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2,000 Light Years Away


Every girl think's about how their dream wedding or their future love is going to be like when they were like 6 or 7. They think about how their dream wedding is going to be, their dream family, and even their dream home. But not me, I wasn't that kind of girl. When I was 6 or 7 I thought about skate boarding, rock bands, and even who I'll become 20 years later. I never thought about love, family, or any dream bullshit weddings that the marriage will probably last 72 days. But you know how they say "Expect The Unexpected"? Well, me falling in love with a boy who was similar to what I am, was the one thing I least expected. He wasn't what I asked for, what he gave me wasn't what I asked for, it wasn't something I wanted and I never even realized I needed it. And that was love. The one thing I loath but needed. And he was just something so unpredictable. So Imperfect. So Beautiful. So fucking amazing. He was Billie Joe Armstrong. And I, Lyrical Love Bedford, was crazy about him. But When was I ever sane?

It didn't all started on that exact day. But it was the day that lead to my unexpectations. "Stop, dipshit!" I yelled after my brother, Robert, tried chasing me with the dolly he used for the TV's and dressers. He laughed and threw the remaining boxes in the U-Haul truck. It was time to go back home from this city of the damned. La Habra, was your ideal city in California. Snobby people left and right. Spoiled brats everywhere. It disgusted me. It disgusted us. We weren't the richest family but we weren't broke either. We just didn't fit in there 'Suburbs'. But today, is the day we are going back to our REAL home. Rodeo, California. Where our family, friends, and memories are. We left 5 years ago, a week before my 11th birthday. Due to us getting kicked out the house we stayed at in Rodeo. But Mom got a better job there, Rob is soon getting a full time job and me... well I'm still a teenager in High School. I wouldn't have enough time to actually work. Since I'm an athlete and all. Study and practice every night. Now, don't let my nerdy side get to you. I can be a complete bad ass. I don't take no one's shit and I get suspended every week. I disrespect my teachers and I fight here and there. I do smoke and I do drink. But I'm not a drunkie nor a druggie. Like I said I am an athlete, I keep that shit under controlled. But hey, I'm not a bitch. That's one thing. I can be only if you disrespect me, but other than that I'm a really cool down to earth girl. "Lyrics and Rob, lets go!" Mom yelled as she got in the van. I sat in the back seat with my puppy scooter and after rob shut and locked the U-haul truck, he got in the passenger seat. "Are you guys ready to go back home and out this piece of shit town?" Mom grinned as she pulled out the driveway.

The Beatles was blaring out my headphones as we were 20 minutes into our journey back home. I was staring out the window as I played with scooters blonde fur. I couldn't stop thinking about everyone I'm about to re-unite with. I mean I had a few friends back in La Habra. But I never really hung out with them. They were just someone I can say 'hi' and 'bye' to. I always kept to myself. But in Rodeo I have everyone and knew everyone. Heather, that's my best friend since birth. Ever since I left Rodeo, I was on the phone with her non-stop. She called me everyday after school or after practice, telling me about her day or anything that went down. Even about her girlfriend Coral. See, Heather has been Bi-sexual since 8th grade. And in 8th grade she started dating Coral Bobby. The most prettiest and coolest girl in school. She is so sweet and kind, she wouldn't hurt a fly! And Heather is MADLY in love with that girl. They are about to make 3 years in 2 weeks actually. I miss her so much, I can't wait to see her. Then their's Tre, my second best friend. What is there to say about that kid? He's fucking INSANE! But that's why I love him. He's hilarious, weird, crazy, odd, etc. He was always there for me. Whenever I called him to comfort me or to come over he would be next to me in a heart beat. He was always there for me ever since 3rd grade. Heather didn't really like him all that much. She was really jealous if anything. But as the years went by she grew to be used to him and our friendship. Now, they are really good friends also. They are the main two people in Rodeo I can't wait to see. Then There's the rest of my friends that I went to school with, then my family, and my neighbors I grew up with. God, just thinking about going back home gives me butterflies in my fucking stomach.

"We are home sweetheart's!" Mom said excitedly. My eyes lit up at the sign 'Welcome to Rodeo'. It was covered up in graffiti and it looked like someone beat it with a pole. Beautiful. My grin was wide and my eyes roamed around the streets and the kids that I haven't seen in years were everywhere. I wanted to cry in joy but I also wanted to jump out of this car and yell 'I'm Home'! We turned on 3rd st. and parked the car in front of our new home. I got out quickly and ran inside. "Lyrics you little shit you cheated!" I heard Rob yell. Before we came here, me and him made a deal that we will race inside our new home on the count of three to find our bedrooms. But, tough shit. I wanted to find the best bedroom first. And I did. I found the perfect size bedroom with the perfect window view. "I call this one!" I yelled as I set my bag on the floor. I looked around my new room with the biggest grin on my face. It was really big. You'll probably think i'm over exaggerating, but this is big enough for three people to share. But instead, this is all for myself. I walked towards the window and looked out at the view. There was a tree right in front of it. Easy access out the house whenever I wanna sneak out. I walked towards my closet, and my god when I opened the doors my mouth immediately dropped. Inside was a modern white walk in closet! With modern brushed handles, rods and toe stop fences. It's finished off with melamine finishing moulding top and bottom to utilize the entire space! It's 108" wide x 112"deep. This is Fucking amazing!

I walked out the closet and turned my head, I got my own bathroom!? Sweet mother of god, Thank you! I walked in and it was love at first sight. It was a Mid Century Modern bathroom! Pure white Caeserstone tub surround, hansgrohe metris faucet, glass mosaic tile floor, shower glass panel, shower niche, and rain shower head. This is paradise. This is what I needed! My personal space.

"Aw, Lyrics, you cheated!" Robert said as he looked around my new room in amazement.

"Sorry Rob, a girl needs her space," I laughed.

"Let's go! Help me get this shit out of the truck!" Mom screamed from outside.

Two hours. It took us too long motherfucking hours to get everything out of the truck and inside the house. I was extremely tired and wanted nothing more than go take a hot shower and go to sleep. But my excitement in seeing everyone overpowered that. Instead, I took a 20 minute shower and began to get ready to go down at this place called Gilmans. I'v heard of the place before, Tre told me about it when we were on the phone one night. It was where his band get gigs. And the way he described the crowd's reactions, they are pretty amazing. I am extremely excited to listen to them play.

"What the fuck should I wear?" I said to myself. The place doesn't seem really fancy so something over the top is not a choice. I'm not really a fancy-type of girl anyways. So I took out faded skinny jeans, a white Beatles shirt, and black converse. I set my outfit on top of the toilet and began to put on my bra and panties with some Ramones playing from my radio. I grabbed the gel and applied some on my hand. I put it all in my hair and scrunched it up for it to be curly. I tied it up in a tight bun. I jumped and danced around as I tried putting on my jeans, then I put on my shirt, then my shoes. I looked at myself at the wall mirror and nodded my head in approvment. I applied eyeliner round my hazel oval shaped eyes and then brushed my long lashes with mascara. I don't put eye-shadow, lipstick, nor foundation on my face. I don't really like a lot of make-up. It's just not me. I put some Blistex around my lips and smile at the mirror. I plugged up my straightening iron and left it sitting on the sink to heat up. I pulled out the hair tie that held up my hair and let my hair fall past my shoulders in perfect brownish-blonde curls. I grabbed the hair spray and sprayed it all around my head to keep it crunchy and curly. I grabbed the straightening iron and ironed out my side bangs. I unplugged it and put it back under the sink. I looked at myself from the wall mirror one last time to make sure everything was okay.

"Hey mom," I sang lightly to her as I sat on the island in the middle of the kitchen, "So, I was wondering..."I slowly started. She turned around and wiped her hands with the mini towel she had over her shoulders since she was cooking.

"Okay, how much you need?" She asked. Assuming that I was about to ask for money.

"Um, It's not how much I need... it's if I can borrow..." I bit my lip lightly.

She stared at me for a second, "You wanna borrow my car?"

"Sure, why not?" I said as I hopped off the island and reached for her key's but she quickly snatched them off the counter and held it against her chest. "Lyrics..."

"Mom, please I want to see everyone and I promise I'll be back before midnight please please please!" I begged with my hands folded tightly in front of her face. I was ready to get down on my knees but she stopped me.

"You can go sweetie, I just wanted you to see someone tonight." I saw a mixture of relief and disappointment in her eyes.

I looked at her skeptically, "Who?"

"It's just an old friend sweetie but you go and have fun and since you've done so much today I'll let you come home by 2 in the morning. But please for the love of god call me in between each hour! Just so I'll know you're okay." She smiled and kissed my cheek and I hugged her extra tight.

"Oh my god, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

I ran out the house and unlocked the drivers door and hopped in. I closed the door and sat there for a moment. I ran my hands around the wheel, feeling like I won a million dollars. I checked my review mirror and made sure my side mirrors were perfect. I started the engine and that great vibration and the sound of the engine put a huge goofy grin on my face. I was beyond excited. I was so excited that I felt like I was about start my own party before I go into one. The adrenaline in my blood was going insane! I pulled out of my drive way and shoved in my tape in the casset player and pressed play so that the beautiful sound of the sex pistols blared out of my speakers. I tapped on the steering wheel to the beat and sang along. I smiled at everything I saw, I smiled at every store, at every person, at every object. I was just smiling at Rodeo itself.

I slowed down my driving a bit when I reached on Gilman st.
"924...924...924...There it goes!" I yelled to myself as I spotted the place I needed to be. And man, oh, man was it packed! I already saw a few people I knew and went to middle school with! I found a perfect parking in front the club. I rolled up my windows and shut off the engine. I looked at myself from the review mirror and my hand was beginning to sweat. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I looked at the time; 5:45 p.m. I opened my door and shut it behind me when I got out. I walked across the street and went up front to the guy that had pink hair and a lot of piercings . "Hey um, I'm Lyrics...I was-"

"Yea sweetie we know who you are Tre Cool told us about you, go right inside cutie." The security dude opened the door for me and I smiled politely at him. And the moment I walked in, I saw a bright light upon me. "LYRICS!" Everyone roared. I smiled brightly and saw Tre running towards me and I jumped on him and hugged him tightly. I began crying and I felt him carrying me somewhere. He put me down and I quickly noticed I was in front of everyone. Everyone was cheering and a few was jumping and screaming. I felt famous. He handed me the microphone and I didn't question him, I just took it and yelled "Mamma is back home bitches!" I laughed. A fresh roar came from the crowd and I spotted a blonde girl running towards the stage and my eyes lit up. "Is that my Heather Feather?!" I yelled and when I noticed it was my beautiful best friend, I quickly threw the microphone to Tre and jumped on her just like I did with Tre and we both began crying with happiness.

Everything was just going so well and my heart was finally smiling for the first time in so many years...ever since dad died actually. He died when I was 9 years old in a car accident. We finally let go of each other and I wiped the tears off her face and she did the same with me.

"Now that Lyrics is back in town it's time to really party!" Tre screamed at the microphone to the crowd. I laughed and Heather and I went to the bathroom to fix out make-up since it was dripping down our face. When we walked in the bathroom I grabbed some paper and ran it across my cheeks and under my eyes.

"Oh my god, I am so fucking happy you're back babe you don't know how much I missed you." Heather said as she wiped her face also.

"I am to babygirl, I hated it over there. To many snobby parents with ungrateful brats." I laughed. "But hey my brother put my bed set together and I was wondering if you can stay over tonight?"

"Hell yea! I miss them!" She laughed. We both finished up and walked back out.

Everyone came up to me and hugged me tightly. They told me they missed me and what not. Some people I met and chatted with, and others I just drank with. We shared some old time stories from when I was here. Places that I forgot about and the things I didn't remember until someone bought it up. We all laughed and just chilled until Tre pulled me aside. "Forgot about me already Lyrics?!" He pouted playfully. I ruffled his hair and said, "Of course not Franky Wanky." I cooed to him.

"You know damn well not to ever call me that in public!" He whispered to me. I began to laugh until someone coughed next to us. I turned to see a tall dude with long-ish brown hair that covered his forehead. His eyes were an amazing blue eyes. They were light as the clean blue California ocean. He kinda looked like a grown man but he also looked like a teenager. It was very confusing. "Hiya! You must be Lyrics." He took out his hand for me to shake and I greatfuly accepted it.

"Pleasure to meet you," I waited for his name.

"Oh, I'm Mike." He chuckled.

I nodded with a smile. He seems very sweet. A bit scrawny if you asked me. But he was light-way cute.

"Is my beer still in the fridge back stage?" Tre asked.

"Nope...I drank it." He smiled like a devil-ish two year old.

"You asshole! I told you not to drink it!" Tre yelled.

"I was thirsty!"

"Then drink piss! You fucking ass wipe!"

"Your mother!"

"Your mother's chest hair!"

I just stood there as they bicker back and forth. I couldn't help it but take this as humor. It was pretty funny watching these two argue. It reminded Rob and I argue. We fight, we throw things at each other, we create world war II in our house. I'm surprised we didn't actually throw grenade's at each other. We were like Tom and Jerry. But that's my brother and I love him even though he can be a huge pain in my ass. "Hey." I jumped at the sound of a male next to me. When I looked at the green-eyed beauty everything around me just became nothing. He was gorgeous. His Forrest green eye's looking back at me, his smile with imperfect teeth made my heart beat fast. And I'm not that kind of girl that liked guys with crooked teeth. But something about his just made me melt inside. His blonde curly hair made me wanna pull on it. And his lips, god his lips. They were perfect size. Not to thick and not too thin. They were also plump.

"H-hey," I studderd.

He smiled with that amazing smile of his. I feel like a complete dork.

"Don't mind those assholes they argue all the time. So you must be the great Lyrics huh?"

"Great? No i'm the awesome Lyrics." I laughed.

He laughed also before saying, "Nice, Tre talked about you a lot. I'm Billie Joe but you can just call me Billie."

"It's very nice to meet you Billie." I smiled. I can be very shy once I meet someone. But once I get used to you, I'm a complete crazy ass.

"Well, if you don't mind, we got a crowd to entertain. Hope to see you front row." He smiled at me. I nodded in a dream state.

"Let's go jackasses it's show time." The two kids stopped arguing and followed Billie.

Heather and I stood in the crowd near the stage. We were both laughing and joking around with a few other people we know until Billie Joe stepped up to the microphone with his baby blue guitar around him. The crowd began cheering and screaming his name. "Hey, you crazy motherfucker's! How are you all tonight?!" He roared. The crowd's energy became stronger as he spoke. "Alright, we don't have a fucking curfew tonight, we're gonna play all fucking night! Because tonight, we go fucking insane YEAH!" Everyone began jumping now, screaming the band's name with a rebel yell. I couldn't help but laugh. The band practically owns the crowd. "This song is called paper lanterns" He began strumming his guitar, then the lights brightened up upon the entire band. Tre was a beast on his drums and Mike was a crazed-man on his bass. But Billie... he was something else. He was a maniac on his guitar and a punk rock angel with his voice. He's so charismatic; So energetic. His voice is so emotive and strong. It's enough to make the crowd go insane. The energy and atmosphere in here is infectious.

Heather and I was jumping with the crowd. Everyone was jumping together all at once, you can actually feel the mini earthquakes. Sweat was dripping down my face and my hair was no longer crunchy curly, it was just soaked in my own sweat. I was laughing with Heather as we continue to dance around, bang our heads, and sing along. I didn't know the words, but I felt the melody. It stunk so bad, it smelt like vomit and sweat. But Nobody cared and neither did I. I was just having the time of my life. Something I never had the time for nor the people to do it with. I felt so alive; So free. Tonight nothing mattered to me. "Say HEY OOOH!" Billie screamed. Everyone reflected his words. "Alright! Last song of this set guy's. This is called Going Pasalacqua!" Everyone cheered again. He strummed one string and stood in front of the Amp and let it rang until it slowly died down into silence. He walked back to stood in front of the microphone with no words coming out of his mouth. The cheer's died down and you heard nothing but silence. "Sing goddamn it!" Some guy roared in rage, crushing his beer can. Billie Joe smiled and looked at Mike and Tre. They both looked eager to started playing. Billie looked back at the crowd and the lights went out. Everyone began complaining and booing. Then suddenly, "Here we go again," After those words were sung the entire band began playing and everyone in the crowd began jumping and screaming again. "Infatuation touches me just when I thought that it would end." He sung.

Everyone was walking out of the club. Everyone that knew me gave me a tight hug, asked for my number, asked me for my address or invited me to hang with them one of these days. Tonight was by far best nights I have ever experienced in my life. I'm happy to be back home, somewhere I'm actually familiar with and grew up in. "Are you ready to go?" I asked Heather, she finished her conversation with this one girl before replying, "Yeah, let's go."

"Fuck, let me go find Tre first he asked for a ride earlier." I said, beginning the search for the short green head dude. I walked threw the crowd of people and when I spotted a green head, I walked towards him. "Hey dweeb, do you still need a ride?" I asked.

"No Billie is going to give me one. Thanks though, babe." He smiled at me and hugged me tightly. "I'm happy you're back. I really missed you." He said as he hugged me. It made me smile what he said, cause he doesn't know how happy I am to be back.

"I am too Franky Wanky." I laughed, I knew I annoy him with that name. He glared at me but then laughed.

"It was really nice meeting you Mike." I smiled.

"It was a pleasure meeting you too Lyrics. You should hang with us sometime."

"Sure, that sounds cool."

I looked at Billie and smiled at him. "It was nice meeting you too Billie Joe."

He shrugged his broad shoulders and smirked. "It was awesome meeting you, Lyrics. If you don't mind um...," He began rubbing the back of his neck nervously. "Can I get your number?" He asked shyly. I laughed and nodded my head. Tre handed me a pen and I wrote down my number on Billie's rough hand, putting my name with a tiny heart on the side. He thanked me and everyone went home. Heather and I was just in my room, smoking blunts. When we both arrived, nobody was home. Which was better. Music was playing and we was just talking about anything and everything that went on in our life.

So, my night went well as it was planned. I saw everyone I haven't seen in years. Reunited with my best friends, met a cute boy and gave him my number, I made new friends and partied like it was my last day on earth. Everything just put one big smile on my face. And it was actually my first time actually smiling in so long.
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