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The Story of the Unforgiven, Fallen Angels

BOTDF and BVB tour together. Andy has just been dumped by Juliet and is trying to heal his broken heart but who is this mysterious tall, dark and handsome man who keeps invading his thoughts, and why does Andy keep thinking of him. Jayy is just enjoying the single life he isn't looking for love, but fate has a different idea. (Rated for language)

For the purpose of my story I've added another gay guy I love and turned 5 previously straight guys either bisexual or completely gay.

Just a reminder: this is a work of complete FICTION, none of this happened in real life and probably never will.

I'm not going to do the lame intros of characters, I don't really wanna waste my time with that. Really if you found my story you should already know all about the people in this story.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!

A/N: CoverArt is NOT by me, it's a creation I asked FallenCreature to make for me. Check out her other covers on DeviantArt, her user name is ~We-Are-The-Unholy.
  1. Prologue - New Head-Liners and A New Tour
    How It All Begins...
  2. Chapter 1 — Unbroken 
    The Tour Begins...
  3. Chapter 2 — Déjà Vu
    Part 2 of Chapter 1
  4. Chapter 3 - Lovestruck
    First Show...
  5. Chapter 4 — Rebel Love Song
    Ashley and Dahvie Step in when it's clear their best friends are in pain.
  6. Chapter 5 — Nirvana
    Finally Together
  7. Chapter 6 — I Am Bulletproof
    Accidents happen and questions are asked..
  8. Chapter 7 — Songwriting
    Compromise is the key to success
  9. Chapter 8 — Lost It All
    Performing together for the first time
  10. Chapter 9 — Wedding Jitters
    Bad dreams and comforting
  11. Chapter 10 — Love Isn't Always Fair [Part 1]
    Know when to stop asking questions...
  12. Chapter 10 — Love Isn't Always Fair [Part 2]
    Part 2 of Chapter 10
  13. Chapter 11 — The Right to Love!
    Is this really a surprise to anyone?
  14. Chapter 12 — Done For You
    Jayy has a huge surprise for Andy. Wonder what it could be?
  15. Chapter 13 — Lose Control
    An ex shows up and Jayy takes a stand.
  16. Chapter 14 — The Loving Dead
    OMG... What the *** was he thinking?
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  18. Chapter 15 — Fights & Facing Your Fears
    Kinda just a filler chapter
  19. Chapter 16 — Wedding Planning
    Yay happiness.
  20. Chapter 17 — It's Happening!
    The day you've all been waiting for...
  21. Chapter 18 — Where's My Wonderland?
  22. Chapter 19 — Worlds Away
  23. A/N
  24. Chapter 20 — Mistakes & Apologies
    Ashley made a mistake months ago that affects Jayy, Andy, Dahvie and Haley
  25. Chapter 21 - Vegas Baby!