Sequel: Acrasia
Status: Da-da-da-da Da-da Done.



Rae narrowed her eyes and looked at the four people currently sitting on her couch, all trying to 'act natural' and failing. On the far right was Jeremy, his tattooed arms constantly moving as if he couldn't remember what he usually did with them when he was being natural, not just acting. Next to him was Marcie with her purple hair covering half of her face and her head tilted down, yet looking at the ceiling. And then there was strawberry-blonde Lucy with her thick-rimmed glasses and perpetually messy bun, sitting on her boyfriend Max, who always had a cigarette clutched between his fingers. He was trying and failing to get his lighter to catch, but successfully avoiding Rae's eyes.

"You guys were watching me," she said.

"Uuuugh," Jeremy burst, "you roll up in this sexy as fuck car and you expect us not to watch?"

"It's like one in the morning. Fuck, it's two. Don't you guys have something better to do?"

"It was this or make me watch them all have eye-sex with Priestly," Max said, gesturing at the TV. Ten Inch Hero was on, paused on Priestly's lopsided grin. Rae loved that movie.

"Fuck you, Max. Just because he's my other boyfriend doesn't mean you can be all jealous and stuff," Lucy said, taking the lighter out of his hands and lighting his cigarette on the first try. Jeremy reached back and cracked the window they'd been looking out of.

"That's not important, though," Marcie said. "What is important is that fine ass car you just pulled up in. Who was driving?"

Rae couldn't help but smile a bit. She pushed some hair behind her ear and sat down in her big, comfy chair. "Chris," she said. By now they all knew who Chris was was, but Jeremy leaned forward, a grin plastered on his face.

"Dish," he said excitedly.

"There's nothing to dish about," Rae shrugged. "I'm dressed like a hooker and he offered me a ride so I didn't freeze my ass off on the ride home."

"Don't make nothing out of something," Lucy said.

"If anything, I'm making something out of nothing," Rae scoffed.

"Will you just give them something so we can get on with the damn movie?" Max said.

"Oh, don't mind him, he's just mad because we haven't seen Tish's sex scene yet." Lucy played with his hair.

"You guys have Priestly and I have Tish-"

"Who, ironically," Jeremy added, totally off topic, "are married now. IRL, Brotato Chips," he added, puckering his lips and raising his eyebrows.

"We know," Marcie said bitterly. "And whatserface is preggers. With a girl. And my life is over." She sniffed dramatically and turned back to Rae. "But really. Give us something."

Rae groaned and shrugged. "I dunno... He killed a fly today? It was kinda cool-"

"Rae," Marcie said, looking at her like she was being just absolutely ridiculous.

"If you're not gonna take this seriously-" Jeremy started.

"I'm not not taking it seriously-"

"Ssssh," Max hushed them and turned back on the movie.

"Here you go, Toddly," Priestly said, batting his eyelashes. A chorus of sighs and giggles rose from the girls. Rae bit her lip. Priestly was just... so damn pretty.

"I have never been so attracted to a neck tat," Marcie whispered.


"So..." Chris said. There were like three people seated at tables and that was it. Rae was doing a crossword on a stool behind the bar and Chris was finishing dishes.

"Lah tee doe," Rae replied.


She looked at him. "Sound of Music?"

Chris was confused. "Sound of what?"

"You had no childhood, did you? Never mind. So what?"

"Look, don't get all weird, but we're- uhm- having a swaree. And my dad wants me to bring a date. Why are you smiling at me. Stop smiling."

Rae giggled. "Are you asking me out? On a date?"

"No, I'm asking you to go to a party with me."

She was still smiling. "Why?"

"Why not?" She laughed. "Shut up," he said, flicking his rag at her. All that did was make her laugh some more.

"Okay, well if you insist," she chuckled, "then I guess I'll go."

He raised his eyebrows. "Really?"

"Don't look so surprised. It isn't flattering."

Chris shook his head and went to go serve the customers at the table by the door another round of drinks, and Rae took the time to admire him from behind. Jeremy was so right. Speaking of, the whole damn group came stomping through the door as Chris began making his way back to the bar. Jeremy was the first one in and he wasted no time in going all fan-girl while Chris's back was turned. His jaw dropped, and then he bit his lip and fanned himself, pretending to go weak in the knees.

"Don't hurt yourself, Romeo," Rae growled, standing.

"What?" Jeremy squeaked, his tongue snaking over his lips and his hands gripping the front of his shirt.

Marcie and Lucy had similar expressions, as did two other girls Rae knew vaguely from group outings she took with Lucy. Their names were Jasmine and Gertie, but honestly, Rae forgot their names on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Max was eying the whiskey the way the girls and Jeremy were eying the male bartender.

"Why are you guys here?" Rae asked, doing a terrible job at hiding her annoyance.

"Well you've been working here for a few days now and we wanted to visit you at work," Jeremy said, giving her a peck on the lips over the bar. She saw Chris's eyebrows shoot up and wanted to reassure him that her and Jeremy were nothing more than close friends who kissed sometimes, but don't worry he's as queer as Christmas and so therefore she was single and yea, but decided she would have plenty of time to explain her relationship to Jeremy.

"Well you're here-"

"You must be Chris," Marcie said, always to the point. She held out her hand and he shook it. "And since Rae is so rude-" pointed glare in the redhead's direction "-I guess I'll introduce the entourage. I'm Marcena, but you can call me Marcie. This is Jeremy and Lucy and Max and Jazzy and Gert."

"Mmm," he nodded and looked to Rae, what could be a plea in his eyes. Just then, another couple walked in.

"You wanna get that, Chris?" she asked helpfully. He mumbled something like 'yea' and took off.

"He's kinda awkward," Lucy said.

"A bit. What do you guys want to drink?"

"Oh, nothing, Dear," Jeremy said. "We were on out way out to Mexican food and really actually came in to see if you wanted anything. But, Dear God that ass is worth it."


"So what is this party for?" Rachel asked as they were cleaning up.

"Uhm, I... it's for me," he said awkwardly.

"Well, gee, thanks for being so specific. You know, Chris, I like how you're never vague-"

"I graduated," he interrupted.

"Okay...?" she prompted.

"Look my family has... graduated... from the same- uhm- academy- for like centuries. Generations. And I graduated. And so they're throwing me a party." He shrugged.

"Thank you," Rae said with a huff. "What should I wear to this party?"

"Shit, I dunno, I'm not a girl."

Rae glared at him. "Can I just go in this," she asked, gesturing towards her black skinnies and white shirt. "Or do I need to wear a dress?"

He looked her up and down and then nodded. "A dress."

She put a hand to her face. "Okay, let's try this again. What are you gonna wear?"

"A tux?"

"Okay, so then it's a black tie event. See? That wasn't so hard. I'll wear a damn dress."

"I just told you you needed to wear a dress!"

"Yes, but not every dress is the same. Should I wear a sun dress or a cocktail dress or a gown or a nun's habit? All these things need to be taken into account so I don't look like an idiot."

Chris shook his head. "Women."
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Anna Sun by Walk the Moon
Oh My by Gin Wigmore
Something in the Air by Tom Petty