Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 004:

Chapter Four
I had been so engrossed into the file that I hadn't even heard the door open and my father walk into the room, "Father."

"What are you doing in here?" he asked as he walked over towards the table.

"Doing some research on a fellow spirit," I said as he walked over and took the file away from me and looked at it.

"Mario Lemieux, ah, I remember this man," my father said as he smirked, "In '96 he came and begged for his son's life."

"We placed a spirit in the boy's body," I said and my father nodded his head.

"An officer was dying from a darkling bite, we asked his permission, and he gladly gave it," my father said and then sat across from me, "Why so interested?"

"This man is a player on Sidney's hockey team," I informed and my father nodded his head, "I didn't know him, I wanted to make myself known."

"He's a good man, a loyal man," my father said and I nodded my head.

"Why doesn't it say in his file what he and his son are?"

"He's not really active with the council too much, and he poses no threat, we told that he could live in peace," he said and I nodded his head, "Quite frankly, I'm surprised that he still plays that sport after his heart problems."

"Why does he have heart problems? He shouldn't."

"He wouldn't if he was still connected with his spirit, but I'm pretty sure that he's not," my father confessed and I sighed, not understanding why people do not like the gifts that they've been given.

"So what are they?"

"Well Mario, if I remember correctly, is a falcon, and his son," my father rubbed his face, "I believe that he has a jackrabbit spirit in him, or at least half of the spirit, since it honest wasn't his spirit originally."

'...Well what do you know, he's a falcon. That explains why he looks like he's flying when he's on the ice. Maybe he still is connected with his spirit...' I thought with a smirk on my face, '...Never met one before, guess I should introduce myself...'

"I've noticed that you have been spending a lot of time with your brother and that boy," father said and I looked up towards him as I closed the file.

"Yes, I find him interesting and frustrating," I said and my father smirked.

"You know, he is a wolf as well."

I stood up and walked over towards the cabinet door and placed the file back where I had found it, "I know what you're think, father, the answer is no."

"Why not, you're a beautiful woman, he's a handsome man, you will make beautiful pups together," my father laughed and I blushed and shook my head.

"That boy does not even like his spirit, we're completely different people! I would never like him!" I announced and my father sighed.

"Well, nothing can happen with that lion," he said and I sighed and nodded my head.

"I know that, father, there's no need to worry, Ryan and I are just friends," I informed, speaking truthfully and my father nodded his head.

"Where is your brother now?"

"At the hockey arena. Sidney had practice or something," I said and father nodded his head, "Who is Lemieux's teacher?"

"Uh," my father leaned back in his chair, "I don't remember his name, he died I think in '92. We never had a problem with him, so we never assigned a new one to him. He was nice to everyone, so he always had permission to be in other districts."

"How did the council take to him marrying a human?" I asked and my father laughed.

"Oh, I remember that day. Almost caused a battle," he spoke with humor and I listened intently as he explained that there was a large argument and he remembered the girls face as she was surrounded by spirits that didn't like her, "Mario is good about keeping her out of our business, so we don't mess in his."

"Seems fair," I said and father nodded his head, "Well thanks for the history lesson, father."

"You hear about Philly?" my father asked as I headed towards the door and then stopped and sighed when his voice was heard.


"These are hard times, Isabella, remember where you stand," he said and I looked back towards him.

"I always know where I stand," I said and he nodded his head and then left the room, '...That was weird...'

As I walked out of the room, I passed the guards and made my way back outside. My phone was buzzing in my back pocket and I looked to see that my brother had texted me saying that I needed to get back to the arena.

"Bella!" I heard and saw Ryan running over towards me, "Where are you going?"

"Trouble," I muttered as I ran over towards my car. I started it and heard the passenger
door open, "What are you doing?"

"Coming with you, what's going on?" he asked and I shook my head.

"We'll find out when we get there," I said and then texted my brother saying that I was on my way and that I would meet him on the jumbotron.

'...Oh come on man, take control of your anger...' I thought as I watched as Sidney was grabbing his teammate and had a good grip on him.

Sidney was a rookie, so the other teammates were testing him by shoving him into the boards, tripping him on the ice, or pulling tricks on him. Sidney wasn't liking that, he was losing control of his anger. I didn't know what was going to happen, so I texted my sister, hoping that she would hurry up and come.

'...Dammit, dammit, dammit!...' I growled as I hung over the side of the jumbotron looking down to see what Sidney was going to do, "Enough, Sidney," I muttered, knowing with his hearing, that he would hear my plea.

"What's going on?" I heard my sister growl as she hopped down behind me.

I caught another scent with her and turned around to see Ryan with her. I nodded my head towards him and then watched as the two of them leaned over around me and watched the scene below.

"I told you he was no good," my sister growled and I sighed.

"We're trying, all right," I said and she took a deep breath.

"I'll end this," Izzy growled and I snapped my head over towards her to watch her backing away.

"What are you gunna do, Iz?" I asked and then watched her jump off of the jumbotron and into the bleachers.

She continued to remain unnoticed and hopped over the bars and down to the lower deck, where the boys would come out of the locker room.

"Is she insane?" Ryan asked and I shrugged my shoulders.

"You've know her, she's doesn't think sometimes," I said and he sighed and nodded his head.

The Coach was on the team bench watching all his players crowd around each other, and I watched as my sister snuck up behind him.

"Definitely should have been a fox," I muttered and Ryan chuckled.

Iz stood behind the Coach and yelled out Sidney's name. Everyone stopped what they were doing, the Coach turned around shocked that she was there, all the guys were starring at her.

"Wait ta stay in the shadows, sis," I said and I knew she heard me, and if she was here, she would probably push my down to the ice.

The boys broke apart and looked at my sister, as she just stood there, arms crossed over her chest, and a disappointed look on her face. Sidney skated over towards her and I laughed because I knew that she wasn't going to cause a scene here, but when we got home, he was so screwed.

I watched as my sister scolded him like he was a child and then a smirk formed on her face, '...That's not good...' I thought as the Coach walked over towards her and asked what she was here for and how did she get in. Sidney said that she was with him and then grabbed her arm and started to walk off the ice, '...Bad move, Sid...'

"Your boys screwed," Ryan laughed as we heard Sidney yelling 'ow' and then seeing the guys on the ice laughing.

"He should know better not to piss her off," I muttered and Ryan nodded his head, "I'm gunna hear about this later."

"I'd hate to be in your shoes when we get back."

"Gee, thanks," I laughed and then waited for Iz to text me saying that she was outside and ready to go.