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2,000 Light Years Away


Later on that night, Billie did ended up calling me. But it didn't last long. I was now laying on my bed, playing with the chain I have received as a gift from my father, replaying last night over and over. I didn't know what happened. I was so high to even know what was going on. But the moment where we nearly kissed, was the only thing I couldn't stop thinking about. Why didn't I let him kiss me? I was scared. Why? Of getting hurt. He didn't seem like the type of boy that would hurt a fly but hey, so did Jermaine and look what happened. It would only make me a fool to fall into something like that again and not expect the same shit to happen. I was to insecure and to far in my own shell, I wouldn't think anyone would want to deal with someone like that. I'm not saying I would actually grow some type of feelings for Billie Joe but, I'm also not saying that I'm not because you never know. Anything can pop up. Life is just that fucking unpredictable.

I was so lost in the thought of my feelings and last night, I completely forgot about the chat I needed to have with my mother. She's somewhere in the house and I needed to get this whole shit straight for me to accept and comprehend that we are having a stranger living with us. I got up and put on some sweat pants, because I was laying in my underwear. Don't ask why, that's just me. "Mom?" I called her as I found her unpacking some things in the living room. She looked up at me with a happy-go-lucky smile that I haven't seen in such a long time.

"Yes, sweetie?" That tone in her voice was also something I haven't heard in a while. I became to feel guilty as I noticed her happiness, I knew I was being selfish and I didn't want to be an obstacle to ruin that for her.

"N-Nevermind." I turned back on my heel as I headed towards the stairs. But then something inside told me to get a grip and realize that she did lied. "Matter of fact, mom we need to talk." I crossed my arms as I turned back around to face her.

"Indeed we do, babygirl." She got up from the floor and sat on the couch and patted on the empty space next to her for me to sit down. But instead, I took a seat in the love seat.

"You go first," I said. "Shoot."

"Well," she sighed. "I'm not stupid, Lyrical. I know you know about Martin." Martin?! Hah!

"Why didn't you tell me sooner mom?" I said as unfolded my arms. "You lied to us. Is that the reason why we came back here? To be with him? We don't even know the man and he's already moving in?! Oh, matter of fact, yes. It's completely fine for him to move in because he is the one that bought this damn house!" I yelled.

"You're going to calm you're voice down when you talk to me. I'm you're mother it's not the other way around, so what I decide, I decide. My choices don't involve you're opinion." She said sternly and calmly. By now my blood was boiling and my imaginary ticking bomb began ticking on my patience ready to blow up my nerves.

"Well, if you haven't noticed yet mother, it's not just YOU anymore. You have two other kids in you're life now so, yea, our opinions matter because you're dragging us with you in the decisions you make!" I said through clenched teeth. It took my all not to blow up at her. But she was nit picking at my nerves and it was becoming difficult to not go off. She looked down at her hands in defeat. It calmed me down a bit.

"He's a nice guy Lyrical," she began. "You don't know him like I do. He was there for me ever since you're father died. And h-"

"Exactly mom! We don't know him! You're the only one that knows the man and you didn't even offer to meet him first before he moved in. You just assumed that we might get along the moment he's here!" I cut her off.

Just then the front door closed. And there he was, the Martin himself came over and kissed my mother on her cheek. I glanced at him up and down taking in his appearance. He was possibly 12 inches taller than me and I was 5'5" tall. He had grey-ish eyes, shaggy brown hair that had a few grey spots, and he had an earring on his right ear. If you asked me I thought he was some kind of dork. He had on a buttoned up plad shirt, nicely ironed dress up pants, and beaten up Nike shoes that had a few holes. He looked over at me and extended his hand towards me, "Hello, I'm Martin." He even sounded like a dork that had snot stuck in his throat. I only stared at his hand until he noticed I wasn't going to touch it, so he put it back down.

"Hi." I simply said.

"This is Lyrics, Martin." My mother spoke as she stood up and grabbed his hand.

"I can speak for myself mom."

"Well, I'm pleased to meet you." Martin jumped in.

"Well, I'm not pleased to meet you." I said rather quickly after his response. My mom looked like she could face palm that moment as she closed her eyes and sighed. Martin just chuckled. Which I didn't know why because I didn't see anything amusing around.

"It's okay," he started. "I understand. Just give her a few days sweetheart, I'm sure we'll get along." He said as he was about to ruffle my hair but I quickly jumped back.

"How about a fucking loaded gun?" I glanced at my mom before rolling my eyes and walked up stairs to my room.

"I'm so sorry, she's just upset right now. She isn't the best one to handle." I heard my mother.

Damn right I wasn't the best one to handle. Any kid that lost their parent would feel this way after finding out some pansy dick-wad bastard who think you're going to be his best friend just comes in your life without a warning. I looked at my picture on the night stand next to me of me and my father when I was six years old. I was on his shoulders looking down at him as he looked back up at me. His smiled shined bright from the flash. I wanted to shed a tear so bad. But, I wasn't the one to break down. Not yet at least. That's the one thing my father made me promise. He made me promise that no matter what happens, I can be in the worst situation ever, not to ever break down. Because in the words of the great John Lennon. 'Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, It's not the end.'

Just then my phone have startled me out of my own thoughts, I picked it up to my ear and answered, "Hello?"

"Lyrics! Come over Mike's house!" Tre responded. In the background I can hear Mike mumble, "Like she know's where I live jackass just tell her we'll pick her up I don't want her walking these crazy streets by herself."

Ah, Mike is such a sweetheart. "Well come outside we'll be there in a few." And with that the line went dead. I sighed to myself and got up to start getting ready. I wasn't in the mood to girl it up today so I just threw on some skinny jeans, The Clash t-shirt and my favorite Nike sandles that matched my black and white socks.

"Bye baby," I kissed my dog and scratched his head. "Momma will be back later."

As I walked downstairs I saw My mom and Martin kissing it up on the fucking couch, "Gross people sit on that couch so please don't fuck on it. I'll be back later." I said to my mother as I walked out and stood there as I waited for my ride. Just them Martin came outside, I groaned and tried my best to ignore it as I began to light up the blunt I had in my pocket.

"That can damage you're brain sells, sweetie." He said to me.

"I know."

"Okay..." He looked around to find something to talk about or at least say to break this awkward silence. "I'm not trying to take you're fathers place, sweetie." I was already in a shitty mood and I didn't need this bullshit to add on to it.

"damn right you're not! And you will never be, and my name is Lyrics not 'sweetie' or whatever puppy dog names that exists." I heard the horn of Mike's car and Tre's holler from the passenger seat. "That's my ride."

I jumped the last two stairs as I jogged to Mike's car and got in the back seat.

"Who the hell is that dweeb?" Tre laughed as he took the joint from my lips.

"He's nobody. Hello, Mike."

"Hey Lyrics," he smiled through the review mirror. "How are ya'"

"I'm doing okay, you didn't have to come get me I could have walked," I giggled. "But thank you."

"The hell you are! A pretty girl like you can't be walking around these streets!" He winked. I felt my cheeks burn as I began to blush.

We pulled in a driveway of Mike's house. It was a nice yellow-ish color and had white railing's and the grass was clean and looked freshly cut. It looked happy, not dull or whatever. Once we got out the car we walked through the backyard. "Yo! I'm home!" Mike yelled.

"Downstairs!" Someone yelled back. I took in the appearance of his house as we walked towards the basement downstairs. It was very cozy and had a lot of pictures on the wall. The basement even looked nice. It had a a soft white carpet in the center of the room and a black couch that looked like it can swallow you whole. And Billie was in the corner playing the Nintendo play station like a five-year old.

"Oh my god! How can I die I was right there!" He complained. I giggled at his actions and he turned around. A wide smile played across his lips. He got up and hugged me tightly.

"Hey," I pulled back. "How are you?"

"I'm doing fine, I've actually been thinking about you." He smiled shyly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"That's adorable." I giggled.

"Okay, lovebird's lets begin the party!" Tre yelled.

It was 8:45 p.m and Mike and Tre was knocked out on the floor with beer cans everywhere around them. Billie and I was sitting on the couch laughing and giggling about the craziest things. We were basically the only two sober people around.

"How much you want to bet, I can say anything at all right now you wouldn't randomly laugh?" He chuckled as I continued to giggle.

"Okay, bet. Say anything I'll try to keep a straight face." I curled my lips between my teeth.


It took me a moment before I blew up in a fits of giggles. He began laughing and we didn't even know why. I was enjoying being around him, he knew how to put a smile on my face without even trying.

"Come with me," he got up and reached for my hand. "Let's go outside."

I smiled as I greatfuly took his hand in mine as we walked out through the slide doors. We were in the backyard and we layed down on the grass and starred up at the sky that was filled with stars and the moon once again shone down at us. Lighting up the darkness with a soft glow. It was peacefully silent; you heard nothing but the echo's of crickets. It was breezy and a bit chilly But I had a hoodie on so it didn't matter to me. Billie Joe grabbed my hand slowly as he intertwined his fingers in mine. I smiled as I felt butterflies in my stomach and my heart beat a little bit faster.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered so quietly I didn't really understood what he said.

"You said what?" I giggled.

"You're so beautiful." He repeated a bit clearer now. I smiled at him.

"Thank you Billie Joe."

He didn't say anything after that. He just looked up at the sky and sighed slowly.

"You should come with us to see fireworks for the fourth of July next weekend," he mentioned. "We're going to be performing also."

"Awesome, yeah, I'll go." I giggled. "I wouldn't want to be home anyways." The smile on my face slowly faded away as I thought about the new person I loathed so very much at this point.

"Why?" He asked.

"It's nothing," I sat up. "Just family problems. My mom has a new boyfriend and I hate him before I even met him. Once I did meet him, I hated him even more." I looked down at my hands.

"Ah," he sat up with me. "I can relate. My mom is married to a dude named Brad and I hate his guts. He tries to pick a fight with me. He argues more with me than my mom. It's weird." He chuckled.

"I just don't even want to be home anymore." I looked up at the sky.

Hopefully, one day, the sky will answer my un-answered questions that remains. Everything just changed so drastically, I just want things back the way it used to be. I wanted my dad back. And sometimes I really do wonder if he's watching me, I really do wonder if he can actually hear me.

"Well," Billie started. "You know you have Tre, Mike, and me. And everyone else you know. Or just go to Gilmans. That's where my family is at. All those punks that hangs around Gilmans is my family. Because Gilmans is the home of all the rejects, outsiders, outcasts, and the loners. It's just somewhere everyone can feel like they belong."

I was happy to come back to Rodeo, because in La Habra, there wasn't no such thing as family. It was always dead and fucked up. I hated it over there and I wouldn't go back even if it's my last resort.

"I can only speak for myself. I'm always going to be here for you just call me whenever and I'll be there." He finished.

"Thank you Billie Joe," I smiled at him, showing my pearly whites. "I'm happy I met you. You're so sweet and I never really met anyone like you."

He smiled and stared at me for a moment before going in for a kiss. I slowly moved forward killing the distance between us as I kiss his cheek softly. "I have to go home. Walk me?" I asked with pleading eyes.

I saw the disappointment on his face expressions as he nodded. I felt bad I really did, but that little voice in my head and flashbacks was just getting to me. And the only thing I can think of right now was;

Damn you Jermaine, you did this to me.
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