Sequel: Acrasia
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Rae waved Alex out of the back door, a tiny girl with orange and black hair hanging on his arm. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do," she smiled. Alex looked at her, a grin on his face as he opened his shitty car door for the girl.

She turned back to the couple, the only ones in the bar. They didn't need anything, so she amused herself with a Rubix cube. When she had the red side pretty much figured out, the couple got up and left. She looked at the clock. Just past eight on a Monday night. No one else was gonna come in, so she picked up a rag and began wiping down the bar. She tied up the garbage bag and took it out back. For some reason, the dumpster was missing. Rae frowned and went around the block. She snuck around behind the little pizza shop and flipped open the lid trying not to make much noise; people really didn't like it when you used their dumpster.

Rae turned when she saw someone pass by. He seemed really out of place, in his suit and tie. She tossed the bag in and straightened her shorts, then started walking back to the bar when she heard yelling. She turned around and followed the noise, coming from the opposite direction as the bar. She rounded a corner just in time to see a man holding the man-in-suit's arms behind his back and a white cloth over his mouth. She stifled a gasp with the back of her hand and stood frozen for a while, watching the man throw the man-in-suit into a truck and drive off.

She couldn't move as she processed what she just saw. And then she was running as fast as she could towards the bar. She slammed into the building and locked the front door, closing the blinds. She sat down behind the bar and pulled her knees to her chest, her hands shaking as she reached for her phone. Her fingers found Chris's contact number, but she hesitated before calling it. She called Jeremy instead, but got answering machine. Same with Marcie and Lucy. She considered calling Max or Alex, but finally decided on Chris.

When she got to his apartment, she couldn't unlock the door. She nearly fell over trying to get the key, her knees were shaking so bad, and her shaking fingers made her miss the key hole every time. She was about to just sit and wait for him until he came home when she finally managed to get they key to work. When she got inside, she couldn't sit still. Her muscles were quivering and her back aching. So she got up and took a shower. His bathroom was foreign to her, but almost in a good way. The outside was immaculate, but there was pieces of him scattered all over the bathroom. Razors, shampoo, a bottle of cologne that made her knees weak.

She took a quick shower, not even washing her hair, just calming her nerves. She got out and poured herself a glass of some expensive-looking whiskey Chris had out. By the time Chris slammed through the door, she was warm and buzzing pretty hard.

"Hey," he said, tossing his keys in a bowl by the door. Rae didn't respond. She was laying on his couch, Fran on her chest and a glass of whiskey in her hand. Her eyes were closed. "You good?"

"I think I may have over-reacted," she said quietly, cracking her eyes at him. He was still in his work clothes, a duffel bag over his shoulder. "You are so damn pretty." She closed her eyes again.

"Thank you." He looked up at the bottle on the counter. It was mostly empty.

He went into his room and undressed, putting on sweats and putting his duffel bag in the back of his closet. He went into the bathroom and immediately knew that someone had been in it. He touched his cologne and slid it back into place. The tub was wet.

"Oh, BTDubs, I used your shower," he heard Rae slur from the other room.


He took a quick shower and when he got out, the bottle was a little lighter and her glass was empty. Fran had abandoned her for a solitary nap on the dark window sill, and Rae was snoring quietly in a little ball.


Chris turned around, reaching to his hip for a weapon that wasn't there, and looking for the the source of the disembodied gruff voice.

"Hey, Assbutt."

Rae's phone vibrated on his marble counters. He reached for it, cracking a smile at how dumb he had been.

"Assbutt." He answered it just to shut it up, becoming offended at the repeated insult.


"Hello, there, sexy man voice," said the female on the other end. "I'm looking for Rachel."

"She's- uhm- passed out on my couch."

"Is this Chris?"


"Good. Is she dead?"


"Are you going to do illegal things to or with her?"


"Well then tell her to have fun and that Lucy called."

The phone clicked off.


Rae woke up on a bed. Her head was sore and her mouth was dry. She pushed the thick downy blankets off of her and sat up, groaning. Chris was sprawled out next to her on top of the blankets. She tried to get out of bed without waking him up, but he looked up when she got dizzy and had to brace herself against the plush white sheets.

"There's headache meds in the kitchen. Cabinet over the sink."

"Thanks." She went out to the kitchen and took four of them, then another for good measures. She'd worry about her kidneys later.

"So what did you see last night?" Chris asked, hand rubbing his face as he entered the kitchen.

She shrugged. "I heard yelling and then I saw this guy drag this other guy into a car."

"Did you see faces?"

"All I know about the guy getting dragged was that he was older and important looking. The one doing the dragging had dark hair."

Chris leaned against the counter and grunted. He didn't say anything for a minute, then he pushed himself away from the marble. "There's a pastry shop across the street I'll go get breakfast." He put on a hoodie over his sweats. "Oh, and Lucy, I think, called," he said on the way out the door.

Rae sighed and prepared herself for the onslaught of questions she knew she would be subjected to as soon as she picked up the phone.
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