Status: I'm working on it, this is my first story please leave comments <3


Indigo: the story of a lost girl. Dad left, Mom drinks, Angie jumped what will Lily do?
  1. One: What happened to Angie?
    Why did she jump?
  2. Two: Lily is lost
    Lily and her family is falling apart.
  3. Three: Alex to the rescue?
    Lily arrives at her new place and meets a rock star.
  4. Four: He can't know
    Lily can't hide this forever
  5. Five: Secret's out
    Lily opens up to Alex
  6. Six: Love or Lust
    Lily finds herself questioning her feelings for Alex
  7. Seven: A Dancer?
    Lily works her first night at the Cat Scratch Club
  8. Eight: A Confession
    Lily and Alex get together. I totally ship Lilex.
  9. Nine: Can't Breathe
    Alex is going on tour. Will something hold him back?
  10. Ten: He's Gone Now
    Alex leaves.
  11. Eleven: Suspicions
    What's up with Alex?
  12. Twelve: Lost Lover, Gained Friend?
    Alex cheats, Lisa and Lily start an awkward friendship.
  13. Thirteen: Lily Snaps
    Will the sailor keep her from sinking?
  14. Fourteen: Savior Sailor
    Does Alex get there in time?
  15. Fifteen: Awake
    Alex saved her, can she forgive him.
  16. Sixteen: I'm Coming With You
    Can anything keep them apart?
  17. Seventeen: On The Road
    Lily gets flirty in the car as they drive to the next venue of Warped that they will spend together.
  18. Eighteen: Over; The End
    I'm ending the story short with a knight metaphor.