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2,000 Light Years Away


He still looked the same, his hair was still a brown tuff of curls. His eyes was still dull and dark brown. He gotten taller too. The thought of seeing Jermaine again was dreadful enough, but for it to actually happen was like a nightmare come true. I didn't know what to say, how to feel, nor what to think. The real question is, why the fuck did my own mother invite him over!? Did she hit her fucking head and lose her memory?!

"Why are you here?" I calmly said.

"Well, you think we can talk about it later? I will like to enjoy the dinner your mother made us," He smiled kindly at my mom.

"There's not going to be a later so you either explain yourself now or get the fuck out. And, you better hope it's a pretty good damn explanation," I glared at him.

"Lyrical!" Mom yelled from behind.

"No... She's right. She deserves an explanation. Excuse us while we talk outside please," He attempted to grab my hand but I quickly brushed past him towards the front door.

When we both were outside, I crossed my arms and waited for him to speak.

He sighed deeply, "I know... I know you don't want me here but, Lyrics, I miss you so much. Ever since you left, I realized what I lost. I never meant the things I said... I loved you all along. I'm truly deeply sorry and I hope you can forgive me and try to make this work again. Christ, I drove an hour and a half over here just to get you back."

"How the fuck do you expect me to believe you, Jermaine? Did you ever realize what you put me through? Just like how I meant nothing to you last year, you mean nothing[i/] to me now. I wish I never met you. You disgust me to no point. I'm happier than ever. And, you know what I realized?" I waited a few seconds for him to answer, but it was silent. So I continued, "I realized that I never loved you either... Hah, you were just another bastard. Another fantasy. I'm in love with someone else and it took so much time to regain my trust again. I believe he won't hurt me like you did. Weather you meant it or not. You still said it, and it hurt. You might as well just stop trying at this point because you'll only be wasting your time."

With that I walked back inside, locking the door behind me. My anger built up more and more with each footstep I took towards the dining room. I stared down at my mother with anger screaming out of my eyes.

"What is your problem?! Why on earth would you invite him over without my saying?!"

"Lyrics, he drove all this way just to get you back. He paged me and told me how deeply in love he was with you. People make mistakes Lyrics. I think you should give him a second chance... Billie is a sweet kid don't get me wrong. But you had more history with Jermaine than you did with Billie. It's pretty sad you just sent him off like that."

I was completely, utterly astounded by her words. Did she forget what that bastard did to me? How can she just say that?

"What happened to you...?" I asked, shaking my head as I did so.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know, honestly. Ever since you've been with...him," I pointed at Martin, "You've changed in a way I hoped you never did. You don't understand anymore. We barley talk anymore and it's like he brain washed you or something. I want my old mom back, because I can barley look at this one anymore." I turned my back on her and walked back upstairs to my room, locking it.

I sat on my bed and ran my fingers through my hair. I was frustrated, hurt, shocked, angry; mixed emotions was going on right now and I couldn't handle it. I just couldn't. Everything is happening so fast; so drastically, it's like ever since we came back to Rodeo, it's been hell. I blame Martin. If he wasn't around; mom wouldn't be acting the way she did, we would still be talking like best friends, she would keep Jermaine away from me and she would most definitely not say the things she said downstairs. What was going on?

I needed Billie... He's the only person that prevents me from losing my mind right now. I was feeling like everything was going to blow up any minute now and I needed to escape. I needed Billie. So, I grabbed my car keys and my jean jacket. Climbing out of the window, I climbed down the narrow tree that was beside my balcony. I rushed to my car and turned on the engine. I began driving my way to his house and no later than 3 minutes, I was parked in front of his house. I noticed his mom's car gone, I sighed in relief. We'll be having more privacy to ourselves.

I couldn't climb on anything to get to his window and I also didn't want to take the chance by ringing his doorbell, I wasn't sure if everyone was out of the house. I mean it is a Friday, so they should be gone. I looked around in hopes I find something small to throw at his window. Small pebbles? Maybe that would do. I picked up a few and one by one I threw them. The fifth shot towards his window and the light turned on. He opened his window and I waved up at him, "Let me in."

He went back inside and I ran towards the front door. Desperately, I waited for the door to open. It was a bit chilly outside and the jacket I had on wasn't doing any help. The door had finally swung open and there he stood in his boxer's.

"Lyrics? What are you doing here baby?" He pulled me in the house and I instantly hugged him tightly. His body was warm, coaxing. All my troubles and thoughts slowly fading away by his presence. Without any questions or hesitation, he hugged me tighter than I was.

"What's wrong baby?" He whispered against my neck, the warmth of his breath hitting my skin.

"Just... I don't want to talk about it. I just need you, Billie, please just take me away baby... Please." I practically begged him as I rubbed my front against his.

He gasped at my sudden action and held on my hips for me to stop for a moment.

"Wait, what? Baby, tell--"

I cut him off by kissing him hard on his lips. He gave up and kissed me back but twice as hard.

"Wait," I pulled away, "is anyone here?"

"No," He whispered as his lips found their way back on mines. He worked his tongue to open my mouth. I wanted to taste him, everywhere, and this was only a sweet beginning. His tongue found mines and he ran his arms around my waist, his hands sliding down to my butt to pull me closer. My mind went blank as the physical took over.

We somehow made it in his room without breaking the kiss. The kissing seemed to go on and on, both of us shifting and moving until I was literally sitting in his lap, my thighs straddling his lap and bottom fitting snugly against the tops of his thighs as he caressed my slender back and buttocks.

I lost myself in the taste of him, his mouth firm, but gentle, meeting my kiss for kiss as I tugged at his short hair and busily slid my fingers over his neck, back and shoulders while I rocked ever so slightly against him.

He was making me ache again, the feeling sharp and throbbing, begging to be sated. But while my panties were becoming wetter by the minute, I pushed the urges aside. I wanted to linger, wanted to remember every detail. The way his tongue slid against my own and how they played, nipping and sucking, nibbling in turn on warm skin.

My head dropped back as Billie trailed his mouth over the smooth column of my neck and then I jerked slightly and giggled as he breathed against my ear and nipped my earlobe. "Ah! Tickles!" I gasped, but a delicious shiver of pleasure raced down my spine all the same and made me shudder, my hips grinding against his lap as I turned my face again and captured his mouth in a hot, wet kiss. Feeling him against me made me forget everything else. He made me feel so small and delicate and his kisses alone inflame my need. I never felt so ready, so quickly. The ache was frustrating and brought out my shameless side. I rubbed my breasts against his chest as my mouth sucked on his lower lip and bit down, tugging at it before swiping it with my tongue to sooth the pain.

Gently, my nails scored his skin and then fingers smoothed over the marks as we kissed and he rocked between my thighs. The ache was unbearable and my panties were becoming increasingly wet with growing desire. His name slipped from my lips as we parted for a breath, his eyes glistened by the moon light and his lips swollen and moist. Then slowly my hands journey back up , over his shoulders and down his chest. The way his muscles tensed and rippled under my fingers was fascinating to me as he responded to my touch.

My clothes was coming off my body and he only had on boxers so there wasn't much to take off. Our tongues danced together for several beautiful moments before he left our lips to linger, then slowly pulling them away. He stared deeply into my honey brown eyes as I stared back at his green emarld one's.

"I love you, Lyrics," He whispered.

"I love you too, Billie Joe."

"You know, I was worried that when I first told you I loved you... You might say it was too soon." he truthfully spoke.

"Love doesn't have rules. It's never soon to love someone." I softly smiled at him.

His grip around my waist tighten and he bought my face in for, yet, another passionate kiss. I slowly pushed Billie down onto his bed so now I was sitting on top of him and he layed beneath me. I grabbed the shaft of his member and raised myself up with the help of Billie's hands guiding me. I lowered myself onto him as he slid into me, waves of pleasure arose in my body like a thousand bolts. My head slightly fell back and Billie breathed out a moan. Biting my lip, I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth. Billie's grip on my hips urged me to go faster. So I picked up the speed a bit, and even hopping on him also. My senses, my thoughts, and myself was slowly fading away to this little pleasure island. Billie was leaning on his shoulders now, and his hips began rocking along the rhythm mine was. His lips was partially and he rested his head on one side of his shoulder, his eyes slowly closing and opening as he lose himself in this incredible ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck, Lyrics," he moaned before biting down on his lip hard.

I trailed scratches down his stomach as I was near my peek.

"Oh god, Billie."

He instantly flipped us over and was already pounding himself into me like someone hitting a punching bag with all there strength. It felt fantastic, I felt like my mind went to goo and my senses lost it's control. This is what I exactly needed. A getaway, something to get my mind off of things. My fingers tangled in his hair tightly. I can hear his soft moans besides my ear, and his hot breath hitting against my neck. I begged him not to stop, I was almost near my climax and so was he. I can feel it. And together, with one last loud moan, we came. Releasing every desire that was built inside us.
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