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A Blessing or a Curse

Chapter Twenty Five: Casa De Desajustados

Chapter Twenty Four: Casa De Desajustados

The forty minute car ride consisted of Alabaster saying corny, romantic shit, Ashelle giggling and blushing and Valentino’s awful, off-beat singing and irritating remarks. I came up with twenty-seven different ways to commit suicide in that car ride.
“We’re here!” Alabaster announced getting out from the back seat, running to the other side to open the door for Ashelle.
I let myself out from the passenger’s seat and tugged on my white shorts trying to bring them down. They were two years old, and my ass had gotten bigger since I was 14.

Ashelle squealed as Alabaster threw her over his broad shoulders and smacked her butt lightly walking over to the last house to the right of the little neighborhood. My eyes were glued to the center one though. The one I spent the night cuddled in Carter’s arms so comfortably. I let out a sad sigh and kicked a rock with my flip flops. I missed him.

It was the same last time I saw it. The uneven and mismatching colored logs still there, alongside the crooked roof and the rocking chair with the tattered, old red blanket on it. I half expected to see Carter come out of his humble home and greet me with a kiss and open arms. But he wouldn’t.

“Come on cunhada.” Valentino nudged me gently nodding his head toward Carter’s cabin.
“What you call me?” I demanded, a little more attitude in my tone than I intended.
He just smirked and chuckled. “Let’s go.” He began walking toward Carter’s small cabin.
“Where are you going?” I turned to Ashelle and Alabaster direction. They had just entered the last cabin out of the six to the right. “Shouldn’t we go with them?”
“Nah, let them fuck by themselves.” Valentino shrugged continuing to walk.
I felt my face turn red and anger rise up in my chest. “She’s still a virgin! She can’t meet him and fuck him on the same damn day! She’s not mature enough for it yet! Not physically, emotionally or mentally!”
Valentino stopped and turned to me an amused smirk on his lips. God, how I wanted to smack that off right off his face. “Relax cunhada, I’m kidding. Alabaster wouldn’t do that…just yet. I figured we’d give them some time to themselves.”
“Stop calling me that.” I grumbled following him to the front porch.
Before he opened the door to Carter’s home he turned to face me. “How would you feel being around one of Carter’s ex’s?”
My face went pale and my stomach dropped. “What…”
Valentino chuckled nervously. “Um, this will be interesting.”
We entered into the cabin which automatically led to the living room, my heart pacing at an abnormal rate. God, please make her ugly.
On the brown couch that doesn’t match the other of Carter’s living room were 3 girls, Catalina and two blonde ones speaking but suddenly stopped and turned their attention toward me and Valentino.

“Oh, hey Lolita!” Catalina was the first to break the awkward silence and got up and kissed both my cheeks. “Whatcha doing here?”
“Babysitting.” Valentino shrugged.
I rolled my eyes. “My friend uh, came here with her new mate to spend time with him and I just tagged along.”
“Who’s her mate?” one of the two jaw-dropping gorgeous blondes asked. She had a British accent. That was totally unfair; she was beautiful and had a British accent.
“Alabaster.” I said somewhat shyly tucking a frizzy, curly strand of hair behind my ear self-consciously.
She gasped. “Oh my God!” her sparkling blue eyes popping out of her head “My brother has a mate!”
“Have mercy on the poor girl.” The other blonde who was beyond gorgeous chuckled. This one had an accent too. It was really faint, but you could just make it out. An Italian one?
What the fuck was up with all these model-like girls with sexy accents? I faked a smile and rubbed my arm awkwardly.
“I’m going to go meet her. Valentino come with me.” the blue-eyed girl got up grabbing Valentino’s arm. She turned to me and flashed a perfect smile “I’m Camillia by the way. Nice to finally meet you…Lolita.”
Then it was just me, Catalina and the other blonde. “So your Carter’s new girlfriend?” the blonde girl asked.
I had a feeling she was the ex.
Catalina harrumphed awkwardly and shifted uncomfortably. I just meekly nodded and forced another uncomfortable smile.
“He’s a great guy. You’re lucky. I’m happy for you two.” I kind of got the vibe that her words were disingenuous but I ignored them and forced another fake smile yet again. “I’m Estella by the way.”
“Lolita.” I introduced myself.
“I know.” She smiled.
Her smile was so fucking perfect and so was she. She was tall, at least 5’8, maybe taller, towering over my 5’3 height. She honestly looked like a Scandinavian goddess. Perfect light blonde hair that bounced down to her unfairly large bust and flawless, without a scar or blemish in sight, sun-kissed skin that seemed to glow and she had bright, misty green eyes that were adorned in thick, long black eyelashes. Her body was just as perfect as her hair and skin; a large bust, at least a high C-cup that traveled down to a tiny waist and got bigger when it came to her round, firm and perfect ass. She was the girl you saw on the cover of magazines and on Runways.

Please, do not be Carter’s ex.

Even her outfit was flawless. She was wearing a tight, blue Superman V-neck tee-shirt that was tied at the bottom so you could see the very bottom of her silver belly ring and her toned stomach with ripped black denim shorts that stopped at her accessory-adorned wrist and white gladiator sandals. How could she manage to wear something so casual but look so perfect?
I never felt so humiliated and intimidated before. This girl was a supermodel.
“When Carter spoke about you I didn’t expect to see a girl like you.” She said.
‘Can I punch this bitch now or later?’ I thought to myself.

I looked down at myself. I was just wearing white shorts and a black bikini top from the pool earlier and flip-flops. My hair was in a loose, messy bun and I had sunglasses on my head and I wasn’t wearing makeup. And here I stood looking as bad as ever in front of Carter’s possibly ex-girlfriend.
“What do you mean?” I demanded through gritted teeth. I didn’t mean to, but I just did.
“Oh just…I don’t know I didn’t expect a girl. You know what I mean?” she shrugged with a simple smile.
“Um…no actually I don’t.”
“Well Carter never dated girls. He dates women. You know 18 and up.” She shrugged again. “Women in college, getting jobs, a degree, all that jazz. How old are you anyway?”
What the fuck? Carter’s nineteen, not thirty! He still has the word teen in his name. Why did he have to date women? He’s barely a man himself.
I debated lying to her, but if she found out the truth I’d just embarrass myself anyway. “Sixteen.”
Her eyes almost bulged out of her head and she chuckled lightly. “Wow…well I guess it doesn’t really matter when it’s your mate, huh?”
I just shrugged. “Guess not.” What could I say to shut her up? “But on the bright side, I’ll age slower and be younger longer and live an extra year or two then most of the women he’s been with. I mean say he dated a twenty year old, when she’s forty I’ll only be thirty-six and probably hotter.”
“Oh, I don’t think it’d be that much of drastic difference.”
“Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.” I shrugged.
“Oh well…Carter’s lucky.” She eyed me up and down. “You’re very cute.”
After that there was serious tension in the air. Catalina cleared her throat again awkwardly. “Lolita, have you ever had Brazilian empanadas?”
I just shook my head.
“Well I have like eight left in the kitchen, would you like to try it?” she offered with a smile.
I just shrugged and smile.

Eating the empanadas in the kitchen did not help the tension in the air to be honest, but the chewing kept our mouths busy so that helped, almost. It gave us a reason not to talk.
“So how come you didn’t go with Carter to Brazil?” Estella asked after wiping her mouth with a napkin.
Brazil. So that’s where he was.
“Shut up!” Catalina hissed and shoved her lightly.
Estella shot Catalina a lethal glare. “What?” Estella demanded her tone as bitter as can be.
“He went to Brazil...” I mumbled and started playing with a loose strand of hair. Damn, all the way to South America.
“D-…did you not know?” Estella gave me a questioningly look, a hint of a smirk on her lips.
I looked up at her down at the floor without answering. He went all the way to Brazil. To be honest I thought he’d still stay in New York, maybe somewhere in New Jersey the farthest, but he went below the equator to get space from me. I knew his intention wasn’t to hurt me but that still felt like a stab in the heart for some reason.

All of the sudden my chest felt heavy and it was getting much harder to breathe. My stomach twisted in knots and I felt bile start to rise up my esophagus; the empanadas returning to the outside world. My hands became sweaty and my head was pounding. I bit my lip and let out my bun to run my hand through my hair.
I mean he went to Brazil…why was it bothering me so much. He’s Brazilian; he might’ve gone to visit family. But why did this kill me?

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. “I need to step outside for a moment, excuse me.” I got up from the wooden chair and stumbled outside and let out a shaky breath.
Why did this bother me so much? He was gone to Brazil? So what? I knew he left to somewhere…why did it matter so much where? What’s happening to me? Life was just a big confusing mess all the time, nowadays.
I sat on the porch steps my face toward the sun and eyes closed taking in the UV rays. I slowly inhaled and exhaled trying to calm down my racing heart.
Just then I heard the door open behind me and I didn’t need to turn around to tell who it was. Her scent is probably engraved in my memory. Her perfect scent of tulips and Chanel perfume hit my nostrils making my face scrunch up.
“You okay?” her voice was slightly hesitant.

I didn’t answer. Her concern for my well-being was probably insincere. I just wanted the bitch to disappear. I wanted her airways to go narrow and for her to choke on all the dick she’s probably sucked and the cum she’s probably swallowed, fucking slut.
I heard her sigh and take a step toward me and sat down beside me. I kept my eyes on my light-pink toenails and focused on evening out my heartbeat and breathing.
“I’m sorry for being such a bitch.” She began “I’m just a bitter ex that’s all.”
So it’s been confirmed. Ms. Cum Swallowing Probably Fake Huge Tits Barbie is Carter’s ex.
Damn him. That man will be the freaking death of me.

“I suppose…” was I all I cared to say.
“Oh come on Lolita. If you’ve been dating a guy 3 years, a whole 3 years and the relationship was perfect, he loved you, you loved him- the whole High School Sweetheart thing- a guy you’d die for! They guy who took your virginity…something you swore you’d save for the man you’d marry…” her voice trailed off and cracked at the last word ‘marry’ “You’d be upset if he dumped you out of the blue for another girl. A girl he hasn’t known for more than a few months. You’d be crushed.”
Oh my God, I’m a horrible person. I opened my mouth to say something but she cut me off. “Look, I’m sure you aren’t trying to hear my whole life story but uh, I’m sorry for being such a mean person to you. I’m just a little heartbroken that’s all.”
“I’m sorry.” I didn’t know much else to say. “Carter’s a jerk sometimes. I’m sorry that he just dumped you for me.’
She breathed out a laugh. “He is a dick at times, isn’t he?”
I looked up at her a small smile on my lips, and one on hers as well. “Carter’s my true love. You’ll find yours soon enough. You’ve just got to wait. And to be honest…it isn’t all that much of a fairytale anyways. At least my life isn’t.”
“Carter has that ability.” She mumbled in a sigh. “To make life much more difficult than necessary. But he can be a real Prince Charming too sometimes.”
I sighed and ran a hand through my knotted mess of hair. “Are you, Catalina, Alabaster, Valentino, and the other blonde girl…I forget her name…”
“Yeah, her…are you guys like a mini pack? Of rogues.”
“Something like that.” She shrugged. “There are more of us. Liam and Rebecca too, they’re fraternal twins and from Ireland. And then there is Anelle, she’s from Libya and her mate Emmett. But that’s it, just us 8. A band of misfits.”
“How’d you guys meet? You’re all from all over the world.” I asked.
“Well, It was just Carter and Val at first, they went rogue and started moving place to place throughout the country and they found Alabaster, after that Carter found me in Queens, New York and we hit it off, I hated my pack and then I joined them. After that the twins Liam and Becca, they had just come from Ireland met us and joined then last summer we went to vacation in England we met Camilla! Catalina came from Brazil to stay with her cousin Carter and decided to stay and Anelle and Emmett were old friends of Becca and Liam took them in when their packs banished them.” Estella explained.
“We all have different reasons why we got kicked out or ran away from pack life, it’s not my place to tell you or anyone though.”
“I get it.” I understood that, it wasn’t my business.

After that small talk with Estella, we returned inside and me, her and Catalina just talked about their childhoods in Italy and Brazil. Soon Valentino and Camilla joined us and we just goofed off and talked some more. I actually felt apart and welcome of their little “band of misfits”. More than I ever truly felt with my pack.

“Father forgive me, for I have sinned…” Valentino began.
“Go on my child.” The rest of us said.
We were playing a confession game and so far we’ve learned some pretty embarrassing and hilarious things about one another.
“One time, while I was jerking off to porno, I stumbled across this one video and I thought it was a butch dyke sucking some guy…but then after I nutted all over the place like crazy the guy was about to go down on the dyke…and apparently the dyke had a dick…and the dyke was a guy…” he shook his head shamefully “I jerked off to gay porn.”
We all burst into laughter. “I’m judging you.” Camilla giggled.
“I can’t wait to tell Al and C about that!” Catalina clutched her stomach in laughter.
“No! Don’t! They’ll never let me live that down!” Valentino shot up and gave Catalina a pleading look.
I started laughing even harder.
“Never let you live what down?” a deep voice that belonged to Alabaster asked.
He and Ashelle were walking into Carter’s living room hand-in-hand with goofy smiled on their faces.
“Nothing!” Valentino stood up giving Catalina, Estella, Camilla and I death glares “Nothing at all.”
Alabaster shrugged and wrapped and arm around Ashelle. “I’ll find out eventually most likely.”
“C’mon Loli, Al is gunna take us home.” Ashelle said.
After saying our goodbyes we made it to Alabaster’s old Chevy pick-up truck.
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