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Behind My Mask

Chapter 16

Vic was practically shaking from the anxious fear he felt; his stomach was tied in knots while doing back flips, he felt like he was going to throw up if this feeling grew any stronger. He took Kellin to their usual spot in the park, there was nothing different, if you didn't count the basket he had taken along. Normally when they went to the park they didn't take anything with them, unless it was something special, such as their anniversary.

"I've forgotten again haven't I?"

"Afraid you have" He gave Kellin a grin; he never seemed to mind that most of the time he forgot it, but he would normally make it up to Vic anyway.

It was their 4th year anniversary since they have been together; its scary for them how many years it has already been, since those years felt like weeks to them; Kellin hadn't accomplished much throughout those years, he had only spent them doing nothing, along with Vic. He hadn't made his life progress much, apart from fixing all of the relationships he had with his friends, that was all. He didn't try to find a job, at least not for the first three years. Vic, on the other hand, felt time fly whenever he was around Kellin; he didn't feel that any time spent with him would ever be enough.

The day Vic had chosen was pleasant, with the clouds out of the way, letting the sun warm the day, the wind moderating the heat. It was really a nice day to be spending outside, even Kellin, who much rather prefers staying inside, thought that going out today was a good decision.

Vic had made sure to make the setting look special; he had set the basket on top of a picnic blanket, and he had set out small candles around it, but far enough so that they wouldn't cause a fire once lit. Rose petals were scattered around the candles, but not so much on the blanket.

"You shouldn't have, Vic"

"It's a special day"
He took out two vine glasses, along with a bottle; the lid came off with a small pop, followed by leaking steam. He poured the dark red liquid in the glasses, handing one to Kellin.

Conversation had subsided while they were eating their meal; they would glance up at each other a lot, giving genuine smiles.
When nothing was left of it, they simply talked, made jokes, teased each other, anything that passed the time.
The sun was quickly starting to set, which gave Vic the chance to light the candles.

"Can you get the desert"
He was on his last candle, turning back to Kellin, once lit; he did as he was instructed, but upon looking in the basked he saw something shiny look up at him. He frowned, too curious to let this go. Kellin took it out and noticed it was a ring; he looked up at Vic with the most shocked expression he could muster, by this time the dessert was completely forgotten.
Vic took Kellin's hands in his, taking a moment to himself before speaking.

"You have always helped me, from the beginning you made me realize things that I couldn't have, not without your help. From the first few weeks I got to know you, you had opened my eyes, even if you didn't realize. You have helped me so much by just being here, by my side. You have always made me happy, and I hope that I have done the same for you, and will continue on doing so. I love you so much Kellin, that words cannot express, and I can't see myself with anyone else. No one else matters to me as much as you, and I know that no one will ever be able to take my heart. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you."

He got up on one knee, taking the ring from Kellin, ready to slip it on his finger.

"Will you give me the honor of being your husband?"

The already tear filled Kellin nodded, and watched as the gold ring slid on his finger; it was a simple proposal with a simple ring, but neither of them needed anything apart from each other. The feelings they had were much stronger than anyone could ever be able to imagine. They didn't need to get married to feel a sense of security around each other, because they knew they wouldn't leave each other for someone else.
It was a promise; it was something that bound both of them together and let them start a new life.
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I realize that this chapter is really short, and I'm sorry but it was fairly hard for me to write. I had no idea on how to make this so I spent a while on google doing my research to make this as best as possible, and I still think that I made it cliche and really lame, but oh well.

I tend to write stuff from my experience, and well, me being 15, haven't really gotten married before (as if that wasn't obvious -__-). So I can't write my point of view of the feelings they might have, I know the general point of it, that you're happy and stuff, but y'know, I believe that the best writing comes from personal experience. It's not always the case, because I know many good writers who have written stories with feelings, and incidents they probably haven't experienced before, but it's just.... yeah...

anyway, the story hasn't finished yet; if it goes to plan then there will be around three more chapters, and maybe even a sequel, not sure about that...

and again, sorry for the lack of smut in this story, but yh, i'm sure that nearly every fic has some, apart from this one...

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