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Behind My Mask

Chapter 10

With the return of Kellin, many different emotions were swirling through their heads; Jaime was angry at first, giving Kellin his best frown, but it was short lived. Jaime was too cheery of a person to stay angry at someone, especially one of his best friends. His anger had quickly turned in to happiness, that he can see his friend once again.

Tony was shocked, and just like Jaime he was angry. He had nothing to hold against Kellin, apart from the torment he had caused with his leaving, and the fact that he didn't even bother saying goodbye to him. But he could read Kellin like a book, and he could see just how much pain he himself had gone through. He just couldn't keep negative thoughts and feelings against Kellin.

Vic was the most hurt over this; he wasn't angry, just hurt. He had calmed down from his outburst and was now in the same room as everyone, with Kellin as the main spectacle.
Vic knew that it would take time for him to forgive Kellin wholeheartedly, but he knew that if he didn't he would just tear himself apart. He realized that he couldn't live without Kellin; he had tried dating other people, and had a lot of one night stands, but he just couldn't get over him.
Kellin was a steep brick wall, that was impossible to pass, that had set itself in Vic's life.

Mike motioned for Jaime and Tony to leave the room, to give the two some space, which they all knew they needed. They needed to settle this; you could call them differences, but there was almost nothing they disagreed on. They just needed each other; Kellin needed Vic's forgiveness and acceptance, and Vic needed Kellin's trust and love. That was how it was meant to be.

"Vic -" Kellin cut through the thick silence that was coating the room; it was a smothering silence that would make anyone uncomfortable.

"Why?" Vic had interrupted him; if he hadn't cried for Kellin so many times before, he was sure he would have burst then and there, but his tears were dry. There was simply nothing left.

"Why did you never contact me? Why didn't you give a proper farewell? Why did you just leave? Why did you kiss me if you were disgusted? Why did you come back? You should have known my feelings towards you; you should have known how strong they are, so tell me Kellin; why?"

Kellin tried to speak, but he felt that if he so much as uttered a word everything would break; everything that turned out to be so precious to him would crumble away.
The clock could be heard; it was growing louder and louder in Kellin's ears that he could no longer stand it. He had to say something before his sanity would slip away completely.

"I was scared, and confused" His voice could be barely heard, but in this silence and situation it was just right.

"Five years Kellin, and this is all you have to say?"

"I was a coward; I was too scared to face my problems-"
"So you're telling me that I was a problem"

"No! Vic, why would you think that?"
"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you said it was a mistake? Remember when you kissed me?"

"I remember that perfectly"
"So tell me about your problems"

"It's me, I'm the problem. I couldn't face myself for what I had done; I thought I had ruined our friendship. I couldn't bare to see you hate me, I was too scared to face that. I just happened to be lucky that I was moving away again; it was the perfect escape. But, I realized nothing good comes from trying to run away from my problems, I have to face them one day"
Vic let Kellin speak; it was the first time that Vic knew Kellin was speaking from his heart, revealing what he truly felt, and it just made him feel more important in Kellin's life.

"I don't hate you, Kellin. I hate you for leaving me, never contacting me, but I don't hate you for what you think I do"
They both cracked a smile when another episode of silence passed through the room. Vic stretched out his arms, motioning for a hug which Kellin had gladly accepted.

"This doesn't mean I have forgiven you yet, you still have to make it up to me" Vic rested his chin on Kellin's shoulder, savoring the long awaited moment that he used to only dream of.
"How" Kellin didn't seem too eager to let go either, so they stood comfortable in each other's embrace; they enjoyed each other's warmth even in this hot weather.
"Go out with me. No protests. I'm not letting you go until you say yes"
"Oh, I don't know, I'm quite comfortable here" They both laughed, letting go of each other.

"Give me your number, and don't you dare disappear from me again" Vic took out his own phone, awaiting Kellin to call out the digits.

"Where do yo live now?"
"Believe it or not, right next door to you"
"You know there was an old lady who lived there? Well, she just retired, she had no one left and it was up for sale. I convinced my dad to buy the house and he did."

"But wait, what if I hadn't forgiven you?"
"That would have been a problem, but I just hoped for the best"

Vic wasted no time to set up a date; it was straight after his shift. Kellin had stayed behind to be filled in with some of the details of Vic's life, keeping him company in the, more or less, empty shop. Jaime, Tony and Mike had made themselves busy in the storage room, giving them as much alone time as they needed.

Vic and Kellin had left together, but they both had to get ready so they separated ways by their houses. They agreed that they would meet in twenty minutes, and the one who was ready first would knock on the other's door.

Kellin turned out to be the first one ready; he made his way across the crisp lawn. The sun was still high, so the day was bright and warm. A soft breeze was blowing, and it was just strong enough to lift some of the strands of Kellin's hair.
He knocked on the door, to be met with the all too familiar face of Vic's brother.
"Vic, he's here!" He had turned around to shout up the stairs
"I swear Kellin, you hurt him one more time and I will end you" There was an element of sarcasm in there, but it did scare Kellin to some extent.
"You know I never meant to hurt him in the first place, and I will make sure that I don't do it again"
"I know"
Vic had come right on time, pushing past his brother while at the same time saying bye to his parents.

"So where are we going"
"The park"

"And that's it?" there was thick sarcasm in Kellin's voice, indicating that he was just joking, making it obvious that he wouldn't mind to go anywhere as long as he was with Vic.

"Yeah, first of all I didn't have that much time to plan anything, and second I just want to hear what you were doing for the past five years"

The walk to the park was pleasant; small talk was made, and the weather was just right. Although there was a bit too much wind for their liking, considering their medium long hair would blow in their faces whenever a stronger blow of air would pass them.
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