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2,000 Light Years Away


I didn't go back home that night. Billie's mother let me stay as long as I wanted to. And,if I could, I would have stayed forever. I didn't ever want to go back home, not with Martin around at least. That day I went to see dad and had that freakish dream; Billie told me him and Rob went all over town looking for me, and when they did, Billie bought me back here. He said I had fallen asleep in front of my fathers grave and it was nearly midnight! If I woke up in the dark and in the middle of the grave yard, you know how scared I would have been?! Anyway, Rob picked up his car and that's where it was left off. I have been here at Billie's for a week now by the acceptation of his mother; Thank god. I did call my mom and told her I was fine and I was staying at Billie's for a while. Just to let things cool off because honestly, I would kill Martin if he even looks at me.

That's when I noticed how everything was falling apart in my house. Rob is barley around, I left, my relationship with mom changed, she changed, and Martin is around so it makes everything worse. If he wasn't ever in the picture I'm SURE things wouldn't be this different. I can barley talk to her about Billie or anything without Martin being there up in her ass. I don't know what daddy was thinking. 'Give him a chance, Lyrics'. Yeah, over my dead body I will. Sorry, dad.

Heather and Coral would come over to Billie's along with Mike and Tre; they would all come over just to hang with me and Billie and also see if I was okay. I'm okay now that I'm away from my house. Which is sad, huh? Yeah, I know. But mom wanted to be happy, and I'm letting her be happy. I'm just not going to be around to see her be happy. Not with him at least. Anyway, we were all sitting in Billie's basement. Mike and Tre was wrestling over the last can of beer(Tre just love's to pick fights with us), Coral was playing with Heather's hair, then there was me and Billie. I was layed between his legs as we played Mario carts in the Nintendo. I was trying my best to crash his ride, it was hilarious how he would slap my controller out of my hands every time I attempted to crash his cart. We were both laughing and giggling.

Eventually, everyone left. Leaving me and Billie left alone still playing Mario Carts.

"Lyrics, stop cheating!" Billie laughed as I finally accomplished in crashing his cart with the explosion box.

"Dude, how am I cheating if they give you permission to destroy your shitty cart?!" I retorted.

"Because you never gave me the chance to throw something at you!"

"You did! But you used that crappy ass banana thinking it was actually going to do something to my ride," I laughed.

"I know what you can ride." He whispered seductively into my ear. He began kissing my neck slowly and I already melted into his lips. He got up and carried my bridal style and threw me into the bed. Forgetting to turn off the game.

"Billie, we can't, your mom is upstairs." I whispered, remembering that there were still people in the house. And, to be truthful, I wasn't a quiet moaner.

"Just stay quiet." He spoke against my neck.

"Billie, you know that's impossible." I giggled.

"Baby please," He begged as he placed my hand on his bulge that was in his pants. I giggled again and rolled on top of him. He placed his hands on my hips. I grabbed them and held them over his head. "Kinky." He winked. I began rocking my hips back and forth slowly, making him groan in process. Just then you heard a thump from upstairs.

"Not tonight kiddie's!" David yelled.

Billie dropped his head on his pillow and I rolled off of him and laughed. "Night babe." I got up and walked upstairs to his room and left him to take his anger out at his pillow.

Wednesday rolled by in an instant. I was in math, taking an exam that was much to hard for my liking.
You don't know how stupid I felt. It's like every time I don't take tests or exams, I know everything. But when that day of tests and exams comes, I'm a new born again. I forget everything that I learned. It''s because of the pressure and shit. That's what I think at least. And, I think the silence makes it worse. I looked around the room in desperation and saw Tre making paper airplanes with his test. Heather was sleeping and Mike was balancing his pencil on the tip of his nose. Just then I felt something hit my head. I turned my head and saw a ball of paper sitting on my desk. I heard a few giggles beside me and I saw Penelope giggling with her fucking bitch squad. She still haven't left me alone and you know what? I'm fucking tire of it. I've dealt with it for too long and my patience with her was cutting short by the hour. I threw the paper ball back at her and looked back down at my test. I felt the ball hit my head again but this time I ignored it.

"Just leave her, Lyrics." I heard Mike whisper.

I was trying my best. But she never stopped throwing paper balls at me. You know what? Fuck this shit. She needs to fucking grow up. "What the fuck is your problem?" I loudly said to her, breaking everyone's attention from their test's papers to me.

"Nothing, sweetie, I was aiming at the garbage." She giggled her annoying pitchy giggle.

"Um, there is no garbage can over here." Tre pointed out.

"Oh, sure there is. I'm looking at it right now."

That's it, I jumped from my seat and launched myself towards her. The silence in the classroom was quickly filled with roars and cheers. Everyone crowded around us as I continually punched her. She was blocking her face so I just punched her wherever it can hurt her. I felt two pairs of arms wrap around my waist, trying to pull me away from her but I still had a good grip on her hair, dragging her with me as they dragged me out the room. When we were both dragged out the classroom by the anonymous, I can hear Billie laughing in the background along with Mike's and Tre's, "Get back in class!" The man behind me said. "Lyrical, let go of her hair now!"

"Get this crazy bitch off of me!" She yelled as she tried to detached my hands from her head.

I finally let go and the security guard stood between us. She stood up and spit out the blood that was leaking from her mouth. Her false lashes from her left eye was hanging and her mascara was streaked down her cheeks. "You bitch! How dare you put your hands on me?! You have no clue who your messing with!"

"Ooo, I'm so scared," I mocked, "What are you going to do? Call your fashion designer and tell him I ruined your labeled clothing?" I rolled my eyes.

"Better. I'm pressing charges!"

"Go ahead baby." I winked.

"That's enough, you both are going to the principle's office." The guard grabbed us both by our arms and dragged up to the office.

We both sat two seats away from eachother in the office. A school police officer stood in front of us in case I tried to hurt her again. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't. I have done enough. It's like I was the gun in her hand, and she pressed the trigger, making me go off.

"Why do you hate me so much?" I asked her. "What did I ever do to you?"

"Hah, me? Hate you? Oh, Lyrical. You silly little girl, I fucking despise you. You think everything revolves around you. Especially when your dad died, you wanted everyone to feel sorry for you."

Before she could continue, Mr Rivera called her name, "Ms Weatherspoon, you may step in my office."

She looked back at me and said, "And as for your little lover? He's not who you really think he is." She winked at me and rubbed her tummy before she got up and walked towards Mr Rivera's office.

I Still couldn't comprehend why she hated me so much, I don't think everything revolves around me and I don't expect everyone to feel sorry for me. And, what the fuck did she mean Billie's not who I really think he is?! That thought alone brought chills down my spine. Her words were like Deja-vu.
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