Touching Spirits

Touching Spirits 006:

Chapter Six
“Izzy, you’ve been at this for over a week, you don’t have much time left, he’s not going to shift,” Luka said as he looked at Sidney slumped against the tree.

“He has to,” I muttered and then sighed.

“Maybe he has pretty good control over his anger, try another emotion,” Luka said and I looked at my brother.

“How has father been?”

“He’s consumed with his work with the special forces,” Luka said and I nodded my head, “Ryan was looking for you, wanted to say goodbye before he was sent out again.”

“When did he leave?”


“Oh,” I muttered sadly because I was upset that I missed my friend, “I’ll make it up to him when he comes back.”

“All right,” Luka said and I heard Sidney groan because he was waking up.

“Get out of here,” I muttered and Luka nodded his head and started to walk off, leaving Sidney and I by ourselves again.

“What-“ he moaned and then I saw his head slowly moving and then heard him cough.

“At least you’re starting to wake up faster,” I said and then remembered what my brother said and groaned. I walked over towards my bag and grabbed the knife and walked over towards the rope and cut it, seeing Sidney fall to the ground, “Shift.”

“I can’t,” he moaned as he held his sides.

“Can’t or won’t!”

“I CAN’T!!!” he growled and I sighed and bent down so that my face was by his.

“You need to,” I breathed, trying to hit another emotion.

“Why do you hate me?” he asked and my eyes widened and I stood up shaking my head.

“I don’t hate you,” I said and then turned around and pushed him onto his back, and then collapsed onto his lap. He gulped as my face got close to his, “I’m trying to save you.”

“How?” he asked as he leaned on his arms, “How are you trying to save me?”

“The darklings are ruthless creatures, they’ll attack us without any sign of hesitation,” I started and then sighed as I felt him bend his knees and I leaned back against them, “They like blood, that’s what they feed on.”

“Like a vampire,” he said and I sighed.

“Vampires aren’t real.”

“They don’t exist, but we do?” he scoffed and I rolled my eyes.

“You need to be able to shift to protect yourself. Recently the darklings have found out that if they drink our blood, they get an extra power boost,” I said and his eyes widened, “They’re hunting us now.”

“What?” he tensed and I placed my hands on his chest and he shiver.

“You need to shift, you need to harness your spirit’s full power,” I breathed as my hands ran down his chest and down to the hem of his shirt.

“What are you doing?” he asked shocked at my sudden change in personality.

“Anger didn’t work, we’ll try something else,” I explained as my hands went under his shirt and touched his skin and my hands roamed his chest.

“What one?” he asked as I brought my hands back and brought them to the hem of my shirt and pulled the t-shirt over my head, exposing my plain white bra and tanned skin.

Sidney gulped and I saw his eyes turn gold, ‘…I can’t believe this is what’s gunna get him to shift…’

“This is-“

“Lust,” I breathed as I leaned in and started to kiss his neck and his head dropped back and he let out an animalistic groan and then fell back onto his back.

Our lips were brought together, and I had a hard time remembering that this was just to get me to shift. I didn’t want to shift, but I had no power at stopping Isabella from doing what she was doing. My hormones were going out of control, and I could feel my spirit not wanting her to stop as well.

I was breathing heavily as Isabella pulled my shirt over my head and then start to send soft kisses on my chest and stomach. I felt her hands untying the string around my sweats and pull them down. I heard a growl like moan and looked up to see that Isabella’s eyes were black with a gold center, they looked incredible. She crawled up my body and placed her hand behind my head and pressed her lips against mine, pushing her body into mine so that there was no space. I moaned as her hips rubbed against mine and I couldn’t help myself from placing my hands on her butt and squeezing. I was an eighteen year old, hormonal guy after all.

I knew this wasn’t real, I knew that she didn’t have any feelings for me; this was only to get me to shift. I think I even surprised myself when I turned her over and towered over her and pressed my lips to her neck and felt her sharp claws on my back. I gripped the ground, feeling the leaves and dirt in-between my fingers and then brought my lips onto hers, liking the fact that for the first time since I arrived here, I was over her.

I ego boost was cut short when I felt a sharp pain in my chest and I felt like my body was on fire. I rolled off of Isabella and held my chest, arching my back at how much pain I was in. I cried out and then clenched my eyes shut, breathing heavily, not knowing what was happening.

“Don’t fight it, Sidney,” Isabella said as I felt her hand on my shoulder, “You’re shifting!”

‘…No, I don’t want to!...’ I thought as I felt and heard bones breaking.

“It’s going to hurt the first time,” she said and I shook my head, “You have to! You have to shift!”

I felt her lips on my forehead and her fingers combing my hair, she was trying to coax my through this. I knew it would probably hurt the first time I shifted. I heard my sister screaming when she shifted her first time, but I never knew the pain would be this bad. I felt like my whole body was breaking, I felt like someone set a flame to my body.

“Sidney, you’re almost there! Stop fighting it!” I yelled as I watched and listened to him cry out in pain and roll onto his stomach, stretching out his arms and growling, “Let your instincts take over!”

I watched as Sidney dug his hands through the dirt, he laid there only in his boxers. I stood up and moved out of the way, but usually for first time shifters, things could get out of control. I knew he was almost there; it was only a matter of moments before he shifted.

I kicked off my sneakers, planning on shifting as well as soon as he did. I unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans, pulling them down my long legs. I threw my clothes by the tree where I had thrown Sidney’s. I walked over towards him, only in my bra and underwear, sniffing the air to make sure that no one was close and then thinking that I probably should have done that before.

I slipped my underwear down and then reached my arms back to undo my bra. I could still hear Sidney growling in pain, but it no longer sounded human, his spirit was coming out and it was clearly heard, begging to be let free.

When we turn the age of five, our spirits are brought to our attention, and for the first time we can see what they look like. So for thirteen years Sidney's sat waiting, begging to be let free, and today was the day that he was finally going to get his wish, Sidney Crosby’s spirit was going to be let free.

I stuffed my bra and underwear under my clothes and then ran over towards the one log that I had drug over and jumped off of it. Shifting in the air and then landing on all fours. My white fur felt the wind blowing through it, and I turned my head to see that Sidney was crawling on the ground, still fighting the shift.

I walked over towards him and rubbed my head against him, and started to lick his face, showing him that it was all right. He picked his face up and saw me in my spirit form. I saw his blackened eyes with the gold center, his sharpened teeth and claws, his changing body. I rubbed my face against his again and then jumped back when he stood up and ran over towards the log.

‘…Come on, Sidney…’

He jumped over the log and then he disappeared. I turned my head in every direction, trying to find where he was. I knew he had shifted, I could smell him, but he didn’t want to show himself, he was too afraid.

I barked a little, letting him know that I was still here, that I wasn’t going to leave him. I didn’t move from my spot, you needed to be extra careful while dealing with beginner shifter; they were confused when they first changed, and they could attack you out of the blue. I laid on the ground, my paws in front of me, and I laid my head on top of them, trying to show Sidney that he could come out because I showed no threat.

I heard whimpering and picked my head up trying to see where he was, but he was behind a tree. I stood up and leaned my head low, trying to catch a glimpse at him, but he was hiding very well. I licked my nose and then checked my surroundings, no one other than the two of us.

I took a step forward waiting to see if he would growl and try to stop me. I took another one, and another, and another, and another. When I knew he figured out that I posed no threat I walked over towards the log and turned around to see that Sidney laid on his side whining.

I was shocked at how beautiful he was, his black fur shined in the sunlight and if I was in my other form; I would probably be smiling brightly. On the inside I was, but Sidney wouldn’t be able to see that. He was breathing heavily, and I knew he was trying to get over the shock of shifting for the first time.

I walked over towards him and started to lick his muzzle, showing that I was here and it was going to be all right. I was happy that he had finally shifted; now all we needed to do was make sure that he kept up with shifting.

It was going to be a few minutes before he tried to stand up, it was going to get some getting used to, walking on four legs instead of two. I walked behind him and laid down beside him, laying my head on his back and seeing my white fur blend with his black. I was going to wait patiently for him to get up.