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Eighteen: Over; The End

Lily’s POV
I woke up in what I assumed was Alex’s bunk, but I didn't really feel awake. My eyes kept blurring around the edges of my vision and I felt suffocated. I sat up and blindly called out. No one was here and I felt helpless. My breath hitched in my throat and I didn't know what to do. My chest tightened and it felt like someone had stuck their hand down my esophagus and ripped my lungs apart piece by piece. I clawed at the stitches around my neck and screamed painfully but nothing came out. I was losing control of my body and gave up. I laid my head back down and embraced the pain. A man wearing an awful indigo suit danced through my brain causing a migraine. I tried to take a deep breath and began choking on mucus and sorrow. The tears in my eyes dwindled; there was no point. I was once again the midnight knight. This time, I had no sword and my shield was taken by a chance gust of wind. My horse slowed; he too knowing there was no way out. I saw another knight in rusty armor approaching from the mist and overwhelming my sight with an indigo colored suit of armor. His eerie black steed galloped triumphantly as mine stood in horror. He pulled a mighty sword from his side and continued on his war path. I openly accepted my fate. He waved the weapon garishly above his head and in one fell swoop, he shattered my protective clothing and buried the glistening metal deep into my chest. When the deed was done, he simply road off into the harshly cold night and my faithful horse went home without a rider. In his saddle bag he held a message; there was one simple sentence on the parchment. “I miss you, I’m so sorry.”
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I know, I suck. I haven't written this in forever and I'm just not feeling it anymore. I pulled a John Green and killed my main character. This is the final chapter to my not-that-great fan-fic. Love you all, thank you for reading. - Jordan