Status: Finished. Sequel possible.


Julian Hill gets letters every Monday from her father that she only knows at GAW. When his latest letter gives her the information she didn't know she was looking for, she sets off on a road trip across the country to her destiny.

But is he everything she was looking for? Or will she be disappointed in the end?

This story has implied sexual scenes. They are not described, but please be warned.
  1. Change
    Pennies, dimes, nickels.
  2. List of Suspects
    and one who's not.
  3. Back or Forward
    or neither.
  4. Reciprocate
    It's only fair.
  5. Surreal
    kinda like Dali.
  6. Nothing More
    nothing less.
  7. Familiar
    in the back of your mind.
  8. Wait
    until then.
  9. Raw
    feelings, skin, reality.
  10. Urine
  11. Juz
    It's baby-talk.
  12. Strikes Back
    Not Jay and Silent Bob. I mean the Empire.
  13. The End.
    It's lackluster.