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A Blessing or a Curse

Chapter Twenty Seven: Sinful Temptations

Chapter Twenty Seven: Sinful Temptations

That night it was impossible to sleep. I tried calling Ashelle but she wouldn’t pick up. I don’t blame her. At 1:00 am people are usually asleep. But I really needed someone to vent to. I would just wait until the next morning I suppose.
The next morning I woke up from about two hours of a restless sleep at 8 in the morning. I fell out of bed and walked practically like a zombie to the shower. I could’ve chosen to stay in bed but I decided against it. I might as well get up now since I won’t get any sleep either way.

The hot water helped soothe my aching muscles and pounding headache. I washed my hair with my coconut scented Keratin shampoo and my body with vanilla scented body wash and my womanhood with Summer’s Eve Delicate blossom. In the middle of my shower I heard something fall in my room. My wolf immediately perked up and whimpered. I shut off the water and brought a towel around my torso covering my body.

Then it hit me; the smell.

The faint chocolaty smell with a woodsy hint in it.
The smell that drove me freaking crazy and had the power to put me on my knees.
My mate’s smell.

I ran out of my bathroom and into my bedroom to see Carter clumsily shoving a stack of papers into the drawer of my desk. “Fuck…” he cussed under his breath.
When I saw him my wolf was literally jumping for joy in me. My eyes began to water instantly and my lower lip quivered. “Carter?” I choked out.

He looked up and gave me a dazzling smile, his golden eyes sparkling and gave me once over. His teeth looked even whiter compared to his brand new tan, I’m assuming he got from the blazing sun of Brazil. He was practically glowing, as if he had a halo. His hair was grown out longer, the sides that were usually shaved now held short hairs and the longer hairs on top of his head were to longer and wilder and he had a bit facial hair. He was still drop-dead perfect either way. “Hey kitten.”

Without hesitation I bolted into his arms, wrapping them around his neck burying my face into his chest inhaling his sweet scent. “You bastard!” I cried “You selfish asshole! I hate you! Never ever leave me again, do you understand? Please never again! I was so alone and lost without you! You don’t understand. Why would you leave me here defenseless and all alone? But I’m so happy your back. Thank God. Please baby never leave me again.”
I heard him chuckle at my rant and he kissed my soaking wet forehead. “I’m sorry beautiful” he breathed in my scent. “I’m so sorry.”

I pulled away and looked up at him, my eyes still misty. He cupped my face in between his big hands and smiled down at me. “I’m back now.” He brushed some of my dripping wet brown hair out of my face. “With my princess.”
I blinked twice trying to fight back my tears of joy. My wolf was purring at his touch. “When did you get back?”
“Last night. I would’ve came but I didn’t want to bother your sleep.” he answered.
I scoffed slightly “You should’ve.” I rolled my eyes at my memory of my restless night. “I barely got three hours of sleep last night.”
“Why what happen?” he asked sitting down on my bed. I took a seat next to him and sighed.
I shrugged my shoulders and looked at my knees “I felt really lonely.” I whispered. I sounded so weak and fragile. Like a little girl without her teddy bear.
He brushed a wet strand of hair out my face again “I’m sorry kitten.” He whispered. “I’m here now though.”

I looked up from my knees and back at him a smile on my lips. “Yeah you are.” I leaned up and kissed him on the cheek.

With just that simple sign of affection a thousand electric bolts erupted throughout my body and left my heart beating fast as hell. “Want to see my report card?” I jumped up.
I grabbed it off my desk and shoved it into his hands.
He observed it with a most likely feigned interested expression but he still pretended to care. “Good job baby girl.” He grinned up at me. “That Geometry grade isn’t so hot though. I could tutor you if you want. I’ve always been good at math. The teacher should’ve just got over himself and give you the 80.”
I smile stretched over my lips. “That’s something my dad would say.” I whispered
Carter’s eyes flickered from the report card than to me and back down. “So how you been without me?”
I couldn’t help but notice how quickly he wanted to change the subject. Was it because I had mentioned my father?
I just shrugged and sat back down next to him, “Like I said…I’ve been pretty lonely. You?”
“Mutual feeling. I missed you a lot. I feel like I haven’t seen you in years.” He wrapped his hand around my waist and brought me to sit on his lap. He pressed his forehead to mine and kissed my nose. “But I must say you look so goddamn good soaking wet and in that towel.”
I blushed and bit my bottom lip and without thinking I choked out “What?”

“I said…” he pressed me harder to his body and slowly trailed his hand under my towel and gripped my outer thigh “You look so goddamn good soaking wet and in that towel. And I bet…you’d look even better without the towel.”
His minty, cool breath fanned over my face and his grip on me made my core tingle slightly and my heart beat quicken. I inhaled as deeply, but discreetly as I possibly could, his intoxicating scent that made my wolf and I lust after him with the most intense desire I had ever felt.
My mouth was left agape and my tongue tied. I was speechless and I knew if I even attempted to speak my words would come out as stammering mutters and I’d make a fool out of myself.

After a moment of my excruciating silence he just chuckled and smirked. That damn smirk, the one that had the ability to make me need to change my panties. “I don’t know how you do it kitten. But you always manage to be sexy yet adorable at the same time.”
I felt the blood rush to my cheeks once again and I let out an awkward giggle. “I-I…uh thank you.”
I knew I shouldn’t have opened my mouth.

“Maybe it’s because you’re naturally beautiful and your body is a head-turner but you’re still so innocent and inexperienced.” He shrugged “Or do you do it on purpose?”
“D-do what?” I breathed.
He smirked and brought his lips to my neck and placed a light, feathery kiss that I almost didn’t feel but sent my entire body into a suffocating heat. My wolf inside me was begging for me to lose my virginity to him right then and there, but my human had no balls or heart to do it.
“Make me so concupiscent for you.” He muttered against my skin. I felt goosebumps form across my body and a shiver go down my spine. I even had goosebumps on my…
“Concupiscent?” I had no idea what that meant.

“It’s a word I learned today. It means strong desire. A few synonyms would be…carnal…” he paused and placed a kiss on my shoulder. “Sensual…” he slowly trailed up to my neck placing four more kisses on his way. I felt the in between of my thighs slowly become moist. “Desirous…” he trailed some more, but these kisses became sloppier, all the way up to my chin and loosened his grip on my thigh but slowly began to rub up and down. “Hot…” he made his way back down to the other side of my neck and placed a light kiss again, with his tongue trailing down to the bottom of my neck. But this one was different. This sent a thousand sensations throughout my body and my wolf basically have a spasm attack and I whimpered weakly. He had found my “spot”. He smirked against the skin of my neck and sucked on it lightly and I sucked in air trying to breathe in some oxygen my lungs were obviously lacking. “Horny.”

Like the inept virgin I was when he said horny a small gasp escaped from my lips and my heart pounded violently against my rib cage.
He was so doing this on purpose. It wasn’t fair. He knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it. He did it so perfectly and he was teasing me in a way that was so unfair and immoral.
He continued to suck and kiss the spot and I bit my lip trying to hold in moans. I’d be too embarrassed if I let them out. “I think this is where I’ll mark you…” his teeth grazed the area slightly.

Instantly I pushed him away. As much as my wolf detested the sudden movements and was begging to let our mate mark and fuck us I couldn’t do that yet. I wasn’t ready just yet. I stumbled backward out of his lap and falling ass down on the floor. “I-I…I-I’m n–no-not ready for th-that just yet Carter…” he stammered ashamed.

“It’s okay Lolita.” He pulled me back to my feet and placed me on my bed next to him. “I’m not pressuring you into anything. Whenever you’re ready, I’m ready. I’ll wait for you.”
I just nodded and looked back at my knees. “I can’t help myself. I’m sorry. You just make me want to sin so badly.” He admitted shamelessly.
I blushed and looked down gripping my bottom lip with my teeth. “Feeling’s mutual…”

He laughed and ran a hand through his hair. “Go get dressed princess, I wanna take you out.”
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