" I gasped as he bit down on my neck, "Us caught."

"I missed you," he whispered into my ear and the pressed his lips onto mine.

"Your team," I said as he pinned my wrist on each side of my head and then pressed his lips onto mine.

I bit his tongue and he sat up and looked at me surprised. I smirked and sat up, wrapping my arms around his neck and climbing onto my knees and starting to kiss his neck.

We heard voices outside the room and Sidney cursed my signal to leave before anyone saw me. I grabbed my clothes and ran over towards the balcony and looked over the edge to see that we were at least on the twelfth floor.

“Can you make it?” Sidney asked as he looked over and then back into the bedroom, hearing the key car going into the slot.

“Course I can,” I smirked, it might hurt a little,” I muttered and then looked up and saw that there were about seven floors above us, ‘…Probably better off taking the chance of going down…’

“Well do it fast,” Sidney muttered and then pressed his lips against mine and walked back into the room, closing the door and shutting the blinds.

“Wait ta be romantic, Sid,” I muttered, knowing full well that he heard me.

“Need a hand?” I heard and looked up to see Luka leaning over the balcony above me.

I smirked and then hurried up and put my clothes back on and leaped up. Luka grabbed my arm and then pulled me up and over the balcony. He then walked into the room and I looked around to see his stuff on a bed.

“You can afford this place?” I asked and he chuckled.

“Hell no, Mr. Joseph Costanzo can afford this place,” he said and then held up a credit card that he had falsely applied for.

“If we don’t get killed by our own people, the humans are sending you to jail,” I laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll break out, can’t be that hard,” he said and I smirked and shook my head.

“So how’d you manage to get the room above Sid’s?” I asked as I walked over towards the bed and laid down on it.

“Hacking, I’ve become rather good at it,” he said as he sat in front of the laptop and started to type away, “You know Iz, I’m happy you’re back.”

“Yeah well, don’t get use to it, I might have to take off again if they catch wind that I’m here,” I said and the sat up, “You might have to too. You’re in this district illegally too.”

“I’m protecting my student,” Luka said and I scoffed.

“You’re protecting Sidney just as much as I’m protecting Evgeni,” I said and he smirked, I shook my head and sighed, all seriousness coming out, “They’re all grown up Luka; they don’t need our help anymore. They’ve done nothing wrong to piss off the council.”

“Just being associated with us pissed them off. Sidney and Geno are in as much danger as you in me!”

“Luka please, I’m the one who has the warrant out for my death!” I said and Luka looked at me hurt, “Don’t look at me like that! You know if I stick around you guys then you’re an easy target.”

“Don’t you think that the council already knows where Geno and Sid are?! They play professional hockey, Izzy! Their schedule is on the internet! All the council has to do is type a few keys on a computer and presto, a basic sign of telling them that they’re here. They’re not safe- We’re not safe wherever we go.”

I sighed and then grabbed my hoodie and threw it on, “I’m going for a walk,” I said and then headed for the door.

“That’s not a good-“ I was already out the door.

It’s been about two weeks since I woke up from using too much power against Vlad. The council knows that he’s dead, and they suspect me of doing it, naturally, I am the one who did it. A bounty was placed on my head, the council wanting me dead or alive, preferably alive. I thought it be best that I get away from the others but, every time I try to run, Sidney gives me this look, and I find myself not being able to leave him again.

“Why do you keep looking out the window, Sid?” James asked as he sat on Geno’s bed and stared at me, along with some of the other guys.

“Just looking.”

“You’re always staring off somewhere,” Pascal said and I chuckled and looked back towards the guys.

“It’s nothing, just a habit,” I said and then walked over towards my bed and listened to everyone start to talk about the game that we’re suppose to play tomorrow night.

We were at an away game in Florida, playing against the Panthers tomorrow night. I looked at the sky and it looked like it was going to storm, but the weird part was that it was March, technically still winter, it might not snow a lot down here, but it certainly shouldn’t look like it was going to thunderstorm.

“Look at those clouds!” Marc said as he walked over towards the door and looked at the sky, “Man, Florida weather is so weird, it looks like it’s gunna pour!”

“Pour? It’s rain season doesn’t start for another month or two,” Beau said as he leaned against the wall and looked at us.

I sighed and looked towards Geno, he knew what I was thinking, trouble. I stood up and walked over towards the window and opened the door only enough for Geno and I to get a whiff of the air, ‘…Yup, spirit, and looks to me a telly too…’

“GUYS!” I heard and turned around to see Kris and Tyler run into the room and look like they just saw a ghost, “You’re not gunna believe what happened!”

“What?” Marc asked and Tyler smirked towards Kris.

“So we were in the elevator, and when we got on, there was this girl on there and man was she unbelievably smokin’-“

“We mean like, oh my god please let me do you right here and now smokin’,” Tyler said and Kris smirked and nodded his head.

“We were in front of here, being like nonchalant about talking about her, and then when we finally decided that we were going to talk to her, we turn around and she’s freaking gone!”

“Vanished! The elevator didn’t stop so she didn’t walk passed us!” Tyler said and I looked at them confused.

“What the hell did you two smoke?” James asked as he laughed, “Girls don’t vanish, did you look down?”

“Dude! I would have been in heaven then! This girl was- God, words cannot describe it!” Kris said and I looked at Geno, “But she was right behind us and then poof, she’s gone. We didn’t look at her for like a minute and she’s gone! No noise or anything.”

I sighed and then walked over towards the door, hearing the guys ask me where I was going, “I want to see if this ‘girl’ had any way of getting past you two idiots.”

“Sid, I’m being honest here! I wouldn’t lie about this!”

“You could be high as hell and not even know it!” Marc laughed.

“If we’re high, it’s off of that brown sugar and honey citrus perfume she was wearing,” Tyler said smirking and closing his eyes, trying to remember the memory and I shook my head when Kris joined him.

“Idiots,” I muttered and then walked down the hallway, hearing some of the guys following behind me, “Which elevator?”

“Middle one,” Kris said and I nodded my head and pressed the button.

The elevator came, but it wasn’t the right one, so when that door closed, we hit the button and tried again, finally on the fifth try, the right one came.

Pascal was holding the door opened and Kris grabbed Marc and pulled him into the elevator and placed him in the corner.

“Ok, so she was standing here-“

“So does this mean that I’m that hot girl that words cannot describe on how hot she is?” Marc teased and Kris scoffed and shook his head.

“Whatever! Anyways, she was standing there, and then Tyler and I walked in, smiled towards her and then turned around, standing here,” Kris said and then he and Tyler played out how this whole thing went down, “Not even a minute, it couldn’t have been a minute, but we turn around to look at her and- Marc disappear!”

Marc snorted and then covered his face, “You can’t see me.”

I snorted and then shook my head, leaning against the wall next to the elevator. They were talking and I looked back towards Geno and he nodded his head, ‘…It’s not Iz that they’re talking about, it’s a new scent…’ I thought as I sniffed the air and smell the aftermath of the perfume. When I inhaled the air, my eyes watered up and I coughed and sneezed a little bit.

“You all right?” Geno asked as he and some of the other guys walked over.

“Yeah,” I said and then stood up and looked at Geno, rubbing my nose because even though it was an old scent, it was pretty powerful perfume, ‘…Someone’s trying to hide their scent…’