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Cursed Twins

And the story continues...

Two girls with the same special mother. Two girls with the same speical father. Two girls with identicle looks. Two girls with identicle butterfly tatoos on their left or right shoulder. Two girls with identicle pasts. Two girls with an identicle curse.

But two girls with different personalities.

Marsella is from Calafronia. Shes your Calafornia girl! Shes outgoing, loves to party, crazy about looks, and crazy about boys. Shes seen it all, I mean, come on! She was rasied in L.A, what the hell more could you want?

On the other side of the country, we have Matilda. She was raised in New York and is defenitly not your outgoing type of girl. She likes the shadows, not shocking clothes, could care less about guys, and would spend all her hours in a library or writting.

So what happens when these two college students recive an acceptense letter from The University of Coloardo? Will they be surprise by what they see? Will they ever truely be able to figure out the mystery of their parents disappearence? Will they be able to understand their true nature? Will they find true love along the way? And most importantly, will these twins be able to live like a true family once and for all?

©twejacobbr 2013
  1. The Beginning-Marsella
    A feeling that I had been searching for my whole life. A feeling that was just too familiar to look away from. A feeling that I knew, would only get stronger.
  2. The Need-Matilda
    I needed a new perspective. I needed a new life. I needed to be surrounded by new people. I needed answers. But most importantly, I needed hope.
  3. Something Real-Marsella
    I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and reopened them to look at my college.What would I find here, I had no clue. But I knew it would be something different. Something real.
  4. Time-Matilda
    I took deep breaths and told myself to calm down. Told myself that I WOULD find answers. Told myself that I can get through this. Told myself that I would heal with time.
  5. First Day-Marsella
    I got sent to the principal’s office on the first day of college.I couldn’t wear what I wanted on my first day of college.And I most likely missed half of my first goddamn period already.Happy eighteenth birthday to me.
  6. Confused-Matilda
    I didn't need this.I didn't need people talking about me before first period even started.I didn't need a complete stranger to be telling me things that did NOT happened.I didn't need ANY of this on my eighteenth birthday
  7. My Face-Marsella
    Glaring, I turned around to yell at the stranger but froze when I saw her face....When I saw MY face.
  8. Temper-Matilda
    IMPOSSIBLE! It was as if I was looking at myself in the freaking mirror! We were identical. Everything was the same except for our eye color.EVERYTHING!
  9. Appearance-Marsella
    We entered the cafeteria and it had this feeling that…that things were more than what they appeared. Stupid, I know, but it had that feeling when you walked in.
  10. A Pull-Matilda
    "Yeah. You see, I have a thing for girls with beautiful green eyes."I froze and my laugh died. I glanced up at the sky and felt this pull. A pull that needed to be settled with.
  11. Strange Feelings-Marsella
    I knew it was a wrong time to think this, but he was just so close that I could look at his lips much better and boy, what amazing lips he had. And I bet they kissed just as good.
  12. The Pain-Matilda
    “Please! Make….it….STOP!” I pleaded and shut my eyes even tighter than they already were.