Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

You have to stop liking her.

Since the moment I bumped in Maggie I couldn't stop thinking about her. I had the hardest time focusing when I was hanging out with the lads because my thoughts would go to Maggie.

"Oi Liam are you even paying attention," Harry said shaking my shoulder.

"Yeah sorry mate."

"What in the bloody hell are you thinking about?" Harry asked turning the Manchester game.

"I can't stop thinking about Maggie," I said almost with a sigh.

"Is Maggie Mr. O'Dowd's daughter Magnolia?"

"Yeah," I said hesitantly. I knew that was about to get an earful from Harry about falling for the boss' daughter.

"Are you mental Liam?" I could hear the concern in his voice. "You know you can't like her mate, Mr. O'Dowd has told us before Magnolia is off limits." I watched him run his fingers through his curly. I could tell be was concerned for me.

"Yeah I know I'm mental but I can't help it."

"You have to stop liking her," he said standing up.

"I'm gonna try," I was lying, I had no intention of losing my feelings for her.