Sequel: Acrasia
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Rae rolled out of bed when it was still dark outside. Her parents were already up, collecting eggs for breakfast or something of the sort, she assumed. She dressed quickly in shorts and a t-shirt and went downstairs. Her mom was mixing dough for biscuits. They smiled at each other and didn't talk for a second as Rae took a seat at the counter. Rae started giggling.

"I'm so happy I'm here," she said.

Maggie patted her daughter's cheek affectionately, leaving a print of flour on her skin. "Me, too, Darling."

Rae sat and watched her mom for a little while longer, then went out to the barn. Her dad's horse, Tig, was missing from his stall, but Charlie had no hesitation in making his presence known. Rae stopped at the tack shelf and grabbed a grooming kit. She touched her saddle, smooth mahogany leather, custom-made in Australia to fit her and Charlie horse perfectly. It had a matching bridle with silver and opal inlays. It had been a graduation present from her grandmother, who passed away a year later. There was only a thin film of dust on it and she smiled to herself; someone had been keeping it clean. She drew her hand away slowly. There as no time to ride yet.

Charlie snorted and buried his nose on the crook of her arm when she came in. She dropped the kit, not caring that it landed on it's side, and leaned into him. She inhaled his warm musky scent and stroked the soft bunny-fur on his chest. After a few seconds, he seemed to notice the grooming kit and released her to pick up the brushes.

She took her time, swiping the curry comb with slow circular movements. Charlie's eyes closed slowly as she worked on and around his dappled withers, his upper lip twitching. She jumped and Charlie's knees locked when someone knocked on the stall door.

"Your mom says breakfast is ready," Chris said.

"Well heavens, thanks for scaring the fuck out of me. Okay hold on." Rae gathered her brushes and stroked Charlie's head before following Chris down the breezeway. He stopped and waited for her, then wrapped an arm around her waist.

"Good morning," she said, letting him tilt her head back to plant a side-ways kiss on her neck. He mumbled something unintelligible, his warm breath fanning the skin in her throat.

Rae stepped away from him to set down the grooming kit and the next thing she knew she was thrown up against the wall and engaged in a violent tongue war. Just as she was beginning to be sure she was winning, she heard a dangerously familiar noise. She pushed Chris off of her at the same time he was pulling away and ended up tripping over herself. Her dad cleared his throat for a second time.

"Hey, Dad," Rae said.

"Breakfast," Paul said quickly, then turned away and went to the house.

"This is gonna be awkward," she mumbled, leading the way after him.


"Listen it isn't that hard. Back straight. Deep breath, find your center. And then squeeze your knees and look where you want to go." Rae sat on top of Charlie,her beautiful saddle beneath her. Chris was trying to figure out how to ride a horse, Bruno, a huge palomino gelding. She watched him, face concentrated, as the horse started at a walk. Chris grinned up at her.

"Congrats," she smiled back. And then he got a little too excited and squeezed a little too hard and Bruno, an extremely sensitive horse, took off. Chris's eyes grew huge as he tried to slow the horse down.

"Relax your legs," she called. "Deep breath- shit," she cursed under her breath: Bruno was going full speed with no intention of stopping.

Charlie, predicting her movements, took off after him at a fast trot, waiting to see what would happen. They were in an enclosed pasture, so there was a lot of room but nowhere to really go. But Bruno didn't really to care about that as he loped down the field. Rae urged Charlie on until they were next to each other. She was laughing as she reached out and yanked on Chris's reign. Bruno stopped in time with Charlie.

"Why are you laughing?" Chris demanded, sliding off the horse. "I almost just died!"

She shrugged, grinning. "He was enjoying that. I thought something spooked him, but he was just messing with you." She laughed again and patted his big beige neck. "What a rude horse."

Chris looked at her, dark brows furrowed. "But he's a horse- what the fuck?"

"Don't doubt them. Now get back on. I'll pony you back up."

"Thanks, I'll walk."

"Don't be ridiculous. Here, get on Charlie. Charlie's a good boy." She slid off his back and gestured for Chris to get on.

"No really."

"Fine. Suit yourself." She flipped the reins over Charlie's head and started walking up the pasture. "You coming?" she asked. Chris shook his head and followed her. Bruno allowed Chris to lead him, with an expression that may have been the horse-version of smug.


The trip back started out as another several day boring-as-hell car ride. The first day or so honestly could not be over soon enough. Rae was sad to be leaving home, but missed her friends in New York, and Chris was dreading going back to his life. The last few days amid Rae's family had given him a sense of almost normalcy and he was reluctant to give that up. But their own feelings didn't dampen their efforts. Chris insisted on paying for nice high-end motels (if there is such a thing) and you'd be surprised how soft the beds were.

Rae was in the driver's seat as they made their way over the bridge connecting Manhattan to the rest of New York. It was dark and the streets were relatively empty. Her phone whistled, signaling a text. She pulled it out of her bra and handed it to Chris.

"Read that please, Dear," she said.

"Oh my god sexy bi- uhm biatch? I knew I saw your lover's car on the bridge whn i went joggin when the fuck r u going to be home? Love Lucy-- she has some horrible grammar," Chris shook his head.

"Tell her we're sleeping it off at your place."

Chris's sleeping turned to shipping as she turned into the parking garage with a little too much force. A moment later her phone ran again.

"Double-you Tee Eff mah bitch I miss you," he read. "How about all of us get 2gether 2morow nite my nigg. Nigg?"

Rae took her phone back, laughing at the way he read Lucy's text. "It's slang. It may or may not be the equivalent of 'homie'. So what do you say?" she asked him. "About drinks."

He wrapped his arm around her waist and led her inside. "Why not. And then we go back to work."

"Mmmm sounds fun."
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I apologize for the wait and the absence of Jeremy and all that, but look at what Chris did(: He rode a horse. Because he's uncultured. And now I'm off to go watch some Supernatural BECAUSE MY SAMMY GOT A HAIRCUT. I'm so sorry I'm just so damn excited.

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