Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

Magnolia or Maggie

Her name is Magnolia May O'Dowd. She's eighteen years old and she was born and raised in London, England. She's also the first girl I can say I would willing give up my band for to be with. I would drop everything in my life and run away with her if she would let me. I love her with every bone in my body. The problem is she's off limits, and we can't be together. Magnolia May O'Dowd or as I call her Maggie, her father Preston O'Dowd the head of Modest management, and well Modest is who is in charge of me and the rest of the lads in One Direction.

The first day I saw Magnolia was the day after Simon Cowell told One Direction that we were going to be signed even though we lost the X Factor. I remember walking into the huge building and being shuffled into Mr. O'Dowds office. When we walked in there he was in the middle of talking to this girl with beautiful dark brown hair that went to the middle of her back. The second he saw us he introduced us her. He told us that was his prized procession. That he would give up anything in the world to make sure she had everything. He then went on to tell us that nobody would ever be good enough for. As he told us this I watch Magnolia fair skin turned a rosy pink with embarrassment. I knew at the moment even though I wasn't allowed to love her that I would any way.
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Magnolia's outfit

I decided to start another drabble but this time instead of original story it's gonna be a Liam story. This idea came to me and I thought instead of trying to make this super long and probably dragged out that I might as well write small chapters as they come to me.

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