Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 024:

Chapter Twenty Four
“I don’t smell anything, I looked everywhere for this mystery girl and I couldn’t find any trace of her,” Isabella said as she, Luka, Geno and I stood in my bedroom. It was well after midnight and just about everyone was in bed. Isabella and Luka snuck into our room after searching the whole hotel, “You sure that your guys weren’t drunk?”

“Iz, I’m tellin’ ya, Tanger and TK specifically said that they smelled brown sugar and honey perfume. When we went to the elevator, I smelled that perfume, it made me gag because it was so powerful,” I said as I had to make sure that I was being quiet, hoping that I wasn’t going to wake up my teammates that were in the rooms around ours.

“Did you smell it Geno?” Isabella asked and Geno nodded his head.

“It strong, like Sid say,” he said and she sighed and nodded her head.

“I’ll check out the elevator shafts,” she said and I nodded my head.

“I’ll come with you,” Geno said as he stood up from his bed and rubbed his face.

Isabella shook her head, placed her hand on Geno’s chest and pushed him back onto the bed, “You and Sid stay here, you need your sleep.”

“Iz, if there’s anything-“

“You stay HERE!” she growled and I shut up and then sighed, “Understand?!”

“Yeah, ok,” I said and she nodded her head and looked over towards Luka.

“Ready?” she asked and Luka nodded his head and they disappeared out the balcony door.

“We gunna let them go?” Geno asked and I scoffed and shook my head, “We be in trouble with them.”

“We’re in trouble now,” I said and then headed over towards the door, Geno following, and we walked into the hallway, quietly heading down the hall and towards the stairs.

Geno and I were trying to be quiet because we didn’t want to wake anyone up, somehow we were successful. We walked over towards the elevators and after the second time hitting the button, the middle cart opened and I got the whiff of the now dull perfume.

“I don’t smell anything,” I growled as I walked back into Sidney and Geno’s room to see that they weren’t there, “Son of a bitch!” I sighed and then turned to Luka to see him shaking his head, “Are they asking for a death wish?!”

“He’s your boyfriend,” Luka said and I growled and clutched my fists.

“Can I help you?” Luka and I froze, hearing the voice behind us, but not hearing them come up behind us. We turned and saw some guy that I didn’t recognize; the scent was even unfamiliar to me.

‘…He’s not a player…’ I thought and looked at Luka to see that by his facial expression, he was thinking the same thing.

“Can I help you?” Luka growled, and the guy in front of us smirked and then took a step forward, but then disappeared, “Where’d he go?!”

“Luka!” I growled, seeing him hitting the floor holding his shoulder. I closed my eyes and slowed my breath, ‘…Behind me…’ I spun around and grabbed the hand just as he tried to grip my throat.

He looked at me shocked and I brought my elbow down on his arm and heard the sickening crack. He cried out loudly and then fell to his knees, holding his arm and growling, “How?!”

“You’re not that fast, telly,” I snapped and then heard people moving and doors opening. I growled and then grabbed Luka and the telly and threw them into Sidney and Geno’s room. Covering the telly’s mouth and pressing my back to the door, hearing people ask what the scream was, but then hearing them go back into their room, “You all right, Luka?”

“I’ve been better,” he growled and then stumbled to the bathroom and closed the door.

“Where are the boys?” I growled to myself as I walked over towards the balcony door and looked outside.

“You’re Isabelle, aren’t you?!” the man growled and I turned back towards him to see him standing up and glaring at me.

“Yeah, what of it?” I snapped and he ran at me and tried to grab me, but I grabbed the back of his neck and threw him back onto the ground, “Who are you?!”

“A spirit sentencing you to death!” he spat and I pinned my hand down on his neck.

“You’d have to be a lot tougher than that if you’re going to sentence me to death,” I smirked and then snapped my head up when I heard the door started to open. I growled and then pulled the guy off to the side and hid behind the bed, seeing the door open and then watching Sidney walk in, “Where have you been?!”

“I could asked you the same thing,” he said and moved to the side to see Geno holding a kicking, gagged girl.

“Who’s that?” I asked and Geno threw the girl onto the bed.

“She perfume girl,” he said and I looked at her and then bent down and pushed the guy out in front of them.

“He attacked us,” I growled and then looked at Sidney to see him glaring at the guy.

“Where’s Luka?” Sidney asked and I heard the bathroom door open.

“Here,” Luka said, walking out shirtless but holding a bloody towel to his shoulder.

“What happened to you?” Geno asked and Luka nudged his head towards the guy on the ground.

“That asshole,” he barked and I sighed and sat at the end of the bed and rubbed my face.

There was a knock on the door and everyone snapped their heads to the door, “Go to bed!” someone growled on the other side and I heard whoever it was walk away.

“Answers, now!” Sidney growled as he grabbed the guy by the collar of his shirt and held him in the air.

“Sent to kill Isabella and Luka Santarelli for treason on the council!” the guy grumbled out and then glared towards me, “You’re in our state illegally.”

“Yours and about forty different others,” I spat and he ground, “I’ve had no one ‘punish’ me for my crimes.”

“You just wait,” he said and Sidney dropped him and then punched him hard across the face.

“We’re not going to get answers off of him if you knock him out,” I said as I walked over towards Sidney and placed my hand on his arm.

The girl on the bed started to move and she glared at us, “You’ll pay for that,” she snapped and then jumped.

Geno went to grab her, but something happened and he bit back a cry, and fell to his knees, smoke coming from his body.

“She’s able to control the weather!” Luka growled and grabbed Geno and pulled him back.

I was shaking with anger as I watched as the girl grabbed the guy and jumped out of the balcony door. Sidney was holding me back from going after them, afraid that what happened to Geno would happen to me.

I ran over towards Geno and saw him leaning against the wall shaking and groaning in pain, “What happened?”

“Lightning,” Luka said and I looked at him sadly and then looked at Luka.

“Move back,” I said as I positioned myself so that I was sitting on Geno’s lap and placed my hand on his shoulders.

“Be careful, Izzy,” Luka said and I nodded my head.

“What are you doing?” Sidney asked as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

“Get off Sid, I have to help him,” I growled and then saw Luka pull Sidney back. I placed my hands on Geno’s neck and make him look at me, “Geno,” I called, “Geno, can you hear me?” he muttered a ‘yes’ in Russian, “You’re gunna be in pain-“

“I already in pain,” he growled and I sighed and ran my fingers through his hair.

“Just hold on,” I said as I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.


“Shush,” Luka said as he took another step back.

Isabella’s body was glowing; a white smoke came from her body in the shape of a wolf’s head and charged right into Geno’s body. He groaned and arched his back, I saw his hands grip the shaggy rug, and watched as he bit back a cry.

“She’s touching his spirit,” Luka said and I gulped and nodded my head, “She’s healing him.”

“Isn’t this how Ryan died?” I asked and Luka sighed.

“Some of his spirit didn’t return to his body when he was healing Izzy, he was slowly falling apart from the inside after that,” he said and I sighed.

“Can’t that happen to her?” I asked and Luka shrugged his shoulders.

‘…Just be careful…’