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2,000 Light Years Away


I honestly didn't picture myself walking up to an old best friend/enemy's house. But it's Christmas and I found some old things she gave me when we were best friends. I was feeling generous today. Before knocking her door, I gave it a little second thought. What if she kicks me out? What if we start fighting again? I still didn't forgive her for anything she has done to me this year, but like heather told me. "[?]It's better to forgive than to forget."

Swallowing my pride, I knocked on the door three times. Holding the box close to me nervously, I was waiting patently.

The door opened but she wasn't behind it. It was her older brother Pj.

"Lyrics? Damn, I haven't seen you in forever!" He gave me a tight hug.

Pj was a really good friend to me. When I had issues or when I needed someone to talk to, he was there when Penelope wasn't. He has a beautiful heart and a wonderful soul. Him being around anytime and anyone, could light up anything. Just because Penelope and I fell out, didn't mean I fell out with Pj. I just lost contact with him because I moved to a different city.

"I know!" I giggled. "Um, can I come in? I'm freezing."

"Oh, hell yeah, come on in!" He stepped out of the way for me to walk in.

It felt weird. Awkward. The last time I stepped in this house was when me and her actually got along. We shared a lot of good memories in this house, it's sad to know that, that's all it is. Memories. Memories that only I cherish. Regardless of the shit that went down between me and her. I placed the box next to the couch in the living room and shimmied myself out of my coat. I took a seat on the couch next to Pj.

"I still can't believe it. What bring you here? Are you just visiting for Christmas?" He asked.

"No, actually, I live here again." I chuckled. "Ever since the beginning of the school year."

"Wow, really? I didn't know that! Why didn't you come visit me?" He gave me a playful shove.

"Well, I didn't think it was a good idea since you and Penelope live together and we had a lot of issues going on."

"Yeah, I know, I heard."

"Yeah...But I'm here today to give her the things she gave me when we were best friends..." I looked down at the box. "I'd figure she want it all back, I also bought her favorite candy and pair's of converse I over-heard her talk about in class one time."

"Why? She doesn't deserve it."

"I know, but it's Christmas. Everyone deserves a little something, you know?" I smiled. "Speaking of Christmas," I went in the box and took out Pj's gifts. I knew I would see him so I got him a few Playboy magazines and a few T-shirts of his favorite bands.

I handed it to him and he began to laugh. "Sweet! You never failed to surprise me, kid!" He hugged me tightly.

"Hey, where's Momma dukes?" I asked, Momma dukes is a nickname I gave to their mother that I adored so much. She had the Kindest heart and the sweetest smile. Haha, I remember she got drunk with me and Penelope a few times.

But when I asked, a look of sympathy and sorrow covered his happy features.

"Um, she passed away over the summer. She suffered Stage 4 cancer." He looked down at his hands.

I was utterly shocked. I couldn't believe what I heard. Is that why Penelope was acting the way she was acting? I was filled with remorse and shame. Tears pricked at the corner of my eyes.

"W-Wow, I'm so sorry...I don't know what to say I-I'm speechless..."

"It's okay," He tried to smile. "There's not much to say I mean, there's a time for everyone right?"

I couldn't speak. The lump in my throat prevented that to happen.

"Well, Penelope is in her room. You know where that's at, I'll fix all of us some Hot Chocolate okay?" He smiled sweetly as he helped me up.

I nodded and wiped the tears from my face and gave him a genuine smile before picking up the box and making my way towards her room.

When I came face to face with her door, I felt nervous. Yes, I was a little afraid. But I knocked softly and waited for her to open it.

"Come in." She spoke.

Taking a deep breath I walked in, she was sitting on her windowsill, a pink blanket covering her and music softly playing. I wasn't familiar with the music. But I closed the door behind me with my foot and placed the box on her bed.

"Hey, Pen." I greeted awkwardly.

She finally looked at me and nodded her head before getting up and walking over to her bed.

"You didn't have to give me anything." She said.

"I'm guessing you were hearing our conversation downstairs?"


I stood there, not sure weather to move or what. It was awkward to even breath. The tension in this room was high. Part of me thought about leaving but the other part wanted to have a little chat.

"I'm not going to bite, you know?" Penelope giggled.

I smiled.

"You still have this...?" I looked down at the teddy bear I had gotten her when we were in 8th grade sitting on her bed. I picked it up and sat in it's spot.

"Yeah, it's cute."

"What happened to you, Pen? To our friendship?" I asked her unexpectedly.

It was silent at first.

"You moved. Mom died." She whispered. "Things changed, Lyrics. So did I."

"I completely understand."

"Bullshit, you don't understand half of it..." She snapped. "Lyrics...I'm a fucking wreck. Sometimes, I feel like there's no point for me being around. I can't nomore..."

She bursted into tears and I brought her down on my lap. I didn't want to tell her it's all going to be okay, because I'm not even sure if everything is going to be okay. Instead I just stayed with her until she calmed down. gently, running my fingers through her hair.

"I'm so sorry for everything Lyrics." She sobbed "I-I just wanted to hurt you. I envy you..."

"Envy me?" I asked, utterly confused by what she meant. "What is there to envy, sweetie?"

"Just, your life is so perfect. You have the one person that I really liked a lot, you have a family, everyone loves you; everything is fine with you. I have nothing."

"Penelope, my life isn't perfect. My dad died, my mom moved on, my brother is barley around anymore; all I have is just the extra things that I love which is Billie and our friends." I explained. "I'm not perfect, you're not perfect; no one is perfect. Okay?"

"I missed you...I really did." She sat up, her hair drenched in her tears and stuck against the side of her face she layed on. "Our friendship may never be the same but...I just wanted you to know that I still think about you."

"I missed you too, Honeybun." I smiled, tears prickling at the corner of my eyes.

"A-And as for that whole...pregnancy wasn't Billie's. I just wanted to hurt you both. I wanted to ruin what you both have...It was stupid and selfish; I wanted to apologize."

No one will ever know how relieved I felt. I was extremely happy to hear those words.

"Hey! Come on in! Join the party!" Tre opened the front door for our guest.

Families, Friends, and Neighbors were here and we all are having a great time! It's Christmas, everyone is laughing, talking, drinking hot coco (well, except for Tre, he's drinking Eggnog with a bit of whiskey), and singing Christmas Carols. Everything is going so well. At the moment, I was sitting on Billie Joe's lap talking to Heather and Mike. I look around and see how all the smiles on everyone's faces just lit up the entire room. I was happy, my mom was happy, Rob was happy; I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. If only daddy was here to join us.

The doorbell rang once again. I looked at Tre and he knew to get the door.

A few moments later Tre walked in with Penelope and Pj behind him. I got up and ran up to them both, giving both tight welcoming hugs.

Yes, I have invited Penelope and Pj over. They were both spending Christmas alone at the house. It shouldn't be like that, especially not on Christmas day where everyone is suppose to gather around and enjoy eachother's presence. I'm sorry, but when it comes to my favorite holiday of the year, I take it very seriously.

I looked over at Billie and he sat there, looking shocked and confused as ever.

He grabbed my hand and bought me into the Kitchen where we have our own privacy.

"What is she doing here, Lyrics?" He asked.

"Well, I dropped some things off at her place, we talked, squashed the beef we had going on, and that's all." I smiled.

"H-How can you forgive so easily? She almost ruined our relationship..."

"Billie Joe, you have to forget about that. We cannot keep a grudge against her forever you know? I got over that." I ran my fingers through his blonde hair. "Besides, she told me the baby wasn't yours. She only said that to ruin our relationship."

His eyes grew wide and his mouth dropped open in shock.

"That bitch!" He snapped.

"Aye! Calm down...she apologized that's the least she can do you know? Now, let's go back out there and welcome her and her brother to our party." I planted a soft kiss upon his lips.

Before walking out, I reminded him, "Will you take it easy on her, too? She got problems of her own going on now and I just want this day to be non-drama free...okay?" I asked with pleading eyes.

He sighed heavily and nodded.

Together hand in hand we walked out.

Shockingly, Penelope was getting along with everyone well. No one shared dirty looks nor nasty words. It was as if nobody had any type of problem with eachother. Me and Billie sat together on the couch where Penelope and Heather had a conversation going on. I joined their conversation while Billie Joe and the guys had their own.

3 Hours of laughing, singing, drinking, and joking; Rob had picked up his glass and the butter knife and lightly clinked it against his glass.

Everybody's attention was on him now.

"I-I would like to share something with you all..." He announced nervously. "Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to be exactly like my dad. Strong, independent, caring; badass."

Everyone chuckled.

"My father is a huge inspiration and so is my mother. They both raised us to go for whatever we like or like to be. Well...I want to be a soldier..." He sucked in air and said, "I'm joining the army."
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