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Not for Long

Kellin is the new kid in town. He has alot of family problems. He runs into Vic at school and is star struck.

Vic has lived in San Degio his whole life. He meets the boy of his dreams and is to afraid to admit it to himself.

I don't own:
Vic Fuentes
Kellin Quinn
Jaime Preciado
Mike Fuentes
Tony Perry

Some parts may be triggering. Some parts may have sexual content.

Everything in this fanfiction is made up.

  1. First Day
    kellin's p.o.v
  2. Accidents
    kellin's p.o.v
  3. Growing Close
    vic's p.o.v
  4. Going Out
    vic's p.o.v and kellin's p.o.v
  5. Making Plans
    Kellin's p.o.v
  6. Promises to Keep
    vic's p.o.v
  7. Today's a Good Day
    Vics p.o.v
  8. Secrets
    Kellin's p.o.v
  9. Almost First Kiss
    Vic's P.O.V
  10. Fun and Games
    Kellin's P.O.V
  11. Band Practice
    Vic's P.O.V
  12. Pizza
    Kellin's P.O.V
  13. Adventure
    Vic's P.O.V