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2,000 Light Years Away


"Tre, take your shit out of my locker please! Why can't you put your bags of chips in your own locker?" I questioned Tre as I gave his chips back before closing my locker. He pouted before opening it and shoved a hand full of hot chips in his mouth.

It's already been a week back in school and I felt like time past before I even got the chance to remember what I did before. Yeah, time runs by like sonic. I didn't mention anything about me seeing Jermaine again to Billie, the only people that know is Heather and Coral; and of course the people that was in the scene. I thought it was irrelevant and didn't need to be mentioned for what I felt like it was going to create unnecessary arguments between me and Billie. Billie despised Jermaine and if I ever told him about that night he would go nuts. Then he would take his anger out on me then one leads to make-up sex. Not that I didn't mind at all about the make-up sex. I just didn't like arguing with him. We always bicker back and forth everyday.

I haven't spoke to mom either, just like every other day. The distance between us was furthering more apart, it was killing me inside but I knew that she changed and I wouldn't ever accept it. She changed for the wrong reasons. Hah, I remember we used to stay up all night. Just eating ice cream and watch chick-flicks with balls of tissues surrounding us. We would talk about everything; our problems, boys, Brad Pitt. You know, that usual girl talk. Now it's like I stand on one side of the grand canyon, looking at her from the other side. Hopefully, we'll be as close as we were before. I missed her and I wanted my mom back.

Now, as for Penelope. I've seen and walked pass her a few times here and there. We both made sure we kept our distance and I appreciated that. I didn't think she would want her ass beat again. She would give me death glares and roll her eyes at me which I didn't mind at all. Hey, I'm not the one looking childish. I find it very shocking that we were once close friends.

I was in my seat by the far end corner with Mike in front of and Tre beside me. I looked up at Mike from time to time, I noticed that he was gazing intently at the new student. I wouldn't blame him though, she was quite a cutie. She had soft brown eyes, long curly brown hair, she was chunky and her name was... Uh... Oh! Annabelle! Tre threw a paper ball at Mikes head to get his attention but it didn't knock him out in the dream-like state that he was in.

"Just go talk to her," I whispered to him.

"Huh?" He turned his head slightly, still keeping his gaze at her.

"Go talk to her. She's cute and I see how you're looking at her. I will think it's creepy if I was her," I giggled.

"Um, I don't know... I'm kind of shy," He admitted, "I don't know what to say to her."

'Well, start with the basics. Ask for her name. Then ask where she moved from and you know, just go from there."

"Yeah... Yeah, okay." He sighed nervously before getting up and walking towards the desk next to her. She looked up at him and he started talking, but I didn't understand about what since they were both whispering.

I was waiting for Billie by my locker once I shoved my books in it. It was lunch period and he wanted to skip it and go to Tight Wad Hill to smoke and relax with me. Tre was next to me munching on some velvet cupcakes that he took from one of the teachers. His fatass is going to end up having diabetes if he keeps eating like he never ate before. But, that was Tre for you. I saw Billie walk up to us and before he greeted me with a kiss, he said, "Let's just go to lunch. I'm really hungry and I don't really feel like walking that big ass hill," He chuckled.

"God, Billie, you are so lazy," I giggled.

"Not when I'm in be--" He grunted when I punched his stomach.

We walked in the lunch room and approached our original seats where Heather, Coral, Mike, and the pretty new girl sat.

"Hey guys, this is Annabelle," Mike introduced as she waved.

"Yeah, I know. We have math together." I smiled kindly at her, "Where are you from?"

"Ohio." She replied.

"Damn, why did you move so far?" Billie asked.

"Well, I was originally born and raised in Fullerton, CA. But, I moved when I was 14 years old to Ohio for my mom's new stupid husband and then we came back here."

"Hah! Join the club sweetie," I high fived her.

We all go to know here a little bit more. I see why Mike was so interested in her, she was a badass! She gotten arrested 3 times for fighting, gotten suspended 167 times, and she burned half of the school down in Ohio! And it's crazy because, she does not look like the type to rebel. But I guess it's true when they said looks can be very deceiving. I remember all the trouble I gotten into when I was in middle school. Hah, I was famous for coming out of suspension then going right back in it the same day. Yeah, I stopped all the rebelling now. I just figured out that I gotta mature up, I'm in high school and I don't want to fuck shit up this year you know? It's time to take some responsibilities for myself, especially when I'm about to start softball pretty soon. We laughed, talked, and joked some more. We even gave her a few things about ourselves too. She was a chill girl.

"Billie," Penelope called. Causing us to stop talking.

"What?" He replied rudely.

"Can we please talk? We never got to finish our little session..." She tangled her fingers in his blonde curls and I looked at him shocked.

"What session, Billie?" I asked him.

He got up from his seat and slapped Penelope's hand away. "It wasn't a session! It was a talk... She tried to bribe me to break up with you for her," He looked at her in disgust.

Penelope laughed, "Oh come on Billie, I'm clearly better than her." She pointed at me.

It was my turn to talk, this bitch was about to get another beat down of her life. "Haha! That's actually kind of cute," I got up and stood in front of her with both arms crossed.

"You think so?" She smiled sarcastically.

I nodded.

"It would just be gorgeous when I have him between my legs," She smirked.

Rage boiled in my blood veins and I noticed the entire cafeteria went silent, waiting for one of us to throw the first hit.

"I guess. But he's in between mine and he's going to stay there."

"That is so hot," Tre whispered.

"What makes you so sure your all he's want?" She asked.

"Because she is," Billie jumped in, throwing an arm over my shoulder. I saw the anger on her face as she pursed her lips a little bit more.

"Why?! I mean, she's nothing compared to me Billie! Me and you actually had something real."

"Hah! You wish honey, stop being so jealous." I huffed.

"Jealous?" She began to laugh hysterically, "Oh sweetheart, you poor thing. She doesn't know what we had, huh Billie?" She looked at him and so did I.

He had fear and worry and his grip on my shoulder tighten a bit.

"I know you heard about the abortion I had recently..." She mentioned to me.

I nodded.

"Do you know who was the baby's father?"

I shook my head.

She laughed once more before answering the words I feared that would come out of her mouth, "It was Billie's."
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