Sequel: Shameless
Status: COMPLETE! :)

My Sweet 16

"You will always be my sweet 16..." ~ Sweet 16, Green Day.

When Jack gets a new fuck-buddy, Alex is prepared well in advance, cause he knows what Jack is like after a 'break-up' - drinking and impossible to predict mood swings.

But what Alex isn't prepared for is his feelings, which get weirder.

A/N: I only own my OCs, Freya, who appears in chapters 1 & 2, and Trixi, who appears very briefly in chapter 9.
  1. Sweet 16.
    "You will always be my sweet 16..." ~ Sweet 16, Green Day.
  2. Fell For You.
    "I had a dream where I kissed your lips and it felt so true..." ~ Fell For You, Green Day.
  3. Oh Love.
    "Tonight my heart's on the loose..." ~ Oh Love, Green Day.
  4. Drunk.
    "I wanna be drunk when I wake up..." ~ Drunk, Ed Sheeran.
  5. Smells Like Teen Spirit.
    "I feel stupid and contagious / here we are now, entertain us..." ~ Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nivana.
  6. Lost It All.
    "Then I lost it all / Dead and broken / My back's against the wall..." ~ Lost It All, Black Veil Brides.
  7. Ten.
    "You would have all the love in my heart..." ~ Ten, Yellowcard.
  8. Hello, Brooklyn.
    "Everybody knows there's a party at the end of the world..." ~ Hello, Brooklyn, All Time Low.
  9. Get Down On Your Knees, And Tell Me You Love Me.
    "I've been played a fool four, three, two many times..." ~ Get Love On Your Knees, And Tell Me You Love Me, All Time Low.
  10. Kiss Me Again.
    "You're more than a friend, oh. / I  knew it from the first sight, yeah. / Hold me, feel my heart beat. / Put your arms around me..." ~ Kiss Me Again, We Are The In Crowd ft. Alex Gaskarth.