Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

I can't help but smile

I sat on our bed we shared as I watched Maggie pace in front of me as she talked to her father on the phone. How much I was happy that her and her father were talking again, and fixing their relationship, I really hoped that she planned on still living with me.

"Alright daddy I love you," she said with a smile on her face before hanging up the phone.

"What did he have to say?" I asked as she slid back onto to the bed to sit next to me.

She just smiled and pressed her lips to mine. We moved our lips together for a moment before she pulled away with a smile on her face. "He said that he is sorry that he tried to break us up, and that he is fine with us being together as long as you don't break my heart."

"So everyone can know we're together now?" I asked smiling.

She still had that same large smile on her face as she pressed her lips lightly to mine again for a short kiss. She pulled away and said, "if you want to tell everyone you can now."

My heart was racing at just the fact that I didn't have to hide the fact that
I was in love with Magnolia O'Dowd. I could run up to the roof top and scream that she was my girlfriend and I loved her, if I wanted.

"You know the press is going to go crazy that we're dating?" she said resting her head again my shoulder. "I'm going to have to get used to everyone in your fandom hating me."

"Don't let them get to you," I said resting my head on top of hers. "I would suggest you don't get a Twitter," I said with a small laugh.

"I don't plan on it," she said with a quiet laugh.

I couldn't help but enjoy this moment of us just being happy. That we no longer had anything to hide. That this relationship could be know to everyone. We could finally go out to a romantic dinner. That Maggie could finally pick me up from the airport when I came home from traveling. That when I finally get to see her when I come home, I can kiss her in front of everybody.

"I hope you still plan on living with me," I said grabbing her hand and lacing my finger with hers.

"Only with you want me too."

"I wouldn't want it any other way," it looked like was going to be getting my happily ever after with Magnolia O'Dowd after all.
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So Magnolia and Liam's story has come to an end, but they'll be showing up in Harry's story the perfect Perfect Mistake.

I'm sorry if took so long for this story to end. I truly loved writing Maggie and Liam's story. I should be updating Harry's story pretty soon.

If you want to another Liam story I'm working on another one called Only Pity. I'm on chapter 4 of that story, it's another Drabble type story.

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