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Behind My Mask

Chapter 8

Knocking could be heard in the Fuentes household; the only person who was home at the time was Mike so he had no choice but to answer it himself.
He was met with the stone cold face of Kellin.
“Give this to Vic when you see him” He shoved an envelope in Mike’s hands and walked off before any protests could be made or any questions could be asked.
Mike was curious on what could be in the envelope, but he respected the privacy of it, and if it was truly important his brother would tell him.

Though, Mike had a bad feeling in his gut that something was not right. What would Kellin write down in an envelope could be so important that he couldn’t say it to Vic’s face? Maybe it was some schoolwork, but no, the envelope was far too small. Whatever it was, he was sure to ask Vic later.

----- Vic’s POV ---------

I had just returned home from shopping with my parents, and I was immediately greeted with Mike shoving an envelope in my face.
“Kellin left this for you”
“What is it?”
“A letter? I don’t know, open it and see”
After helping with the groceries I left for my room; I had a bad feeling about this, and I didn’t want to open it, but if I never would then I would never know what’s inside it, maybe it’s something good.

I’m sorry about last night, I didn’t know what I was doing and I just hope you can forgive me. I understand if you can’t, and don’t want see my face ever again, because you probably won’t ever again anyway. Maybe some day after many years, but not anytime soon.
Our family have to move again and I have no choice on that, but I have to say that I loved it here, I really did; all of you were so kind to me, and I have never had better friends than you.
Especially you Vic, I had felt something more for you than anyone in my life, and I just wanted you to know that.
I’m sorry that you have to hear it like this, but I knew no other way; I just couldn’t bear to look at your face now.
I hope that you won’t forget me, and have a nice life Vic.

What? No, this couldn’t be happening. Not now. Everything was going fine, but now he was slipping from my fingers just like everyone and everything else.
How could he do this? Did he not consider my feelings? But the problem was he didn’t realize my feelings, I knew I hadn’t told him anything but I thought it would be pretty obvious from my actions.
I tried, I really did, but he didn’t give me enough time to get close to him. He subconsciously rejected my struggle.

While reading I noticed one of my tears had dropped on the piece of paper, and I let many more fall after that, but I shielded the piece of paper, not wanting it to be ruined by my pitiful sorrow.
I felt so hopeless; there was nothing in life that I could keep, everything would just slip from my grasp.
I let those feelings overwhelm me, and I cried out all of my emotions for the first time in my life.
Starting with little sobs, I couldn’t stop myself from going in to full crying. I wasn’t crying just because of Kellin, there were many other things in my life that had added on to that, but Kellin was the main cause, he had helped me release all the emotions I had been bottling up to this time.

I knew I would never be able to return back to normal and that I would never forget him; I will try to find him, he is not going to escape from me that easily.

Somewhere at night Mike had knocked on my door; by this time I had calmed down, but I could feel that my eyes were slightly puffy.
“He left this” he said handing me what looked like a painting, for once he was being an understanding brother since he left me to my own thoughts.
There was a note at the back of it;

this was my class’s assignment, the one I asked you about, if I could draw you?
Well, I thought you might want to see it so here it is.
We were meant to color in the colors that represent your personality, so that is why I used these colors; the brown represents your stability, no matter where you would be you always looked so down on earth, like you knew what you were doing.
The pink represents your love and beauty, and the red represents your courage and passion for the things that you love.
The blue shows how calm you are, and with that you calm the ones around you.
You are a special person Vic, and don’t ever let anyone say otherwise.

Kellin’s words had brought back the tears. This time they were happier, but at the same time I felt broken; what if I never saw this wonderful person again?
The note made a fresh wound in my already stabbed and broken heart; I knew I would need a lot of time to recover, but at the same time I felt pathetic; I only knew the guy for a few weeks, yet I felt so strongly about him.
I didn’t feel that I could trust anyone now, after this, what seems to be such an insignificant incident.

I loathed myself for being this easily manipulated, this easily falling for just anyone, but no, Kellin wasn’t just anyone. He was special; he needed help yet he didn’t ask for it, instead he pushed it away with everything he had.

His stone mask had intrigued me, and I just badly wanted to crack it to let his true personality shine. It was not right for someone so incredible to hide, but I couldn’t be the judge of that; I don’t know what he has gone through, and I don’t know his reason for hiding, but I wanted to know, I wanted to understand.
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