Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

How is Magnolia?

I stood in my living room I shared with Maggie staring at her as she sat on our gray couch that was in our living room staring at some random magazine. I didn’t want to remind her I was going to a meeting with her dad. I honestly hoping she had forgot all about it, because I knew she would be a proper mess waiting for me to get home.

“Babe I’m heading out,” I said pulling my denim jacket over my black hoodie.

“Alright, please call me if he does anything,” she said looking up at me with a worried look on his face. I could tell she was trying to act calm, but on the inside she was freaking out.

“Love don’t worry I will,” I said walking towards her, and pressed my lips lightly to hers. I gave her a smile and said, “Maggie I love you and I’ll see you to.” I walked towards the door.

“I love you too,” she said as I walked out the door.

I walked outside to find Zayn waiting for me in his car. “Thanks for picking me up,” I said getting into the passenger seat.

“No problem mate,” he said starting up his car. “Was Maggie worried about you going to this meeting?” he asked.

“Of course she was,” I said scratching the back of my neck. “I can’t lie I’m even worried about this meeting. I mean what if he kicks me out or, what if he bringing us in to tell us that One Direction is over,” I asked starting to become a proper mess myself.

“Payno don’t worry Simon isn’t going to let Mr. O’Dowd kick you out or end us,” Zayn said trying to make me feel better, but nothing was going to make me feel better at this moment. “Also me and the rest of the lads have already agreed we will not let him kick you out.

We arrived and found Niall, Louis, and Harry waiting for us in the lobby. “Don’t worry Liam everything is going to be fine,” Harry said patting me on the back.

“Yeah Liam nothing is going to happen,” Niall said sounding not as cheery as he normally is.

“Um Mr. Payne I hate to interrupt, but Mr. O’Dowd has requested to speak to you first,” the blonde at the front desk said. I felt my heart drop at the mention of speaking to me alone.

“He’s not going in alone,” Louis said. “Mr. O’Dowd talks to all of us or none of us,” he stated firmly.

The blonde just stared at us blankly looking like she wasn’t sure what she should say to us. “Annie its okay, all of you can come in,” Mr. O’Dowd said walking towards us. “Come on boys.”

All five of us followed behind Mr. O’Dowd and walked into his office. “Please sit down all of you,” he said in his normal calm tone. We all sat down on the two couches that were in front of his desk. “Since you’re all here I still want to talk to Liam first,” my stomach knotted at the mere mention of my name.

“Yes sir,” I said sitting down next to Louis.

Mr. O’Dowd stared at me for a long moment before he finally said, “Liam how is Magnolia?”

“Erm she sad and hurt, but other than that she’s fine,” I said hoping that was what I was supposed to tell him.

“I never meant for thing to go the way they did,” I could tell by his voice he was truly sadden by his actions. “Liam thank you for taking care of her.”

“Mr. O’Dowd you should really try to talk to her.”

“I would honestly like that,” he said running his finger through his hair. “I was wrong about you Liam you actually seem to truly care about her,” he paused for a moment. “That only reason I was so against you two being against each other was because I didn’t want her to fall for you and then have you just break her heart. I honestly didn’t know you care for her like you do.” I was shocked at what he was saying.

“Mr. O’Dowd I truly am madly in love with Maggie,” I stated.

“I now see that,” he said. “Okay now that we talked about that, now let talk about the rest of you,” he said changing the subject. “You guys leave in a month for your next tour, because try not to cause in any scandals please just keep doing what you’re doing.”

I couldn’t believe how well the meeting had gonna I couldn’t wait to tell Maggie that her father was fine with us being together. The moment the meeting was over Zayn drove me home and I rushed up to Maggie to tell her the good news. I opened the door quickly and pretty much ran into our bedroom to find her lying in on our bed sound asleep.

“Babe wake up I have good news,” I said shaking her lightly.

“What?” she asked with a yawn.

“Your dad has accepted that we’re together,” I said before I couldn’t help myself and pressed my lips to hers.

“Liam,” she said pulling away smiling. “What happened?” she asked confused.

“He told me that he doesn’t care were together he only cares that you’re happy,” I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into my chest. “Your dad asked if you guys could talk.”

“I would like that,” she said with a smile.
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It's been along time, but there's only like one or two more chapters left.

After this story I'm moving on to a Harry story. This story will also have some Liam and Maggie in it.

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