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2,000 Light Years Away


I layed in my bed on my first day of suspension. Yup, I'm back home and I'm going to be out of school for four days. I'm not sure how many days Penelope has gotten but, who cares? Mom was the one that picked me up from school and bought me home. I was back in my misery. And, throughout the entire time I was around her, she has not yet spoken one single word to me. She didn't even look at me. Now, I'm not going to lie, it hurt. I don't even know why she's upset.

But, maybe some more time will do. I'm sure sooner or later we're just going to kiss and make up. Now as for Penelope and what she said to me... I was still iffy about it. I was also scared, worried, confused, and curious.

And as for your little lover? He's not the guy you think he is.

What the fuck did it mean?! Was Billie lying to me? He's obviously is lying about something if she's telling me something like that.

Are you fucking retarded?! Out of all people, your really going to believe your own arch enemy over your lover? How pathetic.

I groaned in frustration and layed on my stomach. This must be the worst week so far. The marriage news, the fight, the suspension; what else can go wrong?!

Billie, Mike, and Tre walked in my room later on. Billie kissed me on my lips but I was in no mood to kiss him back. Sad to say. But I wanted things cleared before any type of contact. He seems to notice my sudden actions and questioned me, "What's wrong baby?"

I only shook my head, not really as a response, but more like as 'I don't want to talk about it now' you know? He seems to understand because he sat himself on my desk. Mike layed next to me and Tre layed on the opposite side.

"Dude, that fight was so rad! You kicked her ass!" Tre laughed.

"Yeah, it was so intense. I think I might have felt one of your punches." mike chuckled.

"Thanks guys but, you think I can talk to Billie alone? Just for a second..." I stood up from my bed and crossed my arms.

Mike and Tre both nodded and walked there way out my room. But before Tre walked out, he turned around and said, "Hope you don't get your ass kicked too, Billie."

Billie looked at me and I could sense his curiosity.

"What's wrong."

"Billie, do you need to tell me something?" I said bluntly.

"What are you talking about? No, I don't have anything." He was bewildered, it was written all over his face. "Where did that even come from?"

"I-I spoke to Penelope... She said that you're not the guy who I really think you are. What did she mean by that?"

"Jesus, Lyrics, are you fucking kidding me?" Billie stood a little straighter. "It's Penelope Weatherspoon we're talking about here! Your enemy. Of course she'll say something stupid like that because she's jealous of you."

"Why would she be?"

"Because your beautiful, smart, and unique. She's just a slut who wants attention for herself. Baby, don't ever come to me like that. Because no one in this planet can ever come between us, okay? It's all just jealousy. She doesn't have what we have." He stepped closer to me but I stopped him at arm length.

"You promise that you have nothing to hide?"

"I promise. Now can I have a kiss?" He chuckled.

I smiled and felt really relief. He bought me closer to him and kissed me passionately. How stupid can I be? To actually believe her. I know what I have, is good. And maybe Billie is right. She's just jealous. Well, she's gonna have to deal with it. Because, like Billie said, nothing in the world can come in between me and him.

"So, does this mean make-up sex?" He winked at me.

"You horny bastard." I laughed as he lifted me up and threw me onto my bed.

Next day, Tre and Heather have skipped school just to stay with me. Mike and Billie would have skipped also, but they didn't want to make it seem obvious that all four of them skipped school. Which was understandable. I just wanted someone's company while everyone else is in school and work. Being home by yourself can get pretty lonely. Also, boring. Tre was in my kitchen, devouring plates he served himself, as Heather was with me in my living room watching cartoons.
I was thankful they were both here to keep me company while I serve my suspension. I would hate to be in house arrest.

They eventually had to leave when my mom called, saying she was going to be home in a few minutes. Supposedly, we're having a "guest" today so she needs to get dinner ready because he/she was coming around 6:30 PM, that's in an hour.

I stayed in my room with Rob as she started to get dinner ready. He was listening to his Walkman as I was painting my nails.

"So she didn't tell you who this person is?" I asked him.

"Nah, all I know is that he's a guy from La Habra. Probably one of her friends or whatever."

For some reason, I just had this gut feeling. I didn't know about what, it was just there. Usually, feelings like this don't really come out as a good feeling. Hopefully it will go away soon. I hate feeling like something is going to go wrong. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and we both looked at eachother.

"Oh, hi sweetie!" Mom exclaimed, "I'm so happy you made it, dinner is just about to get served. Let me get the kids."

We both heard her walk up the stairs, I suddenly lost my appetite and the gut feeling have gotten a bit worse.

"Come on, dinner is ready."

I put down my nail polish and Rob took off his Walkman.

"I don't wanna go anymore Rob," I cringed a little. "I just have a feeling this night isn't going to end well..."

"Relax Lyrics, what can go wrong?"

Maybe it was all in my head, maybe I'm making myself believe something is going to go wrong because of everything else that happened this week. I just need to relax. Rob and I walked down the stairs and into the dinning room. The new guy was no where to be found when I walked in. Mom was serving food and Martin was sitting in his seat.

"Where's the dude?" I asked mom.

"I'm right here." That familiar voice spoke from behind me.

I turned around and my heart dropped all the way down my stomach. My palms were cold and sweaty, and my eyes went wide. He stood there in front of me with a smirk on his face. It was the devil himself;

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