Sequel: Perfect Mistake
Status: This is my first One Direction drabble

Prized Flower

Leaving because of a commercial

I hated when I would have a meeting Mr. O'Dowd, I always had this terrifying feeling that some how he knew about me and his daughter, and that he was going to kick me out of One Direction or he was going to drop all of us.

We were called into his office today to tell us that we were going to be flying to America to film a Pepsi commercial. I sat on the three seater couch on the far left next to Niall. I sat there shaking my leg feeling nervous. I listened to Mr. O'Dowd trying to keep my mind on what he was saying. I couldn't wait for this meeting to just be over already, so this nervous feeling would just leave my stomach.

"So you boys will be flying out of Heathrow in two day, and will be in America for five days," Mr O'Dowd said standing up and stretching.

"Alright," Harry said standing up.

"Okay boys I'll see you when you get back to London."

"Alright Mr. O'Dowd," Niall said with a smile. I knew he was smiling because he's excited that we're going to be filming a commercial.

"Okay I'm sorry I have to rush off, but I've got dinner plans with Magnolia and the Mrs., and neither of them will be to keen on me being late." I felt the knot in my stomach grow just at the mention of Magnolia's name.

"Have a nice dinner sir." Zayn said standing up and giving him a smile.

I was really hoping that Mr. O'Dowd wouldn't tell Maggie about us going to America, I was hoping that I would be able to tell her. I knew she wouldn't care about me going, but I still wanted to be the one to tell her.
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So it's been awhile, I'm not even sure why.

Let me know what you guys think of Liam and Maggie.