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2,000 Light Years Away


My eyes glanced through different Christmas tree's. I had a big goofy grin on my face as I browsed around for the perfect round tree for our home.

This holiday is one of my favorite of all holidays! Not only because of the gifts, it's more than just that. It's the gathering of our family and friends and enjoying the time we have together just laughing, eating, and drinking home made coco. Talk about old memories and look at old pictures. But this year is a different Christmas. I got to spend it with the love of my life. I get to kiss him under the mistletoe and cuddle with him by the Chimney. As cheesy as it sounds, I couldn't wait. Christmas is next week and I already decorated our home with cotton around the windows and above the chimney to make it look like snow, little snow man's sitting on our coffee table, red blankets folded neatly on the couch. Lights around the windowsill. Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre helped putting lights outside as well.

Mom, Heather, Coral, Rob, and I decorated the perfect tree I picked out. I couldn't feel any happier. I mean, this is the happiest I've been! I had on my reindeer ears and so did Heather. Laughter filled the room and we decorated Tre with the few decorations we didn't use for the tree. Billie would come give me sweet kisses here and there. Everything was going so well. Oh! And, you wanna know the best part of it all? Martin went out of town for three weeks!

Now, Heather and I are walking around the store and getting the gifts for everyone. Checking each gift off the list as we did so.

"I think I might propose to Coral..." Heather announced.

"Really?" I said shockingly, "I mean are you ready?"

"Yeah...Yeah, I actually am. I mean I have a job, school is almost over, I'm soon gonna get my own apartment. I love her... so, why not? You know? Or... do you think that's a mistake?"

"No! No, not at all! I mean if you're ready then go for it. I'm proud of you Hamster, this is a mature stage. This shows you're actually growing up...I'm happy for you!" I laughed and shared a tight hug with my soon-to-be married best friend.

"I thought about it a lot, you know, I really do love her. I don't know what I would do if she wasn't in my life. I wouldn't know who I will be... she changed me in many ways."

I smiled sweetly at her. It's nice to have someone that changes you positively; mentally. You know? Billie Joe changed me... he made me believe that not all men are the same. I'm happy and grateful to have him around. To have him in general. It's a beautiful blessing.

"Don't say anything by the way, this is still a secret." She bit her bottom lip nervously.

"My lips are sealed, baby."

Next day rolled by and I woke up to the smell of breakfast and music playing downstairs. I walked downstairs and I see her dancing as she carried the pan of bacon and placed the bacon on the plate before putting the pan back on the stove. I leaned against the doorway and smiled at her as she danced and rolled her hips to Love's Train by Dru Hill. I slowly danced my way towards her and grabbed the bowl of pancake mix and began steering it around in circles with the whisk. I sang along with her, "She said sugar, honey, darling I really wanna see you too It's just that someone's over and I wanna be with you baby"

We laughed when we bumped our hips against eachothers. I miss times like these with her. When Martin is around she's a totally different person that she's not. I hate it that he changes her like that. I looked at her as she continued dancing and placing bacon in the pan as I slowly stirred the mix.

"Hey mom..." I said.

"Yes, baby?" She looked up at me with loving eyes.

"I know I haven't made things easier for you since we moved back here... But I do hope you know that I love you a lot and I appreciate all you have done for us. I love you so much and even though I don't show it much but I'm thankful..."

Something inside me just thought she needed a little reminder. Regardless of the bullshit and Martin, my mom is still my mom in the end and I love her with or without mistakes. I know I gave her a hard time since we moved here but... I was really angry. The things I said to her I never meant and it's been bothering me for a while now. I never actually took the time nor chance to tell her how much I love her and how thankful I am to have her around.

She had tears glisten in her eyes. She smiled warmly and hugged me tightly.

"Oh baby, I love you kids so much. You just don't understand..."

"I do mom...I do."

I sighed against her neck as I lost myself in her warm hug. My mom is the best mom anyone can ever ask for.

Later that day I have gone to Billie's house to just chill. We watched some cartoons in his room, laughed, made out, fooled around a bit, made out. Our usual day together. It was dark and I have just called my mom to let her know that I would be staying the night over his house. Since no one was here. His mom left to work for the night, Hallie left to her boyfriend's house and everyone else was out doing there own thing. As for me and Billie, we were just looking out of the window . Cuddling under the moon and the stars, whispering 'I love you's to eachother.

"Lyrics...?" Billie quietly called.

"Hmm?" I answered sluggishly.

"Do you see us still being together in the future?"

I thought about it for a moment. Do I see us in the future together? Yes, yes I do. That is no doubt. I love him and I wouldn't be able to be myself without him. He's basically my other half.

"Yes, I do. Do you?"

"Yeah...I really do. I see us in a big house, with little mini Billie's running around a few pets also," he chuckled, "Y'know. I just see us. I can't picture myself without you. It's just not possible..." He finished with a deep sigh.

I nodded, didn't quite know how to answer so, I didn't. Choosing action instead, I pulled him against me as he'd done earlier, sank against his erection, our bodies pressing together, knotted up with need, the tensions washing away from us like the receding tide, leaving us salt swept and exposed in the dark. Our rushing breaths met, collided in movements that were a comfort. I realized then, that he was the longest constant in my life, that maybe what I had perceived as doubt was in fact a growing in, a settling comfort that I realized I could not live without. It was, I knew, a need, an ache, a love that nothing else could replace and that it was not just submission I wanted anymore but his submission, his need, his pain and so, proof of his love for her. I knew that my desire ran so deep that it frightened me most of all. It became difficult to distinguish between how his submission made me feel and how my own power strengthened me. Maybe, I thought, we were one and the same; that his submission, his preparedness to be vulnerable meant that I could finally be strong. That it no longer meant that I would have to be silenced or passive or coy but honest and strong and greedy. That's how Billie makes me feel. He made me realize a lot of things.

Spurred on by the thought and the delectable heat pouring from between my thighs, I smiled to myself in the dark and then, up at Billie, I let him pull me close and roll me back into the sheets so his weight was pressed against me. Clothes already off since we had our first made out session and playful rounds.

"Hey." I chuckled, "Just 'cause you're on top doesn't mean you get to call the shots."

"You think I don't know that?" he nibbled my jaw, began pushing into me with rising urgency.

"Hey." My hand flew to his chest and pushed him back. "Slower, please? I just wanna make love tonight. Not crazy rough sex. I want to feel our passion. I just want to show you how I really feel about you... and I want you to show me the same..."

The tone of my voice was that perfectly balanced blend of reproach and tenderness. The voice that had just enough softness edged with steel that he shivered toward it or from it he was never quite sure. Simply the feeling of being between us was enough. He moved in the dark, I was angling his body around my own like he was merely mechanical, a means for my pleasure and nothing more. He lay out, kissed my cheek and moved into me again as I twisted under him, my mouth searching for his. I picked the angle on purpose, I liked the way it meant his body became flattened against mines, his hands curling forward around me, hugging me close as he moved. It meant that I could be lazy and greedy and easily grind my hips against him as fast or as slow as I liked. I had planned to go slow, but soon found the desire spiking in my chest like pins and needles, like my heart would split open if I did so.

"Harder, baby." I breathed the word against him, an order that didn't take long to have the desired effect. From that angle, I could use his body weight, his short, quick thrusts to my advantage, angling him against my sweet spot until the threat of orgasm sat heavy in my gut, made me dig my nails into the back of Billie's hand. It took him only a little longer, urged on by the way I shook beneath him, not a shred of me usual self consciousness or worry shadowing my features. He'd been momentarily surprised by the sudden grip on his hand but it had focused him, I know I made him ache for me. I goaded him with sweet obscenities as he shook and grunted against me. Blushing and burning with desire, he wanted nothing else. I, then, joined his climax as I reached my own sweet ending.

"I love you more than ever, I don't think there's anyway I can prove to you beside get hit by a train for you..." Billie panted against my lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly under the moon and the stars.
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