Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

Should of thought twice

I stood in front of Mr. O'Dowd office door feeling like I was waiting to die. I knew I was crazy for wanting to tell Mr. O'Dowd about our relationship, but I also knew that I love Magnolia so I'm welling to do anything to be with her.

I was about to reach for the door nob when I heard foot steps behind me. I turned around found Magnolia walking very quickly towards me. She stopped next to me and took a deep breath slightly parting her pale pink lips. “I want to be there with you,” she said reach down and lacing her cold fingers with mine.

“Thank you,” I said reaching for the door nob with my free hand.

As the door flung open I dropped Magnolia's hand. I didn't want the first thing Mr. O'Dowd saw to be me and Magnolia holding hands. Magnolia gave me a reassuring smile as we walked towards her father's desk.

“Magnolia, what are you doing here with Liam?” her dad asked sounding very confused.

“Erm daddy, I need to tell you something,” Magnolia said sounding nervous.

“What is it Magnolia, and why is Liam Payne here with you?” Mr. O'Dowd said standing up from his over sized office chair.

“Mr. O'Dowd I want to tell you I'm in love with your daughter,” I said finally speaking up.

“How can you two be in love you barely know each other?” Mr. O'Dowd said raising his eyebrow and sounding matter a factly.

“See the thing is Mr. O'Dowd is that I've been with Magnolia for quiet some time,” I said staring at him trying read his reaction.

“So you've been dating my daughter behind my back, even after I told you she was off limits?” he said crossing his arms and sounding quiet annoyed.

“Yes Mr. O'Dowd, but the only reason was because I knew from the moment saw her I knew was in love with her.”

Maggie reached down and grabbed my hand letting me know she was standing by me no matter what. “Daddy I want you to know I'm also in love with Liam, and we didn't want to hide our relationship from you, but we knew you would approve.”

“Magnolia whatever this relationship is with Liam it's now over,” He said sitting back down in his oversized desk chair and sound calm for some reason. “And Liam I suggest you leave now, before I end your career.” I looked over at Magnolia and watched as tears started to slide down her cheeks. “I would also like to state if I found out that you are still together from here on out Magnolia May O'Dowd I will send you to Scottland to live with your grandparents, and Liam I will end One Direction.” I felt my heart drop. My genius idea to tell Mr. O'Dowd that I love his daughter ended up destorying our relationship.

“Daddy,” Magnolia said as she started to sob.
“Liam you can leave now,” he said pointing to the door.

I felt like I wasn't in control of my body all the sudden because I didn't even think about it my legs just started moving towards the door, leaving Magnolia and Mr. O'Dowd behind me. How much I wanted to stay and fight for Maggie I knew I really couldn't. If I tired to convince Mr. O' Dowd to that I should be with his daughter he wouldn't only ruin my career he said he would ruin the boys careers too, I had no right to be that selfish. So I just kept walking and we hope home.
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Mr. O'Dowd might of ruined things for good.

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