Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

Kissing her neck

It had been three days since Maggie’s fight with her father, and I finally got her to agree to go out to lunch with me. Ever since she moved in she told me she would rather stay in our flat and watch flims then go outside and face the paps.

I walked into our room to find her staring in the mirror messing with her long dark brown hair. “I seriously hate my hair,” she said looking over at me. “It’s nothing but a bloody tangled messed,” she sighed taking her fingers out of her hair.

“Maggie your hair looks beautiful,” I said walking up behind her and wrapping my arms around her small waist.

“It’s far from beautiful,” she said as I watched her roll her eyes in the mirror.

“Why don’t you put in in a ponytail if it’s bugging you so much?” I said before pressing a light kiss on the top of her head. “I love when you wear your hair up, it means I get to see your lovely neck,” smiled pulling her to one side of her neck so I could press my lips to the base of her neck. She closed her eyes and tilted her head to the side to give me more access to kiss her pale skin. “I could stand her kissing your neck forever, but I think we should head out to grab a bite to eat,” I smiled as my lips brushed against her skin as I spoke.

“Alright I’ll just put my hair up in a ponytail.” I sat on the edge of out bed as I watched her pull her hair up. She turned around and gave me a smile. “I’m ready.”

“Let’s go,” I said walking over to her and lace my fingers with hers.

We walked outside and decided that we were just going to walk up to the shopping center not too far from our flat. As we arrived at the shopping center I was happy to see that there weren’t a million paps around waiting to flash their cameras. We walked over to a café and were lucky enough to be seated quickly.

As we sat down staring at our menus trying to figure out what to order Magnolia cleared her throat and stared at me, “what do you think my dad’s going to do when he sees picture of us out together?” she asked me the question I honestly didn’t have the answer to.

“Babe I honestly don’t know,” I said reaching across the table and lacing my fingers with Maggie’s.

“I don’t want him to kick you out of One Direction,” she said looking down at the table. “I mean I could never live with myself if he did.”

“Maggie do not worry about it,” I said trying my hardest to make her feel better. “The lads and I have a meeting with him this week coming up, and if he says anything about you I try to get him to understand how much you mean to me.”

“Alright,” she said quietly.

“Maggie I love you,” I said giving her a smile letting her know that everything is gonna be okay.

“I love you too Liam,” she said giving me a small smile.
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Magnolia's outfit

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