Sequel: Death
Status: One-shot/Finished/Completed


Selfness Versus Jealousy


The Feelings were dancing from East to West. They were a happy family who danced hand in hand the dance of their life. And everything went well, good and lovely, till Selfness asked to dance with them. He wanted to be the first who would start the dance. Love accepted him. Her beautiful red long hair danced in the wind like flames fighting against the wind and her kind brown eyes locked with his dark brown ones. His eyes were so dark that you honestly thought they were like a raven’s. Love gave him her hand which he kindly accepted. She smiled kindly at him and he softened a bit.

But still, it wasn’t enough. He wanted all of them to accept him. Joy went next after her sister, Love. She accepted him, smiling at him as her light green eyes approved of him. Her blonde hair was dancing in the wind like Love’s, who was beside her. All the Feelings followed, all of them accepted him even though he was so bad. Only one didn’t move…didn’t accept…didn’t give him her slender hand. She had her hands crossed and gave him wild glares. And it was logical of him, to treat her harshly but only one question he asked, ‘’Jealousy, why are you hurting?’’

She bowed her head, bigger was her shame and Selfness liked her. In front of him she was humble as he gave her his hand softly to take hers. All the Feelings started singing and Jealousy accepted his hand with tears in her ocean blue eyes. He took what he wanted. And again Selfness smiled at her as her black curly hair hugged her beautiful face. She gently caressed his cheek, studying his face like she had never done before. She finally accepted the darkness of him and even liked him…his dark brown hair and almost raven like eyes, the roughness of his hands and the understanding in his heart.

And the dance started from the East to the West and all the Feelings were dancing together at the circle of the life…Faith, Hope, Love, Comprehension, Joy, Shame and Dream. Only two of them danced in the center of life, only two Feelings…Jealousy and Selfness.
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