Sequel: Shameless
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My Sweet 16


I watched as Jack and his fuck-buddy made-out in an "inconspicuous" corner of the room. I reached silently for the bottle of vodka that was on the table in front of Rian and Zack. Zack's hand stopped me.

I looked at him with blurry vision. His hair seemed to move of its own accord, separately from his head.

"Alex, don't you think you've had enough?" He asked.

I glanced back over to Jack and his fuck-buddy, and shook my head.

"No, give it to me." I insisted, my speech slurring.

"I think you have." Zack said, standing up.

I tilted my head and asked, "Where are you going?"

"We're going back and we're taking you with us." Rian said, standing next to Zack.

They were swaying from side to side, I noticed.

"No, don't want to." I pouted, reaching for the bottle again.

"No Alex. Stop, you're drunk enough as it is. Let's go." Rian said, pulling me up.

I scowled, "I hate you."

"No you don't, now come on." Rian replied, dragging me out of the small club we had been in.

I staggered out into the cold air. I shivered slightly before attempting to walk in a straight line. I fell over onto the hard sidewalk.

"Ow." I moaned as Rian and Zack pulled me back up and led me home.
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Something poked me.

"Ow." I mumbled into the pillow.

It poked me again.

"Quit it." I mumbled again.

"Get up Alex. You're gonna be late." They said in my ear.

I slowly cracked an eye open to see Jack's big brown ones staring at me. I gulped.

I sat up, rubbing my eyes and asking, "Why am I in our room?"

Jack sat down on the edge of the couch and answered, "You don't remember what you did?"

I shook my head, "No."

"Well, at about three o'clock this morning, you banged on the door and woke me up by shouting 'Jack, I've got something to tell you.'" He paused.

I blanched, what if I'd said what I was thinking, that I hate Holly because she's not me.

Jack looked at me before continuing, "Anyway, I invited you in and sat on the couch with you. You seemed a bit out of it, not just because you were quite obviously drunk, so I asked what was wrong. You started snuggling up to me and..."

I cuddled up to Jack? Somehow I can believe that, he's a very cuddly-sort of person.

"Yeah and then what?" I asked with apprehension.

"You fell asleep after mumbling something I didn't quite catch."

Oh thank God. It sounded like I had said something to Jack about me liking him, but he'd missed it.

"Ah, ok then. Shall we get going?" I said, standing up and cracking my shoulders. My headache was killing me.

"Here." Jack said, throwing me a bottle of water and a packet of aspirins.

I smiled, "Thanks Jacky."
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