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Coffee Republic

Red and Black Ink

A middle-aged woman was hovering outside of a convenience store, a newly-bought newspaper clutched in her shaking fingers. Shivers constantly rattled down her spine, courtesy of the thick dark clouds and pouring rain.

The woman's black hair was soaked, clinging to her cheeks while icy water trickled uncomfortably down her neck. Her lips pursed as she appraised the front cover of The Gotham Times, shuddering at the dark eyes and sloppy red smile splayed across the front cover.

"Wretched clown." She sighed, glancing at the article for a final time before throwing it to the ground in disgust. Rainwater ate away at the newspaper, reducing the crisp pages to a soggy mess, blotched with red and black ink.

Cynthia sighed, treading over the remains of the newspaper as she walked towards her house.

Gotham was an absolute fucking mess. Maybe she should just leave. Hop on the next airplane with a one-way ticket.

If only things were that easy.


A young woman was perched on the edge of her cracked cream sofa, a newly-bought newspaper sprawled on her lap. Her thumb ghosted over the corner of the newspaper, a small grimace curling her pale lips.

Written by Avery Williams.

It had been nearly a week since her article had been printed out, and yet still the public was crowing over it. Wherever she went she was followed with either sympathetic smiles or words of praise. A couple of days ago, Avery had been thrilled with all the attention. But now she was sitting in her damp little apartment, alone, with a sick feeling in the pit of her stomach.

Her thumb rubbed over the corner of the page, harder this time; the low-quality ink smudging across the paper and ruining her name.
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Gawd you're just never happy are you.

Next chapter has the Joker in it. And it's longer. This chapter is just a short fill-in on Avery's fifteen minutes of fame. Idk, it's simplistic but I like it. Thank you for all the comments, you're ahmazing.